Monday, October 16, 2006

Week 42, definetly business as usual

It would be a shame for me not to post today. In keeping with the trend of the last few public holidays, the rest of Jamaica is at play and I spent my day at home due to standby duty for work. The day mostly went well, I woke up at about 8am, watched tv for a bit then made myself some cottage cheese topped pancakes(new recipe, it worked out well). After that I decided that the cupboards below my sink were the war on vermin took place many weeks ago was to nasty to continue ignoring so I cleaned it out then trimmed some of the plants which lined the driveway as they have been brushing against my car as I drive by and I noticed the gardner was ignoring them. Quite a productive morning I must say, If I had more free time I would re-position a security light I installed over the area I park my car for better coverage but I guess that will have to stay until another day.

Afternoon came quickly and at about 1:30pm I decided to watch Tom yum goong which I've had for some time but didn't have the time to watch it. I was warned about this movie, the movie can be summed up in one line: some people steal an elephant and the owner fights to get it back. I don't mind watching these kung foo type movies as they usually have some noble inspiration pushing the plot. Anyway I got my first standby call a few minutes before the movie ended, this lady was calling about her process that was failing on my system. I pointed out the problem to her three weeks ago the last time I was working on her side of town and I had to remind her that this problem was already identified. The real problem is that her process is trying to write to an area that has 120,000 files in it already and the system pretty much has reached its limit and three weeks ago I asked her to clean it out as there were too many files in there but of course no action was taken and now I am being called on my public holiday to solve this problem that is now urgent as my company can now not process the files which it uses to bill the customers.

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