Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Bulls are rallying $$$ :-D

The JSE has shot up quite a bit these past few days as the trends predicted and I am smiling all the way to the bank. I swear investment is my second calling, if I could turn back the hands of time and didn't have a successful career as a systems administrator I would have set my goals out to be an investment analyst, stock broker.. something big in that industry. I guess I can use this to pay the insurance excess for my damaged car, the universe has balanced itself out.

I saw an interview on CNBC with Warren Buffett about his 38 billion USD charity donation, its old news but new to me, and I was inspired. The new plan is to get rich, buy a yacht, build a deck, grow old then donate the majority of my money to some charities.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

No means no

I was minding my own business last night when a lady from work who likes me(lets call her fan) called, keep in mind fan is 6 years older than me and has a child. Anyway she asked if she could pass by after work just to pass some time before going home, an innocent request, so I gave her directions to my apartment.

She came over and everything was going fine, I was just lying down on my futon trying to watch CNBC ignoring her, wishing my phone would ring and she was all over me smelling me, rubbing me down, trying to take off my shirt. I must admit I did smell good as I had just bathed before she called, maybe if I was stinky I could have avoided all of this. Anyway as these things normally progress she tried to kiss me, this is a big no-no, and I moved out of her path so she missed heh. I am used to having people all over me but I reserve my mouth for my girlfriend or some other special girl. So after she attempted to kiss me two more times and was rejected I explained to her she didn't fit the criteria mentioned above and that I didn't dip my pen in company ink.

She was understandably embarrassed and asked to leave so I went for my keys to let her out, I was in the clear (or so I thought). Personally if a girl did that to me I would be gone but fan stopped at the door and asked for a goodbye hug, another innocent request. After I gave her this hug she decided she wasn't leaving and now she was going to spend the night :-/ I thought she was joking so I said sure but you will have to call your son's babysitter and tell her you wont be coming home tonight. Much to my amazement she called my bluff and called the babysitter instructing her to spend the night. At this point I couldn't tell her I was joking and she needs to leave, so I pointed out a flaw in her plan, she didn't have any clothes or anything to spend the night, big mistake.

The only thing I could ask her to do is promise she would behave herself when she was here, she agreed. She then asked me for a shirt to sleep in and followed me to my bedroom to get it. I gave her a white t-shirt, I don't know why coz she just took off her clothes and was walking around in her underwear after that. She followed me around my apartment as I prepared for sleep and the next time I looked at her she was completely naked. I explained to her again that I don't do girls from my company(may be a lie but shes not getting any from me) but she kept pawing at me. She saw I had 2 condoms in my draw from when I gave her the shirt to sleep in and she went for them and put it in my hand. I figured that if she didn't have any protection she would give up, so as quick as she placed the condoms in my hand I threw them behind the bed head, brilliant! I was laughing at her as she tried to move my heavy bed with me on it to try and get behind the bed head for it, I also explained to her that even if she got it out I would throw them out the window or flush them. This did not deter her at all, one would think that some pride would kick in and she would get the point or something, no such luck for me.

She pretended to give up and kept herself quiet on the bed for some time so I went to sleep. It wasn't long before I was awoken by her hands down my boxers stroking me, I took out her hand but she was giving me a fight. She tried to put my hand in her areas which I deem naughty I wasn't having it, you can bring the horse to the water but you can't force him to feel you up :-p. She was grinding herself on me, I didn't mind this much as my privates were secured under my layers of clothes. The rocking motion of her humping me was actually putting me to sleep until I noticed her starting to shake.. she had an orgasm.

For a brief moment there I thought the worst was over but that just fueled her for more, at this point in time fan was trying to get in my pants and sucking on my neck/chest/ears/stomach/anything exposed while trying to force her hand down my boxers. She was also trying to hold my hands down to stop me from stopping her and she was getting more forceful by the minute. In her hormone enraged state she managed to pin me down, a 6'2" fairly muscular man was almost going to get my goods. I opted to throw myself, she and whatever else off the bed to stop this. This only got me some time to re secure myself and she tried to mount me on the floor too.

It must have been the cold floor but my pleas for her to not rape me actually got through to her and she agreed to leave me alone. She realized what she was doing and how wrong she had been and started to apologize. I went back on the bed and back to sleep, she kept to herself for the rest of the night. The sad thing is that this type of thing doesn't disturb me much as I have experienced it a few times before from other girls, a girl that I do not like much and don't know that well can not show up at my house and expect to get some just like that, I don't roll them ways there.

To top things off when she was leaving in the morning she said she didn't think that I would have been that strong to resist her and it wasn't rape because she didn't try to cut off my clothes and hold me down with a knife. wtf?! time to dust off my weights and lock up the knives.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em

I think its about time for me to get a lady, my problem is that most of them are cheaters, gold diggers or something worst. The few things I require is that she is honest, clean, ambitious and healthy. It is sad that I haven't met any girls recently that fit that criteria.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Where not to park your car.. lesson learnt.

Nobody explained this to me explicitly when I was learning to drive but:is not an appropriate place to park one's car. Rewinding one hour, I left my apartment to go to my parent's place for lunch(the Sunday usual). Everything was going good, I was taking my time driving slowly, I even stopped at the stop light when I saw it changed to amber instead of going through.

It all went downhill after the stop light changed to green as I drove ahead and came across some fool in another grey civic hatchback driving ridiculously slow whilst chatting on his phone, and randomly pressing on his brakes at arbitrary points in time. I thought to myself that its Sunday my tank is basically at e and I didn't plan to go to the gas station till Monday so I should just continue driving easy and stay behind him. He continued to increasingly annoy me to the point that the only option was to overtake him and kick up as much dust doing so. So I did this after entering a two lane one way road and it was executed successfully and safely. The only difference is that my mood has changed from this individuals casual Sunday stroll when other people have more important things to do so after overtaking him I went around a pretty sharp corner on the same one way road and decided to skip on the brakes. He was going at about 20mph so I was probably going at 30mph after overtaking him, still a safe speed to negotiate the wide radius 90 degree corner at in my car or so I thought.

I have many times before handbrake turn and slide around sharper corners but that was not the aim this morning, my aim was to get as far away from this Sunday morning driver as possible. So after coming out of the corner the car had a bit of oversteer and in efforts to correct this horrible situation the car ended up swiftly swinging in the opposite direction of the oversteer sliding sideways along the road then hitting the curb and ended up parked on this fence. meh, I would say that this has ruined my day but my day was already ruined after somebody within my company called me at 5:34am this morning explaining to me that they did some major upgrading work on some of the GSM network equipment and needed my assistance. That story would pan out to a priority 1 service being downed for my company resulting in people not being able to receive phone calls made to the GSM phones provisioned tomorrow but thats a long ongoing story and lets not bore you with work related matters.

I assessed the situation, I was stuck on somebody's fence, I reached down and grabbed my phone and look back only to see the annoying grey civic man stop for a minute looking at the scene, he didn't even stay and he was one of the main reasons I was in the dilemma. My drivers side door was damaged by the impact and couldn't be opened so I exited through the front passenger door to a big crowd of people who seemed to be concerned about me and possibly any other person in the vehicle. I explained to them that I was fine, there wasn't even a scratch nor bump on me, and that there was nobody else in there and they insisted that I sit down, go to the hospital, forget about the car and the fence, the seat belts saved my life,... going on and on not making the situation any better. The only idea of use contributed by them was to have some water which they spotted in my car so I went for my bottle and had a sip, the sun was pretty hot. Anyway being a progressive person I ignored them and went on to inspect my car and contact my mechanic (who serviced it three days earlier, salt in my wound). He said he would send a wrecker for me to tow it to his garage, the first step in getting my car back on the road :-p.
Anyways I made my way back up to the road and who is that I see? My sister's sister in law, I have long given up going anywhere and not be spotted by people and it was nice to know atleast one person in the crowd of on lookers which by now has grown to about 30 people. Every last one of them wanted to know how I managed to get the car lodged in the fence given that it was a one way road going in the opposite direction to the placement of the car. Let me just state for the record, believe it or not I was not speeding but I have learnt a valuable lesson in sharp corners, front wheel drive cars and road rage and walked away from it with only an injury to the bank.

At this point in time, I have sourced a temporary vehicle and the last thing left to do is work out the financing of the repairs to my car and the fence. Hopefully this doesn't break the bank and my budget as I have waited/planned/expected my horrible unforeseen expense for this half of the year earlier this year. It seems as if something of this nature happens to me twice yearly and I was overdue. I also think of events such as this as the universe evening things out as most people including myself see me as a not so nice person, karma :(. I realized a few months ago that there was a huge surplus in the current budget and set a ridiculous financial goal for the end of this calendar year to compensate for the excess. After firing up my book keeping application after this accident, I realize I was right smack on track on meeting this goal. Its a shame that I will now have to revert back to the old goal so I can finance the repairs.. Oh well, some things are too good to be true.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I am a builder at heart and have decided that my hobby is making and fixing stuff on my own.

One thing on my wishlist now is to have a deck, I am pretty sure this won't happen anytime soon but when it does happen I want to be a part of the build process.