Friday, December 22, 2006


I was at the doctor the other day in the first waiting room, waiting to be processed. While waiting I noticed this hot young thing walking about the place in her stilettos and on her way back she stopped and asked if I was xyz. Apparently we met before at my sister's apartment but I didn't pay her much mind as she was my sister's friend (Lets call her Dr. Jane Smith for arguments sake).

The receptionist processed me and sent me to the second waiting room, she said I was to see Dr. Smith. I only knew this girl as Jane and not Dr. Smith so much to my surprise when I looked at the name on the door it was of course none other than my sister's friend.. My heart skipped a few beats as I realized that this doctors visit would involve her seeing my bits and pieces. I quickly got over it as I thought about her hotness or maybe it was the mind numbing wait as I sat in the waiting room.

I am not sure if it was the look of death by boredom on my face or what but when she came out of my office to call her next patient she called me instead, links baby! The other people who ahead of me didn't seem pleased with this turn of events but I was glad. I went in her office and we did our business and she gave me a clean bill of health.. I guess I am just paranoid. Jane was very friendly during our session and we had a bit of idle chat afterwards.

She would have made a good wifey, maybe destiny can throw her to me for 2007.. bruk pocket women are so 2004. I thought about the whole situation on my way home though. I realize that as the years go by and I meet more people I become more recognisable, its not the first time I've been to a doctor that knows me personally and definitely not the last.

The problem is that they recognize me and I have no clue who they are and these people stop me everywhere. Most times I just point blank tell them truth that their memory was banished to make space for what? I dunno. I used to see it happen to my father all the time but he would just continue the conversation on pretending like he remembers the people and we would all laugh about it later, I guess its genetic.


Teenage Perfectionist said...

Hot. This is proving to me more and more that pretty girls like myself(lol)-Im a law student-can be very smart. That is why men want us and like us,lol.You are very right girls who are broke and depend on men for their money are so 2004. They exist now, but are not respected very much. Good blog. Continue to check out mine. Later.
P.S. If you wanna marry her, u better move quickly and hope she isnt already taken. Good

CrazySexyCool said...

You're cute!!