Wednesday, April 21, 2010

just passing time

  1. tiny ink stone
  2. tiny bowl
  3. tiny spoon
  4. tiny ink stick
  5. tiny brush (x2)
  6. tiny rice paper
  7. tiny introductory guide to Chinese calligraphy
I got this from the Logos Hope book ship earlier this year and like most other things else I own, it sits idly waiting for me to give it a try. For those of you who think I have given up on blogging, I haven't. I even want to start a photo blog on tumblr. Please correct me if I'm confused though because I probably have only spent exactly 6 minutes scrolling through tumblr and came to the conclusion that it is a blogging site.

So whats new? I still have my job and they attempt to drown me with work. I still manage to keep my head up, I got over 4.5 out of 5 for my annual appraisal, my highest score yet. It is kind of strange that I am getting review scores like these now that I am distracted with the little monster(see below) and school. I still also manage to pass my postgraduate courses as well, so far it seems like I am going with a B+ average.. no distinction there but for the little work that I have been putting in I am pleasantly surprised and more than satisfied. It is ridiculous how much material they expect you to learn in 6 weeks, do a project, presentation, homework then sit an exam and start the process all over again. I can't wait for the two years to be over.

Lastly my little monster.. sigh. Not a bad way to spend my time.

She insists on putting everything in her mouth.. I understand though, I somewhat remember the days when everything was new to me, the good old days. She is 6+ months now and has 6 teeth. She can't move to a sitting position on her own but if she has stuff to grab on she can climb up to a standing position all by herself, of course to create more mischief.