Friday, May 11, 2012

To Cayman and back

To continue on recapping all that has happened in the past it was exactly one year ago to this date I was in Cayman.

There is much I can write about the two weeks I spent on the island of Grand Cayman but I will try to keep it light. I stayed in a hotel close to their famous "7 Mile Beach" just North of the capital Georgetown. Being a Jamaican and all I was never impressed when I heard Caymanians speak of this place seeing as how we have our own 7 mile beach in Negril at home but I must humbly say that we do not compare come close to the quality of their fluffy white sands or the views of spectacular beach front property along the 7 mile stretch.

Now with all of my free time after work, I took it upon myself to make several treks up and down this beach. I learned a few lessons which I shall share with you today.
  1. Take into consideration the walk back if you spend hours casually walking on the beach in one direction away from your hotel. One night after sunset I ended up and the south end of the beach and looked back, the hotel was nowhere in sight. I made my way off the beach back to the main road(which may not be as scenic but much easier to walk on than sand) and had to endure the long and tedious walk back.
  2. Everyday is a beach day. It didn't matter if it was a work day or Sunday. The beach was littered with people both local and tourists, there was families with a picnic, beach volley baller and water sports. There was always a lot of activity.
  3. On the matter of locals and tourists it was very hard to tell them apart. The motto for Jamaica is "Out of many one people" but I need to submit to the relevant authorities to have that motto transferred to Cayman. Cayman is one big mixing pot of people from all over the world, some permanent some transient. My guess is being a tax haven for big business adds a constant slew of expats to the population.
There is much more to say about my stay there but somehow I am not seeing the pictures on my laptop so I will have to continue when I can find them.