Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Two deadly Sins

Sloth and gluttony seemed to set the pace for me this holiday season. Aside from visiting my parents on Christmas day I went nowhere all holiday and just stayed home. If my home wasn't so entertaining to me I probably would have left it more often apart from my parents and the few times I walked over to the supermarket (5 minutes walk) to get more food to feed the gluttony. I was invited to several parties but rejected all, this is very unlike me. My friends tried to lure me to them with the promise of buffets of endless catered food but that didn't budge me one bit.

I felt perpetually sick all weekend long as I stuffed junk into my face and washed it down with Verdi Spumante, a cheap twist-top bottle wine I discovered in a fancy looking bottle to help conceal its tackiness. Throw Ham, crispy roast pork, pecan pie and yogurts into the mix and you should get the picture of my intake. I was proud of the fact that I gave away the cheesecake I had to one of my friends but I'm sure that good deed was offset by the amount of cheesecake flavored yogurt I consumed the day before. To help show the big picture of the gluttony I also had blueberry, pinacolada, guava and mango yogurt over the past weekend.

I felt the most guilty eating the crispy roast pork and beef in black bean sauce, two very nice Chinese dishes but they have heart disease and stroke written all over them. I got up this morning at 6:30am and took a jog to help undo the damage done over the past weekend though. I am out of shape, I haven't jogged in many months, I couldn't make my usual jog trail all the way through so I had to walk half of the way. I also noticed a bit of wheezing while jogging, the old age train has lost its brakes and its all down hill from here :-(

Friday, December 22, 2006


I was at the doctor the other day in the first waiting room, waiting to be processed. While waiting I noticed this hot young thing walking about the place in her stilettos and on her way back she stopped and asked if I was xyz. Apparently we met before at my sister's apartment but I didn't pay her much mind as she was my sister's friend (Lets call her Dr. Jane Smith for arguments sake).

The receptionist processed me and sent me to the second waiting room, she said I was to see Dr. Smith. I only knew this girl as Jane and not Dr. Smith so much to my surprise when I looked at the name on the door it was of course none other than my sister's friend.. My heart skipped a few beats as I realized that this doctors visit would involve her seeing my bits and pieces. I quickly got over it as I thought about her hotness or maybe it was the mind numbing wait as I sat in the waiting room.

I am not sure if it was the look of death by boredom on my face or what but when she came out of my office to call her next patient she called me instead, links baby! The other people who ahead of me didn't seem pleased with this turn of events but I was glad. I went in her office and we did our business and she gave me a clean bill of health.. I guess I am just paranoid. Jane was very friendly during our session and we had a bit of idle chat afterwards.

She would have made a good wifey, maybe destiny can throw her to me for 2007.. bruk pocket women are so 2004. I thought about the whole situation on my way home though. I realize that as the years go by and I meet more people I become more recognisable, its not the first time I've been to a doctor that knows me personally and definitely not the last.

The problem is that they recognize me and I have no clue who they are and these people stop me everywhere. Most times I just point blank tell them truth that their memory was banished to make space for what? I dunno. I used to see it happen to my father all the time but he would just continue the conversation on pretending like he remembers the people and we would all laugh about it later, I guess its genetic.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

And the silly season continues

New years eve, 11:30pm December 31st 2003, marked the night one of these government chi chi buses hit my car while I was stopped at a traffic light downtown. It seems as if this time of year brings out all the cars/buses/trucks on the Jamaican roads that have been hibernating all year. More cars on the road of course brings more accidents.

On my way back home today after having lunch at my parents house I passed an interesting three car accident. Wheels ripped off, bonnets crushed in, a girl standing beside one of the disabled cars like she name decoration and several men arguing (I'm assuming over who was wrong). One of the few things that hit home with that scene was that it could have been me. Ever since my last accident I have reviewed my past driving and have realized the folly in my old* ways.

I have had so many near misses with my car so I am now going to take it back a notch and drive like an old lady on a Sunday morning cruise when I get back my car, hopefully later this week. I know I can stick to it as I used to often break the speed limit until a police clocked me at 128 in a 80 zone two years ago and ever since then I've stuck to the speed signs. After that incident I counted my lucky stars as if the policed clocked me at 130+ I would have had a much heavier fine to pay and I was going at 160 before I noticed the police in the far distance and slowed down.

One of the other things that hit home was the girl standing up like is she name decoration heh. Nothing pisses me off more than broke ass girls that don't serve any purpose and just pose in my your front seat. When I can learn to do without them that will be one less crosses I will have to deal with messing up my front seat with their big foot/make up/food/nasty ass in general.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

The end is near..

It seems as if my car/insurance company saga is almost over. I was in New Kingston last week doing some Redhat training and decided to pay my insurance company N.E.M. a visit to by pass all the BS my brokers feed me. They were really nice to me and my visit actually got something accomplished, repairs on my car got authorized that day so hopefully I can get it back before Christmas. Sadly, I took this picture the day before the accident. It is just a bunch of random things on my kitchen counter but captured my car keys and my beloved hydraulic jack (which I have yet to use after many months).

The end of the year is also upon us and yet again I am apartment hunting. My first lease was signed in December 2004 after many months of looking for the right place, December 2005 found me looking for a larger new apartment which I am currently happily living in and now December 2006 has me on the hunt again. Thankfully the pressure isn't on me as I am just helping out my friend. She is looking for a two bedroom apartment for herself and her mother with a somewhat limited budget.

She came over my house with her gleaner early this morning, made some calls and we were on the road. Out of all the calls she made, she only found two places within her budget and in her desired areas of town. The first place took us to a 1/2 house in Mona which was perfect for her as it was a 5 minute walk to UWI where her mother works. The place was acceptable and the landlady was this old (80+) Chinese lady who didn't know much english and reminded me very much of my mother. I told my friend that this was a good find and she should take it.

A small side story to this is that the old Chinese lady had a young girl, early twenties, as a friend living with her on the other side of the property. I asked the old lady what her name was and she couldn't remember, a very strange friendship indeed but they seemed to like each others company. I also wouldn't mind having this young fresh grad of UTECH as one of my friends too so I started talking to her while my friend was trying to finalize the deal. I didn't reach very far though before my friend came in on me and ruined my game, she came and asked for my assistance to finalize her lease on this place with the old lady so I had to leave Vanessa alone. At least I know her name, I left with 1 up on the old Chinese lady :-p

Anyway reality bitch slapped the taste out of my friend's mouth when the old Chinese lady rejected her as her new tenant for some other older lady that came after us. I didn't really expect her to close a lease on a place within the first hour of the first day she started looking for apartments but apparently she did as she was very disappointed and her mood changed completely after that place. Lets see what next week brings for her.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

What to give a man that has it all?

It is December 3rd and I have already been asked several times what I want for Christmas. This picture which I took at my old apartment last summer sums up what I want, to relax in a peaceful and quiet environment. By no means am I saying I have it all to answer the question in the subject, its just that I am quite content with everything I have. I am always at a lost when ever people ask me what I want, my usual response is world peace :-)

Here is my list in no particular order, any of the following will be a good gift.

  • A promotion at work.
  • A girlfriend, a good one that doesn't cheat.
  • A yatch (or some other boat to get me to Lime Cay)
  • My insurance company to fix my car in a reasonable amount of time.
  • My own property, I am tired of renting.
Thats pretty much it, good luck finding them, I treat myself pretty nice so my wish list is pretty empty except for those big items. There is another problem that arises at this time of the year, what should I get other people? I have always had problems thinking of something to get my parents as they have everything they want and I was just a poor child. This resulted in them getting something from me every couple of years whenever something popped into my mind. At the moment I am looking around online for something to buy for them, I think I know what would really make them happy this year.

Gifts for other people is another story, I know too many people to possibly give them all something, so I just pick one or two of my friends to get something for and go all out. I have noticed that my female friends seem put out there what they want from early and the majority of them request the same things, perfume and/or dildo. Perfume makes a pretty lame and played out gift in my opinion. I think I should offended that they would ask for a dildo too, apparently I am not doing anything for them :-p. I don't even want to know what some store clerk would think of me if I went to a shop and bought a big rubber buddy so I will avoid that situation completely.

One item on my list isn't too unattainable, the girlfriend :-). There is a chick at my office that is now the apple of my eye. This girl is completely opposite to the girls I normally talk to, she is a vegetarian, she is very religious, she covers her body and doesn't dress like a hoe(maybe I can fix this one for her). She is short and slim just how I like them normally though I can't tell how much assets she has as she keeps herself well covered at the office. One of the hurdles for me to get over is being younger than her, she doesn't want to tell me her age but the most she would tell me is that she has been working with the company for over 10 years. I hope she likes younger guys because that figure states she should be at least 28 years old. I think I have a chance, I think she flirts with me when I see her. I still frown on intra-office relationships but this girl would make me break my rules. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for this one.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Bulls are rallying $$$ :-D

The JSE has shot up quite a bit these past few days as the trends predicted and I am smiling all the way to the bank. I swear investment is my second calling, if I could turn back the hands of time and didn't have a successful career as a systems administrator I would have set my goals out to be an investment analyst, stock broker.. something big in that industry. I guess I can use this to pay the insurance excess for my damaged car, the universe has balanced itself out.

I saw an interview on CNBC with Warren Buffett about his 38 billion USD charity donation, its old news but new to me, and I was inspired. The new plan is to get rich, buy a yacht, build a deck, grow old then donate the majority of my money to some charities.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

No means no

I was minding my own business last night when a lady from work who likes me(lets call her fan) called, keep in mind fan is 6 years older than me and has a child. Anyway she asked if she could pass by after work just to pass some time before going home, an innocent request, so I gave her directions to my apartment.

She came over and everything was going fine, I was just lying down on my futon trying to watch CNBC ignoring her, wishing my phone would ring and she was all over me smelling me, rubbing me down, trying to take off my shirt. I must admit I did smell good as I had just bathed before she called, maybe if I was stinky I could have avoided all of this. Anyway as these things normally progress she tried to kiss me, this is a big no-no, and I moved out of her path so she missed heh. I am used to having people all over me but I reserve my mouth for my girlfriend or some other special girl. So after she attempted to kiss me two more times and was rejected I explained to her she didn't fit the criteria mentioned above and that I didn't dip my pen in company ink.

She was understandably embarrassed and asked to leave so I went for my keys to let her out, I was in the clear (or so I thought). Personally if a girl did that to me I would be gone but fan stopped at the door and asked for a goodbye hug, another innocent request. After I gave her this hug she decided she wasn't leaving and now she was going to spend the night :-/ I thought she was joking so I said sure but you will have to call your son's babysitter and tell her you wont be coming home tonight. Much to my amazement she called my bluff and called the babysitter instructing her to spend the night. At this point I couldn't tell her I was joking and she needs to leave, so I pointed out a flaw in her plan, she didn't have any clothes or anything to spend the night, big mistake.

The only thing I could ask her to do is promise she would behave herself when she was here, she agreed. She then asked me for a shirt to sleep in and followed me to my bedroom to get it. I gave her a white t-shirt, I don't know why coz she just took off her clothes and was walking around in her underwear after that. She followed me around my apartment as I prepared for sleep and the next time I looked at her she was completely naked. I explained to her again that I don't do girls from my company(may be a lie but shes not getting any from me) but she kept pawing at me. She saw I had 2 condoms in my draw from when I gave her the shirt to sleep in and she went for them and put it in my hand. I figured that if she didn't have any protection she would give up, so as quick as she placed the condoms in my hand I threw them behind the bed head, brilliant! I was laughing at her as she tried to move my heavy bed with me on it to try and get behind the bed head for it, I also explained to her that even if she got it out I would throw them out the window or flush them. This did not deter her at all, one would think that some pride would kick in and she would get the point or something, no such luck for me.

She pretended to give up and kept herself quiet on the bed for some time so I went to sleep. It wasn't long before I was awoken by her hands down my boxers stroking me, I took out her hand but she was giving me a fight. She tried to put my hand in her areas which I deem naughty I wasn't having it, you can bring the horse to the water but you can't force him to feel you up :-p. She was grinding herself on me, I didn't mind this much as my privates were secured under my layers of clothes. The rocking motion of her humping me was actually putting me to sleep until I noticed her starting to shake.. she had an orgasm.

For a brief moment there I thought the worst was over but that just fueled her for more, at this point in time fan was trying to get in my pants and sucking on my neck/chest/ears/stomach/anything exposed while trying to force her hand down my boxers. She was also trying to hold my hands down to stop me from stopping her and she was getting more forceful by the minute. In her hormone enraged state she managed to pin me down, a 6'2" fairly muscular man was almost going to get my goods. I opted to throw myself, she and whatever else off the bed to stop this. This only got me some time to re secure myself and she tried to mount me on the floor too.

It must have been the cold floor but my pleas for her to not rape me actually got through to her and she agreed to leave me alone. She realized what she was doing and how wrong she had been and started to apologize. I went back on the bed and back to sleep, she kept to herself for the rest of the night. The sad thing is that this type of thing doesn't disturb me much as I have experienced it a few times before from other girls, a girl that I do not like much and don't know that well can not show up at my house and expect to get some just like that, I don't roll them ways there.

To top things off when she was leaving in the morning she said she didn't think that I would have been that strong to resist her and it wasn't rape because she didn't try to cut off my clothes and hold me down with a knife. wtf?! time to dust off my weights and lock up the knives.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em

I think its about time for me to get a lady, my problem is that most of them are cheaters, gold diggers or something worst. The few things I require is that she is honest, clean, ambitious and healthy. It is sad that I haven't met any girls recently that fit that criteria.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Where not to park your car.. lesson learnt.

Nobody explained this to me explicitly when I was learning to drive but:is not an appropriate place to park one's car. Rewinding one hour, I left my apartment to go to my parent's place for lunch(the Sunday usual). Everything was going good, I was taking my time driving slowly, I even stopped at the stop light when I saw it changed to amber instead of going through.

It all went downhill after the stop light changed to green as I drove ahead and came across some fool in another grey civic hatchback driving ridiculously slow whilst chatting on his phone, and randomly pressing on his brakes at arbitrary points in time. I thought to myself that its Sunday my tank is basically at e and I didn't plan to go to the gas station till Monday so I should just continue driving easy and stay behind him. He continued to increasingly annoy me to the point that the only option was to overtake him and kick up as much dust doing so. So I did this after entering a two lane one way road and it was executed successfully and safely. The only difference is that my mood has changed from this individuals casual Sunday stroll when other people have more important things to do so after overtaking him I went around a pretty sharp corner on the same one way road and decided to skip on the brakes. He was going at about 20mph so I was probably going at 30mph after overtaking him, still a safe speed to negotiate the wide radius 90 degree corner at in my car or so I thought.

I have many times before handbrake turn and slide around sharper corners but that was not the aim this morning, my aim was to get as far away from this Sunday morning driver as possible. So after coming out of the corner the car had a bit of oversteer and in efforts to correct this horrible situation the car ended up swiftly swinging in the opposite direction of the oversteer sliding sideways along the road then hitting the curb and ended up parked on this fence. meh, I would say that this has ruined my day but my day was already ruined after somebody within my company called me at 5:34am this morning explaining to me that they did some major upgrading work on some of the GSM network equipment and needed my assistance. That story would pan out to a priority 1 service being downed for my company resulting in people not being able to receive phone calls made to the GSM phones provisioned tomorrow but thats a long ongoing story and lets not bore you with work related matters.

I assessed the situation, I was stuck on somebody's fence, I reached down and grabbed my phone and look back only to see the annoying grey civic man stop for a minute looking at the scene, he didn't even stay and he was one of the main reasons I was in the dilemma. My drivers side door was damaged by the impact and couldn't be opened so I exited through the front passenger door to a big crowd of people who seemed to be concerned about me and possibly any other person in the vehicle. I explained to them that I was fine, there wasn't even a scratch nor bump on me, and that there was nobody else in there and they insisted that I sit down, go to the hospital, forget about the car and the fence, the seat belts saved my life,... going on and on not making the situation any better. The only idea of use contributed by them was to have some water which they spotted in my car so I went for my bottle and had a sip, the sun was pretty hot. Anyway being a progressive person I ignored them and went on to inspect my car and contact my mechanic (who serviced it three days earlier, salt in my wound). He said he would send a wrecker for me to tow it to his garage, the first step in getting my car back on the road :-p.
Anyways I made my way back up to the road and who is that I see? My sister's sister in law, I have long given up going anywhere and not be spotted by people and it was nice to know atleast one person in the crowd of on lookers which by now has grown to about 30 people. Every last one of them wanted to know how I managed to get the car lodged in the fence given that it was a one way road going in the opposite direction to the placement of the car. Let me just state for the record, believe it or not I was not speeding but I have learnt a valuable lesson in sharp corners, front wheel drive cars and road rage and walked away from it with only an injury to the bank.

At this point in time, I have sourced a temporary vehicle and the last thing left to do is work out the financing of the repairs to my car and the fence. Hopefully this doesn't break the bank and my budget as I have waited/planned/expected my horrible unforeseen expense for this half of the year earlier this year. It seems as if something of this nature happens to me twice yearly and I was overdue. I also think of events such as this as the universe evening things out as most people including myself see me as a not so nice person, karma :(. I realized a few months ago that there was a huge surplus in the current budget and set a ridiculous financial goal for the end of this calendar year to compensate for the excess. After firing up my book keeping application after this accident, I realize I was right smack on track on meeting this goal. Its a shame that I will now have to revert back to the old goal so I can finance the repairs.. Oh well, some things are too good to be true.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I am a builder at heart and have decided that my hobby is making and fixing stuff on my own.

One thing on my wishlist now is to have a deck, I am pretty sure this won't happen anytime soon but when it does happen I want to be a part of the build process.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

been busy being a bum.. week 43

Where to start? I got last week off from work and spent it doing mostly nothing. I borrowed my fathers camera to capture the events of my vacation but there wasn't much to capture. I miss having my digital camera, I think I will replace my stolen camera in 3 months time. Anyway this first picture here was taken at the picnic I have been waiting for the past 6 months or so, its a shame I couldn't get to take the one person I originally propositioned a picnic to this year.
The past week of idleness also included going to the beach. The place was essentially empty so my party, fueled by coffee rum cream, had a ball skinny dipping in the warm clear waters on that sunny weekday morning, a first for me :-).
The week wasn't completely a waste though, I got a few things out of the way such as going to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned. I haven't been to the dentist in a while, the dentist made sure to point out the fact that the last time I came was over 9 years ago. He asked why I stopped coming but I was too ashamed to tell him that my mother stopped carrying me there and left me for the wolves. This was part of my parents ingenious parenting plan of not doing anything and letting a kid sink or swim in the deep end but I came out victorious as the dentist proudly told me everything was a-okay and I didn't have any cavities. There are a few other things I should have done while I was off from work but time didn't permit or I was too busy being relaxed.
During my time off I made extra effort to not walk with my phone, it spent most of the week tucked away in some corner of my appartment. I am normally bound to my cell during working hours and from 5pm to 8am during the weeks I work standby duty. This annoys me immensly as I hate cellphones and am not generally a phone person but is forced to answer due to work responsibilities. I have noticed this seems to be the trend for people in the IT dept. at my workplace, only they take it a step further not to answer the work related calls either. One has better chances winning at a game of craps than trying to get me on my mobile phone if its not a work related call. This pisses off my friends and family as I am hard to reach most times but hopefully they understand. I gave the first cell phone I had to my mother, loaded with credit because I didn't use it much, and of course my girlfriend at the time was pissed off as she could never reach me when she wanted to. Its funny seeing that I feel this way and I work for a phone company that foots my phone bills, I guess I save my company money.

Friday, October 20, 2006

A penny saved is a penny earned

This graph represents my income(blue) vs expense(red) of the current and previous 7 quarters over the past two years. It is a good indication that I am living well below my means. I notice most of my peers enjoy living large buying/using the best of things whilst I am equally content with my bulk frosted flakes from pricesmart and banking the few hundred dollars saved. I also try my best to keep capital expenditure to a minimum and under control by spreading purchases out over a large period of time. Financially focused is what I call it, not cheap.
In keeping with my financially focused and tech theme, I must say that I am proud that I did my first online stock transaction today. I was wondering over breakfast what to do with some extra cash I had in my broker's equity account and I just figured I would move it over to my high intrest investment account. Things changed when I reached work and checked stock prices, one of my favorite bluechip companies fell to a 52 week low so I decided to put in the order for it, there isnt much to lose and so much to gain :-). After I came back from lunch and checked my email I saw an automated mail from my broker saying that the order was filled, a very plesant surprise. This is also the first time I put in an order and have it filled the same day.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Week 42, definetly business as usual

It would be a shame for me not to post today. In keeping with the trend of the last few public holidays, the rest of Jamaica is at play and I spent my day at home due to standby duty for work. The day mostly went well, I woke up at about 8am, watched tv for a bit then made myself some cottage cheese topped pancakes(new recipe, it worked out well). After that I decided that the cupboards below my sink were the war on vermin took place many weeks ago was to nasty to continue ignoring so I cleaned it out then trimmed some of the plants which lined the driveway as they have been brushing against my car as I drive by and I noticed the gardner was ignoring them. Quite a productive morning I must say, If I had more free time I would re-position a security light I installed over the area I park my car for better coverage but I guess that will have to stay until another day.

Afternoon came quickly and at about 1:30pm I decided to watch Tom yum goong which I've had for some time but didn't have the time to watch it. I was warned about this movie, the movie can be summed up in one line: some people steal an elephant and the owner fights to get it back. I don't mind watching these kung foo type movies as they usually have some noble inspiration pushing the plot. Anyway I got my first standby call a few minutes before the movie ended, this lady was calling about her process that was failing on my system. I pointed out the problem to her three weeks ago the last time I was working on her side of town and I had to remind her that this problem was already identified. The real problem is that her process is trying to write to an area that has 120,000 files in it already and the system pretty much has reached its limit and three weeks ago I asked her to clean it out as there were too many files in there but of course no action was taken and now I am being called on my public holiday to solve this problem that is now urgent as my company can now not process the files which it uses to bill the customers.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Week 41, business as usual

I just received my power bill from JPS within the last hour and I must say that I am relieved. The other day after washing my car I decided to take my last bill down to the meter and check out how much I owed this utility company for my current usage but to my shock and horror (if my calculations were correct) the meter said I had used close to 200KWH since the last bill cycle. Now looking at this excerpt from the bill I just received it is easy to see that 200KWH is double my normal consumption.
In retrospect, what I suspect happened was that I picked up the bill for the month before so my calculations would have reflected 2 months usage. The balance in the world is restored again, I was beginning to question my ability to quantify my electricity usage and was about to dig up my ammeter to measure the load brought on by my new toys. It is sad that I wouldn't have to do much digging to find my ammeter as it is on a table by my front door amoungst many other doodads and tech that scatter my appartment.
On that note I need to move into somewhere larger and more permanent, I hear my home owner clock ticking and it is becoming harder to ignore. I mentioned this to my mother a few weekends ago and she told me that I am too young to be owning property. In my head it makes sense to be paying off a mortgage vs paying rent as at the end of the day you have something to show for it.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The war on vermin

This war started about 3 weeks ago when I reached home after work one Monday evening and was looking at my ceiling at some mysterious holes left by some bug that black tiny sand like droppings come from. Now I like to keep my kitchen mostly clean so when I come home to a counter full of this sand like droppings I was pissed. I then look in my cutlery draw to see a large grey flash! Upon further inspection my worst fears were confirmed, it was a rat and he just moved in. He was trying to build a nest in the draw using old plastic forks I get from the chinese food I often buy and also pissing all over the draw. I didn't want to poison this unwanted guest as he would die in some inaccessible area behind/below my kitchen sink but I took my canned bug spray and sprayed like I never did before back there, I could still hear his tiny footsteps landing slowly.

I assumed that was it for him so I cleaned out the draws with bleach and moved the cutlery to a safer inaccessible(by rats) cabinet in my kitchen, but of course when I came back the next day it was full of rat urine again. That Saturday I decided to get some glue traps and set them in the draw. When I woke up on Sunday the only thing I saw on the trap was a roach, that was half eaten by the rat(which I then named Jerry). The roaches don't disturb me much anymore as I have always suspected that they were there under the cabinets where I couldn't see but Jerry was just pushing it using my trap for him as a feeding ground. Other than that roach there was nothing for Jerry to eat in that cupboard below the sink.

Jerry: 1, Adrian: 0

This didn't go over well with me so when I went to visit my parents that day and she suggested getting an old fashioned spring loaded rat trap. I noticed I started smelling something funky in my kitchen but couldn't identify the source, I asked my friend if she smelt anything but she said no so I just ignored it. So the next day, Monday, I went out to my hardware store and bought a hammer and some rat traps. I used the hammer to remove some boards in the cupboard under my kitchen sink to reveal who ever lives/died back there, I saw nothing so I just set my spring loaded traps baited with cheese and hope for the best. At that point in time there are three spring traps and two glue traps and up until this yesterday, many weeks later, nothing was caught.

Last Sunday morning came and I went into my kitchen to find it infested with flies.. I realize then what had happened, Jerry got poisoned by my spray or maybe ate the roach that had too much poison on it and died back there in some other place that I still couldn't see. This would explain the faint foul smell I detected a few weeks ago and then these flies came from the maggots that ate his body after. To confirm my theory I looked in the cupboard to find about 8 flies locked away, yep they were born back there and I was disgusted even more. At least he lost that battle and my kitchen is now rodent free.

The next set of vermins are the lizards, my apartment has lots of geckos in and about the place. I personally don't have much of a problem with them as they eat the bugs that fly in at night when I turn on my lights but when a girl wakes you up screaming in the middle of the night that there is a croaking lizard over the bed is not cool. I also used to have a large one that lived outside my window that made the loudest noises ever, he would often wake me up at night with the croaking. I have recently found out that bug spray is effective in getting rid of them. It doesn't kill them instantly but it seems to blind them and prevents them from climbing walls. I have gotten rid of a few this way, up to Sunday night I saw one before I went to bed and sprayed him. He fell to the ground and ran about the place and I just went to bed as I couldn't bother find him and throw it out. When I woke up the next morning I saw him bucking on my closet door trying to get in without success, I glanced away and glance back.. it was gone. I guess I will search for its body later :-( Anyway since the spring loaded rat traps were not catching anything at all I moved the largest one from my kitchen out to the ledge below my living room window last night. Now when I woke up this morning much to my surprise it caught a large gecko, why was it trying to eat the cheese I used to bait the trap? I felt bad for the creature, it was still alive and breathing when I took it off and reset the trap but its back and ribs were snapped.

I figure the score is something like: vermin 1, Adrian 4. Here is the breakdown..

When I first moved here I found 3 different type of ants, they are now mostly gone now.
vermin 0, Adrian 1

Jerry using my draw as his bathroom, me killing him, him leaving flies after death:
vermin 1, Adrian 2

The war on lizards:
vermin 0, Adrian 1

Add up that score and it looks grim for the vermin.. this is sad, I need to move.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

dude, where's your car?

This is a picture of part of the yard of my apartment and the road infront of it. For the past 5 days or so there has been a large new pothole that has been terrorizing drivers at night. Basically every other car that passes by drops in the pothole at night. Hubcaps fly off, tires get torn and front ends get destroyed I am sure. Anyway two nights ago I was sleeping by my big window on the bed in the living room from which that picture was taken only to be woken up at 3:30am by some fool shouting "hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello" x100 at the top of his lungs. I just ignored this fellow as I assumed it was just some cokehead who clearly couldn't be talking to me as I know its hard for people to see me up in my bed in my ghetto penthouse from the road or in my yard at ground level. I continued to watch him as he walked around my yard trying to get attention from my neighbors but to no avail. Shortly after I noticed a tow truck drive up and made a 3 point turn on the main road at which point in time this fellow left my yard. I now realize what has happened, he was one of the unfortunate ones who dropped in the pothole and disabled his car. After hearing the flatbed tow truck carry away his car, I decided that it was time for some piece and quiet after been woken up several times earlier that night by other events and went to go sleep in my bedroom that is essentially sound proof.

Anyway I was in the common area the next day about to leave and my neighbour, Eddie, stopped me and told me they stole his car that night. This is a better picture of the entrance to our yard, to the bottom left out of the picture is where we park. I told him about what I heard and saw that night and he told me he was sure that somebody drove in and towed his car out as his car was one of those with the immobiliser chipped ecu's that required the key with the code to start. I felt bad for Eddie as he only had 3rd party insurance coverage but he didn't seem to be too disturbed by it, I guess business is booming for him now(He owns a popular strip club in town). I was sleeping by my window again this morning and at about 6am I was awoken by people talking downstairs. I peeped out my window and saw it was only Eddie talking about his incident with one of the other tenants, I hear car drive up and more people talking.. its Eddie's mother. This woman reminds me of my mother, very annoying.
She, Eddie and the other tenant is now talking about it and I hear another car drive up, its the police. Apparently they found Eddie's car abandoned down the road yesterday. The thieves came in, broke into the car, took apart the ignition to break the steering column lock and pushed the car out of the driveway down the road so they could hotwire it. After they realize it couldn't be hotwired they abandoned it on the road, I guess the immobilizer ecu is worth the money. I am not really bothered much by the thought of them stealing my car too as the insurance payout would probably be a lot better than what I could actually sell the car for.

I will now leave you with an image of how I view the world from the Ghetto Penthouse

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Monday, August 21, 2006

My leave cherry is now popped

I took last Friday off, this is the first time in my working lifetime (two years) that I have taken any leave. This leave was well deserved after all that work I was the previous two weeks.
Anyway the Thursday before I called Jodi (My x-crush that I speak of in previous posts) and I asked her if she wanted to go to the beach on Friday, due to the fact that she was upset with me a few weeks earlier for not inviting her to the beach when I went to Lime Cay. She said she wasn't sure and would call me at 8am and tell me what's the deal, now I was bent on going to the beach and relaxing no matter what so when 9am Friday came and I didn't hear a peep from Jodi I called her and asked her what's going on?

J: Friday isn't a good day for the beach, lets go on Sunday.
Me: what's wrong with Friday, I thought you didn't like the crowds?
J: It's just strange to go on Friday plus I'm not sure what's going on today.
Me: you have other plans for today?
J: no.. I just don't know what might happen later.

Of course I am no fool, this girl is hoping for some other plans which she refuses to tell me about to come through and going to the beach with me was plan b. I refuse to be a plan b so I tell her never mind and call my plan b. Its ok for me to have a plan b as I really wanted to go to the beach and quite a few of my friends wanted to go with me plans b, c and d heh.

I called plan b and she was game, I told her I would come for her at 10:30 then went to take a quick shower before I left. Much to my surprise she was ready and waiting for me by the time I reached to her house. This girl has always had a track history of making people wait whenever she is going anywhere and I was prepared to wait 1 hour that morning. K, plan b, was pretty hot in her beach wear. I had to put out extra effort not to touch her that day as it would only lead to bad things. K was kinda boring at the beach, she just sat in my beach chair all those hours eating fish, smoking, sleeping and reading her book in the shade while I was up and down all over the sand and water. This was a new side to me as I used to be able to toss her about the water and have fun the last time I went to the pool with her over a year ago.
I had fun at the beach ignoring the fact that K was lame, I wish I could spend every day at the beach, which leads me to this Friday coming up. To the left is my friend Renee, plan d I think. She also apparently wants to go to the beach with me. This has me confused to no ends.. it must be a trick. Renee is my x's good friends and Renee and I have a platonic relationship, why does she want to go to the beach with me? just the two of us? She has turned down all of my advances to get in her pants with disgust and she loves to mention how much she thinks of me as a brother (the reasons she was plan d)
She is fun in a tomboyish way though, in the picture she was entertaining herself at my house playing pool by herself as I wasn't paying her too much attention. This would be a great asset to have at the beach instead of some girl sitting in the shade hiding from the water. Lets see what this Friday brings.

Monday, August 14, 2006

So its monday . . . yaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!

Who is happy for Mondays? me!

Q: Why?
A: As I predicted in my last post I was stepping into the standby week of hell.

Q: My relief today?
A: My boss came back to work after a two week leave and I am off standby duty :-)

It must have been planned, shortly after my boss left things fell apart and most of his responsibilites fell on my shoulders. At 3:00pm last week Monday I got a call from HP saying I need to shutdown the EVA8000 in my datacenter for critical repair work. Whats the EVA8000? its something that you don't power off, ever. This is the first time we are shutting down the eva8000 since we got it over a year ago and it's in my hands on that public holiday Monday. I got a window of 1 hour to do the maintenance work which was a few hours away so I quickly documented a shutdown plan/notification and sent it out to all the stakeholders who had dependencies on the eva8000(I also had to shutdown their machines due to this also). Try to imagine my bitter feelings as I called some managers telling them I will be bringing down their applications only to hear them at the beach having fun. Anyway after all the calls and the emails I went down to the datacenter, got the work done and was on my way home by 9:30pm :-(. End of Monday.
Tuesday brought on a whole different set of problems mostly I suspect due to issues we were having with the same hardware from Monday and I escalated all of them to the highest level, they were now partially out of my hands, HP is now sending down a specialist to sort us out.. right.
Wednesday/Thursday/Friday the specialist is here "fixing" the problem.. yet somehow we are in the exact same position we were in on Monday and he somehow stole my office space downtown. The problem is now 10x larger as my boss' boss is now asking me if its possible to schedule a business critical update on Saturday night. Now this update can only be done if I can get a process to complete successfully on Friday night. I gave him the grim statistics that this process has had a success rate of 1 in 3 over the past few days and he in turn tries to tell the business that it can not be done at this point in time. The business is not having it and they put the squeeze on him and of course he then puts the squeeze on me. We work with that 33% chance of getting it done and by some miracle it went through. At some point in time my boss' boss, the HOD, realized how much work was being done and called me and informed me that when my boss came back I can get two days extra off, yay! I can see myself sleeping on the empty beach, the only worries in my world would be the crabs on the sand.
Saturday/Sunday went by fairly smoothly. All things went as planned almost. They anounced the work being done to the system on Saturday night on the radio and the work started. I didn't hear a peep from a soul until 11:00am Sunday morning, when I got a call telling me the work is complete. It is my job now to test the integrity of the upgraded system, I told them to give me 20minutes as I was on the road on my way to visit my parents. I reach my parents house and of course a big argument starts between my mother and I over some old issues, I hook up my laptop, vpn into work.. the upgraded system is broken of course. After about an hour on a conference call with support from London and my mother arguing in the background all is well, the system is back up and I can have a civilized conversation with my mother. I then ate some food and left. On my way home, after a lot of thought I have decided to stop visiting them on Sundays, maybe they will see me once a month now. I refuse to deal with that added stress to my life at this point in time and it is avoidable, I hope they understand.
It is now Monday, a new week and a new chapter in my life. I have the next three weeks to kill before I am scheduled for standby again :-D

Monday, August 07, 2006

The long holiday weekend.. well for most people.

Yup as usual I am stuck at home again on another public holiday. Its Independence weekend and most of Kingston(the young'ns at least) went up to the North coast to celebrate it. My weekend wasn't a complete bomb though as I went to Lime Cay on Saturday and just chilled on its prestine white sands while filling my belly to my hearts content but today is Monday, the public holiday and my standby shift started today at 8:00am and it seems like this week on standby duty will be a very event filled one. At least I can look forward to a fatter paycheck at the end of the month for my suffering.

I will now leave y'all with a picture I took of Kingston four years ago from my sisters old apartment, not much has changed since then:

Monday, July 31, 2006

Men are from Mars, women are from a pauper house

This fact is often brought to my attention as over 90% of the girls I meet/know have no ability to keep money. Their expenses almost always surpass their income(if they have any). They might be at home with $200 to their name and get the bright idea all of a sudden to go out to a $600 party, ignoring the fact that they have no ride/taxi fair/drink money.

How do they manage this?
1. Men: I notice most men are willing to throw away their hard earned money/savings at any piece of tail that passes by.
2. Fambily: Parents seem to have foolish ways of spoiling their daughters, even when they cant afford it.

The cocaine effect
This impulsive nature of theirs only offers temporary pleasure and is not sustainable. Often I have noticed after they come down from their high reality slaps them in the face that they have no funding for their more important(but ignored) fundamental responsibilities such as but not limited to bus fair to/from work the following day, rent, utility bills, car insurance premiums, lunch money and loan repayment.

The difference
From my observations men are on the otherside of the spectrum, they pull their weight and bear financial burdens of their women and fambilies. When men run into money(gift/bonus/...) they try to save it, new found money to girls equate to celebrations and the money being spent. What is the point of them getting it in the first place really if at the end of the day they are still in debt?

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

So I have been nominated for a promotion

How did this happen? I came to work this morning, took my laptop off hibernate and continued watching girls dance tick tock on youtube from where I left off yesterday at quitting time. Shortly after a head of department (HOD) of another line of business within my company called me and started asking me about my current level within the company, he then told me of a vacancy of a higher level position with direct reporting to him and said I should apply for it as he thought I would be a shoo-in for it and he thought very highly of me. what??
I remember once working on one of this man's servers and fully corrupting his system partition resulting in his server being down for the remainder of the business day. At the close of that business day he called me and asked what was going on at which point I took full responsibility of the damage(against the advice of other people who said I shouldn't) and explained to him the causes and he congratulated me for not trying to cast the blame elsewhere as most people would :-) I guess honesty does pay off in the end as this HOD wants me to under him.
He had to rush off to a meeting so he just sent me a copy of the job description so I can go over it said he would call me back later to give me more details. I now have time to stew and make a decision.. this was turning out to be a very hard decision as I love my current job and a promotion doesnt necessarily equate to more money as I earn a lot of extra money via standby duty currently which wasn't part of that new job.
Enter my supervisor: The big twist, well not big but interesting
As I typed this post he came over to my desk and asked if I heard anything from HR about job movements.. this confused me greatly. The conversation continued on like this.. in essence:
me: nope, why?
sup: oh they were supposed to send you a letter about job movements
me, still confused: whats that about, that other HOD called me about working for him.
sup: oh he did? well HR is supposed to contact you about a pay increase, you are now at that same level as the job he is offering.
me: [some other random garbage said in aww after recieving this new information]

I guess that answers that question, stay where I am and get a promotion anyway. It is funny my supervisor quickly told me this after he realized the other HOD was shopping around for someone.. hey I'm not complaining though :-)


Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The anatomy of a crime: How I lost my cell charger

Yesterday was the one week anniversary of the owners of my laptop, cash, digital camera came back for their stuff.. cokeheads!
Lets go back a bit further so you can see the series of unfortunate events that lead to this tragedy. The Saturday before that I went to the beach.. had fun was romping around and strained my back in the processes(I'm not as young as I used to be). Anyways the pain from my injury kicked in on Saturday night which pretty much disabled me for the rest of the weekend into Monday.
Upon reaching home on Monday evening I looked on my front seat at my heavy laptop bag and decided that with my back pains I would leave it in my car and not carry it up the stairs not to use it just to carry it back down in the morning. So I just took out some documents out of the bag and pushed it off the front seat down to the floor where nobody could see it. The tint on my car is pretty dark + where I park my car is pitch black so it should be safe.

Anyways I made my way upstairs and got settled in, ate dinner, watched the ring 2 and war of the worlds. At this point in time its after 10pm, lets call some friends.. between then and 12:30am Tuesday I chatted on the phone with various friends and had a shower after which I decided it was time to retire for the night. I should mention I have two beds in my apartment, a fold out sofa bed in front of the TV which I usually sleep on as its right beside a big window and a nice queen sized bed in my bedroom which I hardly use. When I was deciding where to sleep that night I realized that my real bed in my bedroom was much more comfortable than the other one so I went into my room and pushed up the door(big mistake). That door and the walls does an excellent job of keeping sound out.. world war 3 could be going on outside and I wouldn't hear.

After a nice peaceful nights rest I woke up at 6:30am on Tuesday, went out into my living room, checked the missed calls on my cellphone which I left on my pool table and looked around to notice that it seemed as if it was very windy in my apartment that night, papers were all over the place and the curtains disturbed. I thought to myself for a little that I should have slept outside last night as I looked around at what the wind did when I noticed 1 item that the wind couldn't have blown down, a battery. More specifically a battery for my digital camera. I then turned to my computer table where I usually keep my digital camera plugged, it was gone. I turned around to the window by the door and of course the window was open.
In this picture you can see the window in question on the left and a piece of the computer table on the right. The cokehead used a long stick I assume to fish the camera off the table, that is over 10 feet away from the window.
It is common knowledge that people will fish out stuff from your house if you leave windows open. The thing is that before I went to bed that night I remember specifically going over to that window and ensuring it was locked properly.. oh well that plan failed I guess. The backup plan is not to keep anything out in the open that could be fished out.. another failure. Q: How does one fish out a little rectangular camera over 10 feet away? A: via the little loopy string that's on it that prevents you from dropping the camera when you are walking.. I guess I forgot about that little detail.
So I stood there thinking to myself that it was about time I got a better camera, thanks thieves.. when I realized.. where is my pants I wore to work yesterday? more importantly where is my wallet which I most likely left in the pants I wore yesterday? upon reaching home tired yesterday, I apparently took off my clothes and left them in a big pile on the pool table, so I found the shirt but no pants. I searched down my apartment for the missing pants or wallet to no avail. This posed a bit of a problem as I had a few credit cards in there and would have to cancel them along with my debit card. Before calling the bank I decided to see what went on outside if they attempted to break into my front patio, which is grilled in, only to find my pants hung up on a chair.?? :-/ and the grill/lock not penetrated.
This is exactly how you know its a cokehead that did the deed, he fished out my pants, looked for keys, there were none, looked for money.. found a wallet with money, took out the money out of the wallet, left the unchanged check, credit and debit cards intact, put back in the wallet and left it for me on my patio. I was glad he/they left the wallet with the cards still but still pissed the money was gone. They got away with $6220.00(I keep good books). After taking out the paper money from my wallet, he removed a $20 coin from my pocket leaving behind three $5 coins and two $1 coins.. battyman! I make all effort not to walk around with any large sum of money but like a week or so before I sold my old phone to my friend and hence had that much money on me.. I haven't even been to the ATM since the start of the year.. I mostly use my credit card and checks for monetary transactions.
I thought I was in the clear then, they could only fish out my pants and my camera.. when it dawned on me.. where is my laptop, the car! my car has an alarm, it should be safe still right?
I went downstairs and as I turned the corner I saw my front left window was smashed in, I looked inside and of course no laptop. On the front seat was a big round rock covered in a white towel along with a bunch of glass from the window. When I pushed the button on the remote, the beeps indicated to me that the alarm did go off and of course I didn't hear it, the one time I slept in my sound proof room they decided to break into my car.
How does all of this play into the title of the thread though: How I lost my cell charger? My phone is a palm treo and the charger I had for it was just a usb cable that also doubled as a hot sync cable which I kept in my laptop bag which is now being held by some cokehead. These cables/chargers are impossible to get in Jamaica as not many people have treos.. so now I am stuck with a 1/2 dead phone, no way to charge it, no laptop to do work and its Tuesday morning at 8am.
At this point in time I called my boss told him what happened and told him I would be coming into work a bit later today as I had the police and my car window to deal with, he was cool with that. While I was at the police station 30 minutes later I got a call from him asking me if I reach work yet.. wtf? so he said to just call him when I reached in office(He works between 3 buildings, I work between 2 buildings across town so we don't cross paths much). After the police station I went to the office I told him I would be working from that day and didn't see him so I gave him the call that he requested earlier. I called him, he has work for me to do. What does he really expect me to do work on they just stole my laptop and he knew this. After he dumped a bunch of work for me to do I decided that I needed to get my window fixed first of all. My insurance company sent me to a place where they replaced my window for free(well at least it doesn't hurt my premiums). Then I go downtown to my other building where I sat and waited for about 4 hours for some slacker lady to give me a replacement laptop.. just so I could consider starting the work that was dished out to me earlier. Of course by the time I got the replacement it was 5:10pm.. quiting time is 4:50pm for me. So I just left for home and put that stress behind me. Currently the situation is under review by some risk mitigation team in my company to decide how much $$$ I owe them for their lost property.. yes, kick me while I am down wont ya.

Friday, June 30, 2006

Update: crush

Remember the girl from the #1 crush post I made a few weeks ago? Well.. I was at home yesterday and my friend saw her in his lab so I rushed to school to go talk to her. If you recall the last time I was mortally afraid of talking to her right? What happened? Where did this instant growth of balls come from?
This was something I had to do now as my friend is leaving his job today and I have no reason to go up there anymore so I would probably never see her again.. ever. With this in mind I went up there with a mission and I left with her number :) The next mission now is to phase out her current boyfriend and phase myself in. It seems like a long hard road ahead but at least I have a running start now.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Pulse CFW 2k6: The lost pictures edition

I found the pictures.. Apparently I didn't copy them off my camera before I lent it away for the past couple of weeks, and much to my surprise I got back the camera with most of the pictures still on it. Anyway here are the pics:
who else would show y'all what goes on other than on the catwalk but me?

The good the bad the ugly.. I would have shown y'all some pictures from backstage but I got booted before I could snap any >:-( due to the fact that someone was stealing the models things when they weren't around..
Does this look like the face of a cellphone thief? Ignore the fact that I may be stuffing my face with their food and drinking their drinks, it was given to me.. I am 99% legit

Friday, June 16, 2006

Adrian will cook for you no more!

I bought some ground beef last weekend so I could try my hand at home made burgers.. So before I went to work yesterday I seasoned the meat at put it back in the fridge. A friend came over after work and asked what's for dinner and when I showed her the seasoned meat, she refused to have any as she knew it was my first time making burgers and thought I didn't season it properly, this was the start. She complained all throughout the cooking process up to the end after I put it together in the bun with the dressing and she refused to eat it. So while I was eating it I guess she got curious about it and I gave her a bite and of course she loved it and begged me to make one for her too.

Now I am realizing this is not an isolated incident.. other times people have even had the audacity to grab the pot from me in a big heated argument over my cooking/food preparation abilities and only after I run them out of my kitchen to cook in peace and give them the food later they apologize for doubting my skills. So as not to deal with that stress we shall not be cooking anything new for anybody in the future.. sorry world

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Pulse Caribbean Fashion Week 2k6

I am not sure how I managed to do this but I lost all the pictures I took of CFW last weekend, if they ever pop up on my PC I will post them. So since they are gone I decided just to post a picture from a smaller show I went to earlier this year. The girl in the green dress is my x's friend Sara, we like her.. she is a cutie.

Anyway back to CFW, I am not really a big fan of fashion but I knew some people in the show and I could get in free so why not go? Somehow they got caribbean fashion week to fit in three days, after the second day I had enough. I got to go backstage and eat the model's food and drinks too :)

One of the highlights of the show were the fraskrew's booth girls, I am sure I spent more time looking/drooling over these girls than looking at the people on the catwalk. Shifty also debut his 'Timeless' clothing line on Saturday.. it flop

Thursday, June 08, 2006

#1 crush

I went up to the university to sell my friend something yesterday and while I was there talking to him in his office this girl walks into the lab he admins and starts using one of the computers... I need this girl! she is the hottest thing in the world... well maybe to me only as most of my friends think she is ugly and tease me about her. Hey, ugly girls need love too :-)
I really wanted to go over and talk to her but after assessing the situation I realized that I needed to get rid of the slight trembling in my hands/legs and voice that started when she came in the room *sigh*, yes, this girl is my kryptonite.. I am sure she can turn superman into mush like she does me. Maybe if I ever see her again I will summon enough courage to go talk to her.

On the off topic though, I saw a grown ass woman pop a squat and take a piss on the road when I was going to work this morning. Clearly she didn't get the memo stating the sidewalks of downtown Kingston is a male only bathroom. Its the first time I have seen a grown female take a tinkle on the road, I hope this trend dies quickly.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Its saturday night and I just called my boss for the 2nd time

In my last post I think I stated I explained I was on call for work and was stuck at home. yup.. work has been calling me a lot since thursday since one of my servers started acting up.

The problem I just explained to my boss is that DHL is holding on to some memory needed to get my server up again and they do not want to release it until tomorrow morning. It doesn't make any sense for me to boot the server as it will crash again the next time it tries to access the current bad memory.

Now this server is the real boss, what it wants.. it gets (well in 4 hours as stated by the HP support contract), this is an entrprise class server with 12 processors, 27GB of ram and over 5TB of raided fiber channel disks (mostly raid 1 so double that figure). I often try to assign a dollar value to this server but my calculator overflows :-p

yup.. I am just a pawn here waiting for the movers and shakers to do their stuff, this is how I figure the escalation process will go:
me -> my boss -> his boss -> HP -> DHL
Just to get some memory modules on a Saturday night. I am feeling a little uneasy at the moment as I do not know the outcome of this situation and my ass is also on the line if I don't follow the proper procedures.
I think I have everything covered thus far, informed the dba, informed my boss, contact vendor.. the only thing I didn't do was inform the change manager that I would be making this hardware replacement to the system. I will hold my boss responsible for that one, he gave me the go ahead to do it without producing a RFC. Lets hope all turns out well.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I am stuck in my house/The show

Yup.. another public holiday and I am tied to my home as I am on call for my work place and need to stick around somewhere that has internet connectivity so I can VPN in if anything pops up. Anyway enough of work, I went to an art show a few days ago (I'm not really into art but my walls are so plain, so maybe one day I will spruce up my apartment with a piece). Here are some pics of the show:

I have also recently decided that young girls are no longer for me, goodbye young and perky, hello old and saggy. Younger girls are just hot, there is no real material behind them or they hide it really well. Either way older girls are more my speed for now.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

This week was pretty much a waste

No work got done at the office.. mainly due to the fact that there was nothing to do. The AC in my office seems to be stuck on high so I have perfected the art of sleeping in my chair in cold dry conditions. To give you an idea of the conditions, the jacket you see me wearing is standard issue at my office and is really meant to be worn in freezer rooms for storing meat.. etc. I figure one of the problems is that the AC is meant to cool a room of 20 people but in this case there is only 1 person maybe 3 on a good day.

This is a picture I took from one of the windows you see behind me. When I am dying of bordom I might turn around and look at the people walking on the street below for a few minutes or so. I work in downtown Kingston, a place not too desired by many. I hear gunshots on occasion and have seen someone get stabbed through my window but once you are inside the building its pretty secure :-p

I should explain why I have so much free time at work :-). I am a systems administrator for enterprise class servers. Most of the machines I oversee only provide the infrastructure that runs business logic so there isn't much need for me to interact with the end users. Don't get it twisted though, when things are failing the torrential rains start and when it rains it pours. So my main activity is just ensuring that things and failing and to prevent/detect future failures with these not so gentle giants.

Thursday, May 04, 2006


What have I been up to lately? I went to an expo last weekend and after that I went to a classic car show :)
At the expo a cute booth girl tried to pick me up for her friend, she flirted with me for a bit and I took her business card and told her I would email her, which I have yet to do :D. I am not really feeling this friend thing but anyways we will give her a chance maybe. Anyway the picture on the left is one of the cars from the show, I didnt realize these cars were still on the road, I some of them had valid registration stickers on them o_0

An update on the office situation:
I have been up at the corporate offices all week thus far, people are all around, its kind of odd. There is no privacy in cubicle life, I can't take my usual afternoon nap anymore. Atleast I can look forward to next week when I return back to my usual desk/officespace downtown.

Friday, April 28, 2006

What day is today?

As usual I woke up this morning oblivious to the time/date and even the day of the week. I stayed in bed for a bit trying to figure out if today was Wednesday or not then went to over to my mobile phone only to realize today was really Friday. This little slip up completely changed everything.. I got out of bed, grabbed a granola bar for breakfast and got into my Friday routine.

Its the same old at work.. nothing to do. Next week is going to be different though, I opted to work up at the corporate building where everybody else is for a bit. I will be leaving behind my large windowed work space for a stuffy cubicle. I hope I remember to take everything needed from my desk downtown before I leave work today. I have been known for leaving things behind.
Things are going to be different, down at my office is quiet and private. Seriously.. I had a 30 minute nap since I started typing this entry. I guess the hustle and bustle of life in the corporate building would gently prod me to be more productive.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

So I did this cheesy test...

It turned out to be pretty accurate, the only thing off about it is the "multiple dates with multiple people." That is not for me, I would rather just give all my attention to one girl for that day/night.

Your Candy Heart Says "Cutie Pie"

You always seem to have a hot date, even though you never try to meet anyone.
A total charmer, you have a natural appeal that keeps you in high demand.

Your ideal Valentine's Day date: multiple dates with multiple people

Your flirting style: 100% natural

What turns you off: serious relationship talks

Why you're hot: you're totally addicting

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The pictorial intro

I was looking at the pictures on my computer to decide which ones of myself to post and decided that I will paste the good the bad and the ugly :-)
I also decided not to spare my friends too, so if your picture was in my possession you shall be a victim too.

well this is me.. Adrian W, if you didn't know
This is Melissa D, my x, isn't she purrty?
lol.. yeah this picture needs a little bit of explanation, this is me and Raquel X. I think. Sorry if my face is scary in this one, I had a bit to drink before this picture was taken sooo

This is my friend Adrienne R, she will probably cuss me for putting up this picture but I had to do it, look at that rack on her.

Have you ever been woken up by a flash? This has happened to me too many times.

I wasn't ready yet.. unfair
what was I pointing at?
This is what I was pointing at.. Melissa B, my new friend :-) . She and her other friend saw my camera and decided they were going to take crazy pictures of each other. It is a safe bet that they won't be doing that anymore after they see this post heh.
This is Melissa B's partner in crime, Tenneth M. Both of them are models apparently and they carried their model tendencies to my place . Tenneth M after she wakes upMe and Moniqueue M. celebrating her b-day at TGIF...