Monday, August 21, 2006

My leave cherry is now popped

I took last Friday off, this is the first time in my working lifetime (two years) that I have taken any leave. This leave was well deserved after all that work I was the previous two weeks.
Anyway the Thursday before I called Jodi (My x-crush that I speak of in previous posts) and I asked her if she wanted to go to the beach on Friday, due to the fact that she was upset with me a few weeks earlier for not inviting her to the beach when I went to Lime Cay. She said she wasn't sure and would call me at 8am and tell me what's the deal, now I was bent on going to the beach and relaxing no matter what so when 9am Friday came and I didn't hear a peep from Jodi I called her and asked her what's going on?

J: Friday isn't a good day for the beach, lets go on Sunday.
Me: what's wrong with Friday, I thought you didn't like the crowds?
J: It's just strange to go on Friday plus I'm not sure what's going on today.
Me: you have other plans for today?
J: no.. I just don't know what might happen later.

Of course I am no fool, this girl is hoping for some other plans which she refuses to tell me about to come through and going to the beach with me was plan b. I refuse to be a plan b so I tell her never mind and call my plan b. Its ok for me to have a plan b as I really wanted to go to the beach and quite a few of my friends wanted to go with me plans b, c and d heh.

I called plan b and she was game, I told her I would come for her at 10:30 then went to take a quick shower before I left. Much to my surprise she was ready and waiting for me by the time I reached to her house. This girl has always had a track history of making people wait whenever she is going anywhere and I was prepared to wait 1 hour that morning. K, plan b, was pretty hot in her beach wear. I had to put out extra effort not to touch her that day as it would only lead to bad things. K was kinda boring at the beach, she just sat in my beach chair all those hours eating fish, smoking, sleeping and reading her book in the shade while I was up and down all over the sand and water. This was a new side to me as I used to be able to toss her about the water and have fun the last time I went to the pool with her over a year ago.
I had fun at the beach ignoring the fact that K was lame, I wish I could spend every day at the beach, which leads me to this Friday coming up. To the left is my friend Renee, plan d I think. She also apparently wants to go to the beach with me. This has me confused to no ends.. it must be a trick. Renee is my x's good friends and Renee and I have a platonic relationship, why does she want to go to the beach with me? just the two of us? She has turned down all of my advances to get in her pants with disgust and she loves to mention how much she thinks of me as a brother (the reasons she was plan d)
She is fun in a tomboyish way though, in the picture she was entertaining herself at my house playing pool by herself as I wasn't paying her too much attention. This would be a great asset to have at the beach instead of some girl sitting in the shade hiding from the water. Lets see what this Friday brings.

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