Friday, June 16, 2006

Adrian will cook for you no more!

I bought some ground beef last weekend so I could try my hand at home made burgers.. So before I went to work yesterday I seasoned the meat at put it back in the fridge. A friend came over after work and asked what's for dinner and when I showed her the seasoned meat, she refused to have any as she knew it was my first time making burgers and thought I didn't season it properly, this was the start. She complained all throughout the cooking process up to the end after I put it together in the bun with the dressing and she refused to eat it. So while I was eating it I guess she got curious about it and I gave her a bite and of course she loved it and begged me to make one for her too.

Now I am realizing this is not an isolated incident.. other times people have even had the audacity to grab the pot from me in a big heated argument over my cooking/food preparation abilities and only after I run them out of my kitchen to cook in peace and give them the food later they apologize for doubting my skills. So as not to deal with that stress we shall not be cooking anything new for anybody in the future.. sorry world


Hot-Chick said...

u can delete it afterwards, Well u commented that females stalk u guys just as much, well i must say i dissagree. I for one don't stalk men. You guys are crazy in the sense that you just don't get when to leave us alone.

tammy said...

what do stalkers and burgers have in common?