Thursday, May 04, 2006


What have I been up to lately? I went to an expo last weekend and after that I went to a classic car show :)
At the expo a cute booth girl tried to pick me up for her friend, she flirted with me for a bit and I took her business card and told her I would email her, which I have yet to do :D. I am not really feeling this friend thing but anyways we will give her a chance maybe. Anyway the picture on the left is one of the cars from the show, I didnt realize these cars were still on the road, I some of them had valid registration stickers on them o_0

An update on the office situation:
I have been up at the corporate offices all week thus far, people are all around, its kind of odd. There is no privacy in cubicle life, I can't take my usual afternoon nap anymore. Atleast I can look forward to next week when I return back to my usual desk/officespace downtown.

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