Monday, August 10, 2009

August updates

Oh blog how I have forsaken you.

Time is not on my side, there have been many things to do.

  1. Tie up loose ends with the old landlord
  2. Get electrician to re-certify new house then get power supply activated
  3. Get metalwork contractors to install security grills in the new house, a must in Jamaica.
  4. Buying baby stuff to quell the irate pregnant girl.
  5. Get curtains made to stop new neighbours on spying on me.
  6. Homework. OMG going back school is crazy.. I have to suffer two more years of this.
  7. The side job. I will probably lose this work given the amount of time I put into it last week.
  8. Bills. I paid all of my July credit card and utility bills late not because I didn't have the money, because I didn't have the time.
  9. Day job. Two people doing the job of six? a recipe for delayed but sure disaster.
I plan to try and get two days departmental leave this week to handle some of the monster tasks that are yet to be completed. Wish me luck because I don't think my boss will be too happy with this.

On a side note, I like the finer things in life, I can't afford them but I will admire from far. One of these items are watches and last week my coworker reminded me of this when he left his watch on his desk and asked us to secure it for him. I dropped it in my desk draw and locked it without much thought but when I didn't see him the next day I popped it out to further inspect it since I knew that he liked to collect nice watches. It was a very nice auto winding mechanical watch, I couldn't tell when was the last time I saw one of these. After a quick google search it turned out that the watch could buy my car, they start off at $5000USD and go up to $90,000 depending on the casing and options. I promptly took off my watch and wore his watch for the rest of the day until he popped up. Ahh the finer things.