Thursday, February 28, 2008

a word to the wise?

I think I first noticed this about a week ago.. is someone trying to give me a sign? Those are my stairs to the ghetto penthouse.. why would someone put their tacky sign on it? how about they put it on their front door. Maybe it will keep away thieves :p

Monday, February 25, 2008

On saving money

So for Christmas I got my mother this nice brushed stainless steel toaster oven pictured above to replace her 20+ year old tiny rusty toaster oven. She loved it and claimed she didn't know how she managed without one for so long (*pops collar* yup my gift was great :p). Anyway since my birthday was last week and they had no idea what to get me they asked if I wanted a toaster oven too, how original. What was funny was that she asked me if I wanted the same one or a cheaper plastic model which costed 1/2 the price.. and she was serious. Silly questions aside I am now less one item away from having a fully stainless steel kitchen.

On to the matter of closing investment accounts.. intrest rates have been trending up but I noticed that it wasn't trickling down to me. So I called my bank and pointed it out to them and they told me they don't know when they will adjust their rates and they don't do private negotiations. I then enquired as to what kind of penalties I would face in closing my account, she answered then she swiftly ended the call.. she probably didn't even hear me say bye. So I drove over there on the way home from work to tell them cya and it was a different story. After much boot licking and time wasting I rejected their 100 point increase and was on my way to their competitors to build my cd ladder.

On to the matter of me being a bank, recently a friend asked me for a 7 figure($#,###,###.##) loan.. really now. He wasn't broke just having liquidity issues and made the terms of the loan very attractive but as I said before I'm not willing to take on that form of risk. It didn't really speak much for his "investment club" that every John and their dogs are starting these days which he was trying to get me to invest into.

Monday, February 18, 2008

The end of the beginning

yup it's official, I have just clocked the first twenty five years of my life and what do I have to show for it? This ecard my friend sent me.

The email also came with an apology so I was very curious to click the button to find:

older *sigh* I was caught off gaurd but good one.

So what do I plan to do for today? nada.. I think I pretty much lost interest in birthdays after growing up with my parents. The nail in that coffin was one February as a young teen when I asked my father what was I getting for my birthday only to have him point out that I didn't deserve anything.

To make the day interesting I left work early at lunch time to go home and sleep. yawn, still tired. between the birthday and work calls I probably only got in half an hour, it's like they were watching me and as soon as I dozed off the phone rang. I need some time off yet again. I only have to wait two more weeks before I can even consider applying for leave(according to my boss who is currently on leave). I'm guessing we need more people in my department, but thats just wishful thinking.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Happy new year again!

Chinese new year that is.. I thought I forgot about it this year but when I checked it was today. Let the 15 days of celebrations begin! For those of you(like I used to be a few years ago) who are wondering how random the Chinese new year is, it's based on the first day of the calender year that has a new moon. Join me in welcoming the year of the rat :p

Chinese new years means that my birthday is around the corner again.. sigh, another year to add to the stats. Birthday time also means gift or possibly gifts lol how sad. I appreciate gifts that I will use and some thought went into, so watches, clothes, cologne and any other played gifts have no home on my birthday. My advice to people who ask me what I want is to get me nothing, I'd be more pleased if they didn't waste their money on something I wouldn't appreciate to the fullest. One thing is certain though, I'll be damned if my parents try to drag me to that tired ass restaurant again. Feel free to leave gift ideas so I can pass em on to people who ask.