Friday, June 30, 2006

Update: crush

Remember the girl from the #1 crush post I made a few weeks ago? Well.. I was at home yesterday and my friend saw her in his lab so I rushed to school to go talk to her. If you recall the last time I was mortally afraid of talking to her right? What happened? Where did this instant growth of balls come from?
This was something I had to do now as my friend is leaving his job today and I have no reason to go up there anymore so I would probably never see her again.. ever. With this in mind I went up there with a mission and I left with her number :) The next mission now is to phase out her current boyfriend and phase myself in. It seems like a long hard road ahead but at least I have a running start now.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Pulse CFW 2k6: The lost pictures edition

I found the pictures.. Apparently I didn't copy them off my camera before I lent it away for the past couple of weeks, and much to my surprise I got back the camera with most of the pictures still on it. Anyway here are the pics:
who else would show y'all what goes on other than on the catwalk but me?

The good the bad the ugly.. I would have shown y'all some pictures from backstage but I got booted before I could snap any >:-( due to the fact that someone was stealing the models things when they weren't around..
Does this look like the face of a cellphone thief? Ignore the fact that I may be stuffing my face with their food and drinking their drinks, it was given to me.. I am 99% legit

Friday, June 16, 2006

Adrian will cook for you no more!

I bought some ground beef last weekend so I could try my hand at home made burgers.. So before I went to work yesterday I seasoned the meat at put it back in the fridge. A friend came over after work and asked what's for dinner and when I showed her the seasoned meat, she refused to have any as she knew it was my first time making burgers and thought I didn't season it properly, this was the start. She complained all throughout the cooking process up to the end after I put it together in the bun with the dressing and she refused to eat it. So while I was eating it I guess she got curious about it and I gave her a bite and of course she loved it and begged me to make one for her too.

Now I am realizing this is not an isolated incident.. other times people have even had the audacity to grab the pot from me in a big heated argument over my cooking/food preparation abilities and only after I run them out of my kitchen to cook in peace and give them the food later they apologize for doubting my skills. So as not to deal with that stress we shall not be cooking anything new for anybody in the future.. sorry world

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Pulse Caribbean Fashion Week 2k6

I am not sure how I managed to do this but I lost all the pictures I took of CFW last weekend, if they ever pop up on my PC I will post them. So since they are gone I decided just to post a picture from a smaller show I went to earlier this year. The girl in the green dress is my x's friend Sara, we like her.. she is a cutie.

Anyway back to CFW, I am not really a big fan of fashion but I knew some people in the show and I could get in free so why not go? Somehow they got caribbean fashion week to fit in three days, after the second day I had enough. I got to go backstage and eat the model's food and drinks too :)

One of the highlights of the show were the fraskrew's booth girls, I am sure I spent more time looking/drooling over these girls than looking at the people on the catwalk. Shifty also debut his 'Timeless' clothing line on Saturday.. it flop

Thursday, June 08, 2006

#1 crush

I went up to the university to sell my friend something yesterday and while I was there talking to him in his office this girl walks into the lab he admins and starts using one of the computers... I need this girl! she is the hottest thing in the world... well maybe to me only as most of my friends think she is ugly and tease me about her. Hey, ugly girls need love too :-)
I really wanted to go over and talk to her but after assessing the situation I realized that I needed to get rid of the slight trembling in my hands/legs and voice that started when she came in the room *sigh*, yes, this girl is my kryptonite.. I am sure she can turn superman into mush like she does me. Maybe if I ever see her again I will summon enough courage to go talk to her.

On the off topic though, I saw a grown ass woman pop a squat and take a piss on the road when I was going to work this morning. Clearly she didn't get the memo stating the sidewalks of downtown Kingston is a male only bathroom. Its the first time I have seen a grown female take a tinkle on the road, I hope this trend dies quickly.