Tuesday, April 22, 2008

So good, it has to be fattening

So it's not really a secret but I am a little ashamed of it.. but it is so good!

Anybody that knows me knows I absolutely love The Hills which stemmed from my love for Laguna Beach which I stopped watching when they reached season 3, we all know it's the original cast that made that show. Anyway I will admit that it is kind of odd that a grown, straight, man would have any interest in these shows but I am hooked.. The Hills is the only show I actually make the time to sit down and watch during the week, if it was any other show it could pass me and I wouldn't care. For y'all who missed out MTV hosts all episodes online.

I guess I should explain the picture. I have always wanted to make one of my pics into a panel comic scene(does this count as a secret?) but seeing it took me for ever to figure out how to add the pop up caption in GIMP I think I will give up on photo editing.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Taking the php plunge

I have decided that I will start developing a web site. This will be a non-profit venture, just a small project to keep me abreast with the changing technologies. The main problem is that I have no idea what to make the site about though I have narrowed it down to the following specifications:

  • Targets the local scene. (Jamaica)
  • User content driven.(I don't want to be the one entering all the data)
  • dynamic content to stimulate return visits.
  • Low maintenance and operate relatively unmoderated.
  • should be simple and easy to implement.(hey.. this is just a hobby)
Anybody wants to throw an idea out there for me to do? Everything has been done already and has been done pretty well too, no need to re-invent the wheel.

I have been looking at cheap hosting packages and realize that PHP has really taken off *sigh*. Perl is really my language of choice after doing these set of tutorials way back in 2001 but to find hosting with the requisite perl web application framework would put a hurting on my pocket for this non-profit project. So as the title says I am going to take the php plunge and do some php tutorials to get my programming ability up to scratch(after 5 years) to build a site. It shouldn't be that hard, the first CGI-bin I wrote was in C before I learned perl. So it's more tutorials for now, I have found this site that looks chock full of information.

At the end of this I should be able to put ajax, dhtml, pgsql, php, json and javascript on the end of my resume. Even my blogspot page is reaping some of the benefits of this new found information, one might notice I added a widget that shows 5 random pictures from my blog. If you cant find it I even wrote this* little script to whisk you to the right location on the page.

*only tested in firefox so may be broken elsewhere.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I have seen the light!

and it was panty dropping sexy.

When wingman came back from navigating the seas in January he saw the end result of the renovations[read new layer of paint] the landlady did in previous months and deemed the place to be so sexy that "when the girls see the place dem pantie must fly now". I don't know what kind of girls he talks to but he needs to introduce me to some if a freshly painted place gets them to drop draws. lol on second thought maybe not.. disease free life is all that is cracked up to be. It's sad that he's going back to sea again soon, his view on things are hilariously warped.

Anyway on to the matter at hand, last week I went to view a row house that was drop dead sexy. It is being auctioned by the state because the owner** passed on and didn't leave a will. Now this man left behind a mostly finished 3 bedroom townhouse in the Long Mountain country club community that had an uninhibited view of the entire Liguanea plains. Now I say mostly finished because the deck in the backyard isn't complete, it needs some security grills on the doors/windows and most importantly it has water damage from a leaky roof. Being mindful of what repairs would I need to make I am sure what I can afford to bid will be lacking but it doesn't hurt to try.

** what was interesting was that my parents pointed out to me they sold their first townhouse to this man about 20 years ago. I never lived there but I remember following them to the place a few times while they were wrapping up the negotiations to get it sold. I wonder if I ever met the deceased man. It's a sign that this new place is in my destiny! lol wishful thinking.

On the matter of wishful thinking I was at my mechanic today and saw this car[+10 years] being serviced.

Yeah I know SUVs suck but I've found myself lately eyeing small TDIs. So the amended list of things I want but cant afford is:
  1. Range Rover Sport Land Rover Defender 90 SVX
  2. Townhouse from last week.
Care to spare some change?

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

3/4 left to go

Well it's spring now (not that Jamaica has seasons) and the first quarter of the year has flew past me. So whats new?

  • Much to my shock(and horror) my company moved my dept. back to I.T. *sigh* It also looks like they are trying to dump a whole lot of extra work in our laps too. The company has gone through some organizational restructuring and many heads have rolled. I got a call from a guy today who was employed with the company for 15 years asking me for advice in moving his career into my field. That will probably be me in a few years time when I get placed on the chopping block but until then I shall stay on milking this corporate cow.
  • Another one bites the dust, crashplus looks like its about to be wound up and liquidated to see if it can meet it's liabilities. lol good luck with that. I do not feel sorry for those who ignore all logic and put $1 in a black hole expecting to pull out $2.
    Tip-of-the-day: don't put money into anything that has more liabilities than assets.
  • Thanks to google my blog, throughout its lifetime, has been discovered(not that it was hidden) by several friends and of course subsequent phone calls/emails followed. They mostly say it was my profile picture that that gave away the owners true identity so to avoid passers by from quickly identifying me I have replaced my face with my foot. Now any friends in the future that want to pass by and "discover" me will now have to actually stop and read the blog.
  • So I noticed my past few blog posts had been picked up by people and passed around via email and was even posted to a facebook group.. *pops collar* I wonder what they are saying in the emails.. any lurkers out there care to share? What was entertaining is that a young lady on facebook pointed out that my blogger profile stated that I had "none" for my favorite books and she was turned off. I racked my brain and updated my profile, go check it out.. maybe now I can get me a girl!
  • RE: new years resolutions.. I think inflation pretty much dealt with that.. did it hit 18% last year? other than that I guess nothing has changed, maybe the haters where right. I'll have to check and get back on this one.
I actually woke up and jogged this morning! great way to start Q2 `08. How are things with you?