Sunday, October 29, 2006

been busy being a bum.. week 43

Where to start? I got last week off from work and spent it doing mostly nothing. I borrowed my fathers camera to capture the events of my vacation but there wasn't much to capture. I miss having my digital camera, I think I will replace my stolen camera in 3 months time. Anyway this first picture here was taken at the picnic I have been waiting for the past 6 months or so, its a shame I couldn't get to take the one person I originally propositioned a picnic to this year.
The past week of idleness also included going to the beach. The place was essentially empty so my party, fueled by coffee rum cream, had a ball skinny dipping in the warm clear waters on that sunny weekday morning, a first for me :-).
The week wasn't completely a waste though, I got a few things out of the way such as going to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned. I haven't been to the dentist in a while, the dentist made sure to point out the fact that the last time I came was over 9 years ago. He asked why I stopped coming but I was too ashamed to tell him that my mother stopped carrying me there and left me for the wolves. This was part of my parents ingenious parenting plan of not doing anything and letting a kid sink or swim in the deep end but I came out victorious as the dentist proudly told me everything was a-okay and I didn't have any cavities. There are a few other things I should have done while I was off from work but time didn't permit or I was too busy being relaxed.
During my time off I made extra effort to not walk with my phone, it spent most of the week tucked away in some corner of my appartment. I am normally bound to my cell during working hours and from 5pm to 8am during the weeks I work standby duty. This annoys me immensly as I hate cellphones and am not generally a phone person but is forced to answer due to work responsibilities. I have noticed this seems to be the trend for people in the IT dept. at my workplace, only they take it a step further not to answer the work related calls either. One has better chances winning at a game of craps than trying to get me on my mobile phone if its not a work related call. This pisses off my friends and family as I am hard to reach most times but hopefully they understand. I gave the first cell phone I had to my mother, loaded with credit because I didn't use it much, and of course my girlfriend at the time was pissed off as she could never reach me when she wanted to. Its funny seeing that I feel this way and I work for a phone company that foots my phone bills, I guess I save my company money.

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nice pic - ok so i see why the girls are raping the brotha