Friday, April 27, 2007

To being just as deep

I was sitting at my desk downtown this week wondering if I should go spend some time at the corporate building.. One thing that came to mind immediately is all the nice eye candy that fills the canteen at lunch time that my eyes normally feast on while I fill my belly. The next thing that came to mind is that their nice round rumps never normally had any panty lines as my friend here unknowingly demonstrates heh.

After speaking to a few girls and also remembering something on TV about said matter, VPL, visible panty lines are is a serious offence to some women. Personally I don't care but one of my friends said she reached to work one day and her boss (female of course) pointed out her VPL and asked her if she could fix it. WTF.. how shallow and pointless can you get? she just left for home to fix it but decided not to go back for the rest of the day understandably.

Not that I am complaining or anything but I think these women need to focus their energies on something a little more worthwhile than that.. on the flip side I thank y'all for the unobstructed pantyline-less pocket free views as I gaze upon your behind in your fitted tailored pants. Dark pants such as black, navy blue or white does the trick of getting me salivating so the food slides down with ease, many thanks.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Did I do that?

Last Friday I left work and for some reason I was very happy. People normally complain of a lack of or a not so friendly facial expression but as I left work I was smiling. It didn't last long though cause my boss called me when I was about 5 minutes away from home asking me about some problems he was having with a system, I told him I didn't touch it but as I continued on to home I realized I deleted some disks(that were supposed to be unused) from a RAID array we were retiring about 10 minutes before I left work. I called him back at and told him and we tracked back those disks to some convoluted old configuration and realized the shit has hit the fan. He was on standby but he told me his DSL was giving problems so he asked me to fix it. Since it was caused by me I had no problems doing to work to resolve it.

As I investigated how deep my problems went I found out I corrupted a few hundred gigabytes of table space in our largest database[by largest I mean greater than 10TB]. This is what my backup vendor calls a RPE - resume producing event. I laughed when he talked about it back then but now have great appreciation for them. I worked from home recreating the disks, restoring the data and helping the database admin rebuild her database and by Sunday evening I was in the clear, I had restored 90% of my data and the DBA's restore was well on its way.

With all that behind me I went to a friends house to play some dominoes at 9pm to get my weekend started. It has been a while since I've been up there and that night wasn't any old games night this was the last weekend our friend would be in Jamaica for his break visit. It was like old times only thing now we are no longer pauper students and can afford food, I saw a big KFC bucket there and stuffed my face till 3am. It's a shame we have grown up/apart and a lot of the old crew are no longer in Jamaica, we used to do this all the time when we were in university.. the good old days.

I reached home close to 4am on Monday and I went straight back to my VPN connection to put the finishing touches on my restoration work so people could come to work later and actually have applications to use. I went to work at the corporate building at 8:30am, I spoke to some of the users, explained to them what happened.. nobody noticed a thing! I am good and safe :p. I didn't spend long there and left for my office downtown where I can get some quiet and privacy. After I docked my laptop I went to look for my boss to give him a status update and everything was all good :D In fact things were more than good, when I went back to my desk I checked my email and saw he sent my 6 month appraisal for me to go over and I scored 4.15 out of 5, now I can get my bonus in the middle of the year when everybody else gets a Christmas bonus :(

Thursday, April 19, 2007

R. Kelly step aside..

Akon couldn't wait for the sex tape to be leaked so he just handled his business on stage:

Even if she wasn't 14 doing that on stage just seems wrong.

Maybe he should have asked for ID first, I'm guessing it wouldn't be so bad if the girl was legal. I know my friends cuss me if I even blink in the direction of a 17 year old.

Full story: here

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Its been a year!

Well not quite one year yet but this month marks my one year since I started my blog! Some how the stars aligned themselves and threw the person who originally got me into blogging into my living room, Adrienne! This girl started her blog and used to hound me to read/comment on it but it took me a few months before I started paying it any attention. Eventually the boredom at work made me look for other blogs to read then it wasn't long before I got the idea to start my own. It's been a while since I've seen her (and my my things have changed :p) but she was just ignoring me while talking to her boyfriend on her laptop. So since she didn't want to pose for a nice picture or any picture at all I made a funny face(I don't always look so retarded) and captured this precious but well timed memory for my one year anniversary blog post. She will probably kill me if she find out I posted it on my blog but I doubt she still reads mine.

Speaking of boredom at work, that has been dead and buried for a while now. My boss has trying to drown all of us with a tidal wave of tasks. I'm not blaming him though, these are mostly new requirements passed down from his boss' boss. We spent about 5 working hours yesterday trying to complete a ridiculous report on the availability/performance of various platforms we are responsible for and this is now a weekly report. Some how spending 15% of my productive work week doing reports instead of real work will benefit the company.

On the topic of work, things seem to be looking up. lol maybe not but in a meeting with my boss this week he asked me about my career goals and since nobody wants to be stagnant I told him I want his job. We had a good laugh about it but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

It's easter again!

Whats wrong with this picture? I love bun but my desire seems to fall to the wayside until this time of the year comes around and everybody is buying/making/giving bun(I'm not sure if this is just a Jamaican thing). If you haven't guessed it yet its the amount of buns in the photo, I bought one, my mother gave me one and my company gave me the one in the box but hey, nobody is complaining here :D. Well maybe just a little, this same thing happened to me last year and the year before.. its bun overload.

As everybody else in blogland has been saying "I'm too busy to post something new" yet they manage to still go around and read/comment on other peoples blogs I too have fallen into this category some what temporarily. My RSS blog subscriptions have reached record levels of unread posts, I'll use my non-public holiday tomorrow to catch up on those. For those who don't know yet I don't get holidays like most people so I shall be stuck in town until 8am next week Monday on stand-by duty while the rest of Jamaica goes off to play as usual. It's all good though.. it pays the rent.

It is sad though I had to turn down an out of town trip this weekend cause of my duties and I have really been jonesing for such a trip. Work has had(and will continue to have) me so busy also that I've also turned down an offer to go visit a friend in Florida. She even offered to put me up and pay most of the ticket so it wouldn't cost me much and I had to turn it down :( I guess this is what being responsible is about. My exciting plans for this long weekend is just to polish my shoes and rearrange my room.. I look forward to this new change :p