Saturday, May 27, 2006

Its saturday night and I just called my boss for the 2nd time

In my last post I think I stated I explained I was on call for work and was stuck at home. yup.. work has been calling me a lot since thursday since one of my servers started acting up.

The problem I just explained to my boss is that DHL is holding on to some memory needed to get my server up again and they do not want to release it until tomorrow morning. It doesn't make any sense for me to boot the server as it will crash again the next time it tries to access the current bad memory.

Now this server is the real boss, what it wants.. it gets (well in 4 hours as stated by the HP support contract), this is an entrprise class server with 12 processors, 27GB of ram and over 5TB of raided fiber channel disks (mostly raid 1 so double that figure). I often try to assign a dollar value to this server but my calculator overflows :-p

yup.. I am just a pawn here waiting for the movers and shakers to do their stuff, this is how I figure the escalation process will go:
me -> my boss -> his boss -> HP -> DHL
Just to get some memory modules on a Saturday night. I am feeling a little uneasy at the moment as I do not know the outcome of this situation and my ass is also on the line if I don't follow the proper procedures.
I think I have everything covered thus far, informed the dba, informed my boss, contact vendor.. the only thing I didn't do was inform the change manager that I would be making this hardware replacement to the system. I will hold my boss responsible for that one, he gave me the go ahead to do it without producing a RFC. Lets hope all turns out well.


[Yatta] said...

once u covered all ur bases u should be set.

Adrian said...

my boss called me back like an hour later and told me the part would be released..

funny enough when the HP field technician went to the DHL warehouse they were out of stock. It got ordered and replaced sometime last week when I wasn't on call (sombody elses pain) :-)