Monday, January 26, 2009

BIM contd.

It is official, I love Barbados. The photo on the left there is a piece of their parliament building in the capital Bridgetown. Things seem to just work in Barbados, the people are patient on the road[damned Jamaican traffic and road rage], they don't litter and they are a generally disciplined set of people. Discipline goes a far way, it pains me to see how people in Jamaica disregard it and are slowly destroying themselves. Tourists walked the streets[all hours of the night] without someone tagging them trying to sell them stuff, I watched the news and there was no murders. The general mood was just laid back. I have been to many countries in the Caribbean but this was the first to have left such a good impression on me.

One thing to note was the food and its abundance. All the towns I went to had hundreds of food places scattered everywhere, the options and variety were endless. I passed to many Cefettes not to try them so one day I passed by to see what all the hype was. Am I missing something? their food was horrible, why is it so popular? blacklisted, do not go there. Also another question, do you see what is on the catch of the day menu in that first picture above? Can someone tell me why they are catching flipper and his friends and grilling them up? I wasn't brave enough to try that dish.. my conscience probably wouldn't let me sleep after that.

The photos above are from Broad St. and the waterfront in Bridgetown. I totally tourist out that trip to Bridgetown snapping pics every chance I got, it was a shame I got there as the sun was going down and didn't have much time to linger as I had to bus it back to the hotel to get ready to go out later that night. Bridgetown seems like it would be fun after dark but then we passed by Oistens and the gap later on that night and there it was the place to be. I couldn't stay though I had an early flight out in the morning.

I need to find myself back there in the near future. Barbados was pretty expensive.. but fun. I am definitely more relaxed from 'working' a bit in Barbados, hopefully it won't wear off soon as I am slapped back to the harsh reality here at home.

To the left is Grantly Adams international airport which is pretty good for such a small island. lol I have been in airports before that consisted of a single small room with everything in it, baggage claim, customs, immigration and departure but I shall not name the country.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My first birthday in Barbados

The water looks so nice eh? It's a shame I haven't even stuck my toe in yet and I've been here for the past couple of days. I did make the effort to get back to the hotel early today and with the last few rays of sunlight hitting my face I threw myself into the Atlantic ocean. There are gorgeous beaches everywhere, you can't escape them, there was no way I was coming back to Jamaica without trying one out. Anyway I'll be here for a couple more days hopefully I can squeeze something more into my busy schedule.

So yesterday I did something I promised myself I would never do again in Jamaica, I went to TGIF to celebrate my birthday. After going to TGIF for my and a lot of my friends birthdays I decided to strike any such future endeavors from my datebook but the girls from the office over here decided that they were going to do TGIF and it was going to be my birthday today. *sigh* I went ahead and got my ice cream and a bunch of random people singing happy birthday to me. So I can now say I came to Barbados and celebrated my birthday and I have the photos to prove it! lol those pics aren't going to see the light of day though :p

A bit off topic but I don't think I would put this up in a post by itself but it's worth mentioning somewhere. So we all know they accepted my bid for the last condo I went to look at, that was step 1. Many steps and weeks later I signed the sales agreement just before I left the island and my bank should have sent the 15% deposit to my attorney yesterday. Also my mortgage company called me yesterday to tell me the process is complete and I can collect the documentation to have the sale proceed. yup.. I'm on the final leg to being a home owner. I can't wait to get back so I can wrap up business.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The final nail in the coffin

Day two 2009.

She calls me to wake me up at 6am so she can come by and pick me up so we can go walking up the hill I hate so much, mountain spring. This was the first time I was seeing or talking to her since I found out that the other girl that she wasn't too fond of was preggers for me. How to break it to her? I had about 30minutes of hill climbing ahead of me to try and figure it out, nada. On the way back down I wrecked my brain trying to figure out how to slip it in the conversation and luckily for me close to the bottom a guy was walking up carrying a little baby. This was the sign I was not looking for so I just lifted the hammer and started putting in the nails

me: I called back xyz yesterday.
her: of course you did, what did she want?
me: she was calling to let me know she was pregnant.
her: for who?
me: me
her: *jaw drops open and she walks off in silence*

I picked a good time(if any ever existed), we were almost back to her car. Now for the awkward silence as I drove us back to my house. I normally leave upset girls to sort out their feelings so I didn't try to say anything her after she walked off but on the 4 minute ride back home I peeped over at her and noticed she was busy deleting every trace of me from her mobile phone. Yup I could have seen this coming from a mile away, anyway she confirmed my suspicions that this will be our last encounter when she patted me on the shoulder and said 'good luck' before driving off without hesitation.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

The magic word

Day one 2009.

I came home this morning around 1am with a friend, it was the first time she was staying over. She cuddled up to me in bed pretty quickly and we were off to sleep. In the morning we went to her church to start the year off right, it was my first time back in a roman catholic church since prep school.

While she was at my place she was all over me. 2009 was going well so far, a potential girlfriend in my lap telling me all the dirty things she wanted to do with me. What magic words could possibly stop anything happening between us? The phone rang a bit but I didn't answer. I returned the calls after she left and heard the last thing I expected "I'm pregnant".

She forgot her heels when she left, I should see her tomorrow. How do I tell her?