Tuesday, January 29, 2008

breaking the habit

The subject of my photo is somewhat off but this was a lunch from the canteen at my workplace. I have long recognized that this food could not be good for me and have been trying to cut back on it but it was so hard granted that I got it for free. I would sit at my desk telling myself not to take their lunch then HR would send me an email with the current days menu in all its barbi-fried goodness [drools] and the only thing stopping me from slobbing one down is just for me to pick up the phone and let the canteen know what I want. They make it so easy that I don't even have to get up, it would get dropped off at my desk.

Well not anymore, I am playing starvin' Marvin up at my new location. They have no canteen and I am not willing to walk/drive anywhere to get food. That is one of the few things I miss from working in New Kingston, if I didn't want to stay couped up in the office I could walk over to one of the many restaurants on the hip strip. I'm not a big fan of fast food so my choices were limited but at least there were options. It's still early but I think it has started to affect me at home too, on Saturday I only had 1 meal for the day.. A bowl of oats at 1pm in the afternoon and I wasn't hungry or anything the rest of the day. I had 1 meal on Sunday too but that was Terra Nova, 80+ item buffet[I had 5 plates], so I guess that doesn't count lol.

I must say I am loving the 5 minute commute to/from work now.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

the days have been long..

but the worst is now over. Yup we moved office last weekend and the contents of the data center that I used to work in downtown is now uptown. The move was hardly smooth though despite the many months of planning. I was supposed to go to the new location on Sunday morning at 6am and do the cleanup work of bringing up any troublesome systems after the move. Much to my horror by that time[after 9 hours] only a fraction of the move had been completed.

There was problem after problem which resulted in me working from 6am Sunday straight through to 2pm on Monday. I could have only dreamt that after the 32hour shift it was over but there was a lot of work still left to be done so I went home and got a 4 hours sleep only to return to work at 8pm that night and work straight back to 5am Tuesday morning.

Needless to say that when I reached home on Tuesday Morning I put my phone on vibrate, threw it somewhere and slept like I've never slept before lol. I woke up ate something at lunch time and went back to sleep. The next time I woke up was dinner time so I went to dinner with some colleagues at the Liguanea Club. That place is pretty posh.. I need to start earning 4x my current income so I can afford to become a member :(

The rest of the work week flew right by me and I returned back to my office downtown today for the first time since the move. Oddly enough I saw my boss and the other guy in my department down there as well, I guess we have problems giving up such a nice large secluded office environment. It should be interesting to see how much longer they will run the AC for to cool 10,000+ sqr feet just for 3 people.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

from the origins to the end

So she called me at 1:30am and asked if she could sleep over, it had been over a year since I've last seen/spoken to her. Seeing that I was fast asleep, dazed and confused I said sure without giving it much thought. It only took her a minute to drive over so I went outside let her in and went back to bed, the only light on in the house was a candle to repel mosquitoes(yeah I'm a bad host). She stood by my room door and asked if I wasn't going to give her a tour.. I had forgotten this was the first time she was coming to this place.

After the tour I went back to bed assuming she would find something to do with herself or sleep too but she said she was wide awake and seemed like she wanted to talk. She took off her skirt and snuggled up right beside me leaving a large empty space on the other side of the bed and about 1foot of space for me to sleep, yep we were back to square one like it was 2005 and I just met her again. It will be sad if we have to talk about why she and I would never work out again.

She behaved herself and only asked a few questions about what I had been up before allowing me to sleep after I explained to her I had prior obligations at 6:30am. Of course by the time she left me alone I was wide awake and she dozed off leaving me trying to wrap my mind around what was going on. I was proud of myself, a hot woman in a g-string was laying on my chest and I had no desire to do anything with her(self control: tick). Knowing her that probably got her juices flowing even more but she probably knows I will never go down that road again.

I would love if we could be friends again, she was very fun to hang out with but I don't think she is willing to settle for that alone. She said she disappeared for so long because she can't control her feelings around me, sounds like a hot steaming pile of bs to me but I guess there may be some truth to it. I will always remember how she took me under her wing and ensured I lived a pampered life when I first moved out on my own at 22... thanks Original!

How random.

On an off topic of random things, last month I noticed someone new, Clivia, linked to me(thanks) and put me in a new section by myself labeled "Male Bloggers - Men that write ..how SEXY". I have since been trying to figure out if that's a good or bad thing. Everything on her site is carnival or Trini related then there is me. go figure.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

How annoying..

How is it possible that a crew of three workers take more than two weeks to paint my place? I wish my apartment was that big that it justified them taking so long but given the same amount of time, a paintbrush and a few gallons of paint, I would have single handedly finished the job already. Anyway they have finished with inside which is no longer boring white(thank you) but a "Almond blossom" according to the paint can or light yellow according to a straight man. I notice they have painted over the black wooden decorative finishes on the outside walls of the ghetto penthouse with this same color and have uglified the place imho.

Now almost every day I come home I see them tinkering about the place painting something, I'm sure nobody likes to come home and be haunted by the smell of oil paint. Anyway at some point in time I bought a bottle of febreze... whats the deal with it? I feel totally tricked by the commercials that got the best of my curiosity. Well at least if the paint smell starts sticking to my curtains or other stuff hopefully it will sort it out.

School has started back and the long lines of traffic picked up right where they left off. I was enjoying the past few weeks of cruising to work and back home in a few minutes, this will no longer be possible until summer or something else changes. Those changes specifically being me changing offices, yup I am finally leaving downtown and moving on up to.. uptown. On the topic of annoying I sat in 50+ meetings while planning this move which has been in the making for over 12 months now. I'm just glad I didn't have to chair any of those meetings. I am however looking forward to after the move, this other location shrinks my daily commute time to 10 mins to and from work in peak traffic :D. For y'all who like pictures these are some I found on my pc that I snapped from out of the windows of my soon to be x-office. My ode to downtown:

A view of Kingston and Lime Cay.

Kingston public hospital and the post central sorting office, I think all mail passes through here.

My old alma mater, STGC and the Holy Trinity Cathedral.

Sabina Park.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

'08, now what?

Everybody seems to like to make new year resolutions(which always get broken a few weeks into the year). I am not one of those people. Every now and then I might think of a simple one for myself and try to stick to it. Last year was one such year and the resolution was to keep my two plants on the windowsill alive and healthy. All that really meant was that I needed to water them regularly and maybe re-pot them but I managed to fail as they are mostly dead now. I guess my thumb is brown.

I have made a new resolution for this year, to spend more money... kind of contrary to a few people's goal of saving more but I think I have the saving down pat. Lets see me mess this one up.