Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The pictorial intro

I was looking at the pictures on my computer to decide which ones of myself to post and decided that I will paste the good the bad and the ugly :-)
I also decided not to spare my friends too, so if your picture was in my possession you shall be a victim too.

well this is me.. Adrian W, if you didn't know
This is Melissa D, my x, isn't she purrty?
lol.. yeah this picture needs a little bit of explanation, this is me and Raquel X. I think. Sorry if my face is scary in this one, I had a bit to drink before this picture was taken sooo

This is my friend Adrienne R, she will probably cuss me for putting up this picture but I had to do it, look at that rack on her.

Have you ever been woken up by a flash? This has happened to me too many times.

I wasn't ready yet.. unfair
what was I pointing at?
This is what I was pointing at.. Melissa B, my new friend :-) . She and her other friend saw my camera and decided they were going to take crazy pictures of each other. It is a safe bet that they won't be doing that anymore after they see this post heh.
This is Melissa B's partner in crime, Tenneth M. Both of them are models apparently and they carried their model tendencies to my place . Tenneth M after she wakes upMe and Moniqueue M. celebrating her b-day at TGIF...


dont_dare2000 said...

Ohhh Adrienne R hot still!
And by the way I am pretty sure You spelt Monique's name wrong.

tammy said...

yeah i give him an 8 plus 2 for intellect - cuuuuuuuuuuuute

Adrian said...

adrienne r is the lame girl showing us her middle finger, I give her a 2.

looks like you went through the entire blog there tammy, probably the only person to ever do so.. thanks!