Sunday, December 17, 2006

And the silly season continues

New years eve, 11:30pm December 31st 2003, marked the night one of these government chi chi buses hit my car while I was stopped at a traffic light downtown. It seems as if this time of year brings out all the cars/buses/trucks on the Jamaican roads that have been hibernating all year. More cars on the road of course brings more accidents.

On my way back home today after having lunch at my parents house I passed an interesting three car accident. Wheels ripped off, bonnets crushed in, a girl standing beside one of the disabled cars like she name decoration and several men arguing (I'm assuming over who was wrong). One of the few things that hit home with that scene was that it could have been me. Ever since my last accident I have reviewed my past driving and have realized the folly in my old* ways.

I have had so many near misses with my car so I am now going to take it back a notch and drive like an old lady on a Sunday morning cruise when I get back my car, hopefully later this week. I know I can stick to it as I used to often break the speed limit until a police clocked me at 128 in a 80 zone two years ago and ever since then I've stuck to the speed signs. After that incident I counted my lucky stars as if the policed clocked me at 130+ I would have had a much heavier fine to pay and I was going at 160 before I noticed the police in the far distance and slowed down.

One of the other things that hit home was the girl standing up like is she name decoration heh. Nothing pisses me off more than broke ass girls that don't serve any purpose and just pose in my your front seat. When I can learn to do without them that will be one less crosses I will have to deal with messing up my front seat with their big foot/make up/food/nasty ass in general.

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CrazySexyCool said...

Not all women are like that you know. There are a few good ones still out there who can actually be a blessing.... like me :)