Wednesday, August 30, 2006

dude, where's your car?

This is a picture of part of the yard of my apartment and the road infront of it. For the past 5 days or so there has been a large new pothole that has been terrorizing drivers at night. Basically every other car that passes by drops in the pothole at night. Hubcaps fly off, tires get torn and front ends get destroyed I am sure. Anyway two nights ago I was sleeping by my big window on the bed in the living room from which that picture was taken only to be woken up at 3:30am by some fool shouting "hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello" x100 at the top of his lungs. I just ignored this fellow as I assumed it was just some cokehead who clearly couldn't be talking to me as I know its hard for people to see me up in my bed in my ghetto penthouse from the road or in my yard at ground level. I continued to watch him as he walked around my yard trying to get attention from my neighbors but to no avail. Shortly after I noticed a tow truck drive up and made a 3 point turn on the main road at which point in time this fellow left my yard. I now realize what has happened, he was one of the unfortunate ones who dropped in the pothole and disabled his car. After hearing the flatbed tow truck carry away his car, I decided that it was time for some piece and quiet after been woken up several times earlier that night by other events and went to go sleep in my bedroom that is essentially sound proof.

Anyway I was in the common area the next day about to leave and my neighbour, Eddie, stopped me and told me they stole his car that night. This is a better picture of the entrance to our yard, to the bottom left out of the picture is where we park. I told him about what I heard and saw that night and he told me he was sure that somebody drove in and towed his car out as his car was one of those with the immobiliser chipped ecu's that required the key with the code to start. I felt bad for Eddie as he only had 3rd party insurance coverage but he didn't seem to be too disturbed by it, I guess business is booming for him now(He owns a popular strip club in town). I was sleeping by my window again this morning and at about 6am I was awoken by people talking downstairs. I peeped out my window and saw it was only Eddie talking about his incident with one of the other tenants, I hear car drive up and more people talking.. its Eddie's mother. This woman reminds me of my mother, very annoying.
She, Eddie and the other tenant is now talking about it and I hear another car drive up, its the police. Apparently they found Eddie's car abandoned down the road yesterday. The thieves came in, broke into the car, took apart the ignition to break the steering column lock and pushed the car out of the driveway down the road so they could hotwire it. After they realize it couldn't be hotwired they abandoned it on the road, I guess the immobilizer ecu is worth the money. I am not really bothered much by the thought of them stealing my car too as the insurance payout would probably be a lot better than what I could actually sell the car for.

I will now leave you with an image of how I view the world from the Ghetto Penthouse

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Mad Bull said...

Nice pics... Coo pan burglar bar! Is long time me nuh see dem! Naw, just kidding... Christmas b4 last not so long ago...Ferrari123$