Thursday, March 27, 2008

UWI Carnival '08.. the day everybody got a ride edition

Well as promised in my last post here are the additional photos. It was a daunting task to pick out some other photos to make a new post as I had hundreds to choose from. I scanned through em, re sized a few and I now present you with the uwival "everybody got a ride" edition. I wouldn't even go as far as saying you needed to be an able body man to get some action that day, tree stumps, street signs, security guards, girls and garbage bins had to endure the pelting of all the gyrating girls pelvises. I am sure these girls here made this mounted campus security day pushing him into blogger history.

The road march was pretty tame in comparison to the judging of the bands. I saw a large circle form on the lawn in front of the library and apparently all the bands where being judged for their energy(read ability to juke and get down on the grass). As soon as I got wind of these activities I went over to view the leggo beasts.

Get down they did. Now I would like to believe that I am not a prude but how does one factor in rolling around in a dust bowl, laying on her side with her legs open and a guy thrusting from behind in their soca dance routine?
I'm sure things got more interesting as day turned to night but I didn't stick around to find out, I had to finish up some work I started earlier in the day.. yah somebody has to do it. So I left as the trucks turned off the ring road and went on to the students union for the big fete.

Oh the irony.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

UWI Carnival 2008

Based on the response I got last year with my UWI/UTECH carnival post I had to go back again this year and bring it back to the blog. This time I actually stayed until they made an entire loop around the ring road and came back with so many pictures so lets just start off with some in no particular order.

Free jimmy hats.. free alcohol? wet scantily clad girls? who could stay away?

From the disabled man(who was there last year also) to the paparazzi to the curious onlookers the place was teaming with people. What was disturbing and funny at the same time was a bunch of young boys(~10 years old) that would spot girls dancing by themselves and gyrate their way into position behind them only to be pushed away by the much older college girls upon detection. One such boy can be spotted in that first pic with the disabled guy.

Can you tell that yellow is my fav color? it just brings out the best in people :p [drools]

Lets just hope that he got shot in his crotch.

It's official, this post has reached photo critical mass and the debauchery is still yet to come.. I guess I'll post the rest later.

Monday, March 17, 2008

a time to kick back

For the past 7 weeks there has been one person missing from my dept. at work so I have been picking up a lot of slack but it is now my turn to shed my burden and drop it on their shoulders. I spent some time last Friday transferring knowledge to the rest of the dept. and now I am off for this week :D. What are my plans? maybe do some spring cleaning, some shopping* but my main goal is to relax and do absolutely nothing.

Not only did I have work to deal with my parents decided I needed more to do. They were re-shingling their roof before the rain season and them being 2 old retired folk decided that I needed to make the time to inspect the progress of the work as they couldn't climb up on the roof. So I had to drive up to the sticks with my camera in my work clothes in the middle of the work day and scramble up on their roof to take pictures for them. I wouldn't mind as much if they lived close but they lived on the other side of town and beyond. To demonstrate how beyond they live look at the view from their roof below, yes, that is a cloud at the same level I am at.

If that little hill on the other side of the valley wasn't there that view would be priceless but we all can't have a nice view. This picture on the left is what I see when I look out of my bathroom window at my apartment. Those houses are in Jacks hill.. not a bad place to live if you can weather Jamaica's version of fire season. After months of no rain it seems like a yearly occurrence now for them to have massive fires on those hill sides.

* As I was leaving work on Friday they gave me a gift certificate to show their appreciation for all the work I have been doing.. lol. It lists 10+ places I can redeem it at such as jewellery, computer, furniture, clothes, music, hardware stores, hotels and some supermarkets. The value isn't that much to make me say wow but at the same time it's large enough not to ignore. I guess I will pop by some stores this week to see what I can buy.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Louzy Bay

It had been way too long since I've been to the beach so when noodle said she would treat me to a day at the beach for my birthday I was more than happy and suggested Louzy Bay. Who knew such a place existed? I saw it from far a few times but didn't know how to reach it or if it was open to the public.

After a parking on the road and a short trek through some bushes I started to doubt my beach of choice. The beach was scattered with bits and pieces of beached drift wood, plastic bottles and was very lonely. There was nobody there to provide assistance if anything were to go down like drowning, robbery, injury or any other unfortunate incidents.. we were the only ones on the beach.

Being the only people on the beach also has its advantages as well. Once again I abolished the phrase "Where the sun don't shine" as I deemed the place suitable to make my own nude beach while keeping my fingers crossed that the people in the far distance weren't getting a free peep show. Lime Cay move over, this is now my new fav beach that isn't dreadfully far from town. If someone would only rake the place it would be perfect :p. I also need to add a beach umbrella to my beach bum tool kit although I'm not sure how it would survive out there in the fierce gusty winds that battered us the on the sands.