Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Week 41, business as usual

I just received my power bill from JPS within the last hour and I must say that I am relieved. The other day after washing my car I decided to take my last bill down to the meter and check out how much I owed this utility company for my current usage but to my shock and horror (if my calculations were correct) the meter said I had used close to 200KWH since the last bill cycle. Now looking at this excerpt from the bill I just received it is easy to see that 200KWH is double my normal consumption.
In retrospect, what I suspect happened was that I picked up the bill for the month before so my calculations would have reflected 2 months usage. The balance in the world is restored again, I was beginning to question my ability to quantify my electricity usage and was about to dig up my ammeter to measure the load brought on by my new toys. It is sad that I wouldn't have to do much digging to find my ammeter as it is on a table by my front door amoungst many other doodads and tech that scatter my appartment.
On that note I need to move into somewhere larger and more permanent, I hear my home owner clock ticking and it is becoming harder to ignore. I mentioned this to my mother a few weekends ago and she told me that I am too young to be owning property. In my head it makes sense to be paying off a mortgage vs paying rent as at the end of the day you have something to show for it.

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