Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Two deadly Sins

Sloth and gluttony seemed to set the pace for me this holiday season. Aside from visiting my parents on Christmas day I went nowhere all holiday and just stayed home. If my home wasn't so entertaining to me I probably would have left it more often apart from my parents and the few times I walked over to the supermarket (5 minutes walk) to get more food to feed the gluttony. I was invited to several parties but rejected all, this is very unlike me. My friends tried to lure me to them with the promise of buffets of endless catered food but that didn't budge me one bit.

I felt perpetually sick all weekend long as I stuffed junk into my face and washed it down with Verdi Spumante, a cheap twist-top bottle wine I discovered in a fancy looking bottle to help conceal its tackiness. Throw Ham, crispy roast pork, pecan pie and yogurts into the mix and you should get the picture of my intake. I was proud of the fact that I gave away the cheesecake I had to one of my friends but I'm sure that good deed was offset by the amount of cheesecake flavored yogurt I consumed the day before. To help show the big picture of the gluttony I also had blueberry, pinacolada, guava and mango yogurt over the past weekend.

I felt the most guilty eating the crispy roast pork and beef in black bean sauce, two very nice Chinese dishes but they have heart disease and stroke written all over them. I got up this morning at 6:30am and took a jog to help undo the damage done over the past weekend though. I am out of shape, I haven't jogged in many months, I couldn't make my usual jog trail all the way through so I had to walk half of the way. I also noticed a bit of wheezing while jogging, the old age train has lost its brakes and its all down hill from here :-(

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CrazySexyCool said...

I can totally relate to not going out this Christmas. It's like I've lost the zeal to do anything and go anywhere. That's so sad for young people like us who should be so full of life and having fun.

I love your choice of food. While I did spend Christmas with my sister's boyfriend's family, it just wasn't the same and the whole time, I was wishing I was back at my house, in my bed with my shorts or no clothes on watching tv or reading a book. Very very sad.