Saturday, November 25, 2006

No means no

I was minding my own business last night when a lady from work who likes me(lets call her fan) called, keep in mind fan is 6 years older than me and has a child. Anyway she asked if she could pass by after work just to pass some time before going home, an innocent request, so I gave her directions to my apartment.

She came over and everything was going fine, I was just lying down on my futon trying to watch CNBC ignoring her, wishing my phone would ring and she was all over me smelling me, rubbing me down, trying to take off my shirt. I must admit I did smell good as I had just bathed before she called, maybe if I was stinky I could have avoided all of this. Anyway as these things normally progress she tried to kiss me, this is a big no-no, and I moved out of her path so she missed heh. I am used to having people all over me but I reserve my mouth for my girlfriend or some other special girl. So after she attempted to kiss me two more times and was rejected I explained to her she didn't fit the criteria mentioned above and that I didn't dip my pen in company ink.

She was understandably embarrassed and asked to leave so I went for my keys to let her out, I was in the clear (or so I thought). Personally if a girl did that to me I would be gone but fan stopped at the door and asked for a goodbye hug, another innocent request. After I gave her this hug she decided she wasn't leaving and now she was going to spend the night :-/ I thought she was joking so I said sure but you will have to call your son's babysitter and tell her you wont be coming home tonight. Much to my amazement she called my bluff and called the babysitter instructing her to spend the night. At this point I couldn't tell her I was joking and she needs to leave, so I pointed out a flaw in her plan, she didn't have any clothes or anything to spend the night, big mistake.

The only thing I could ask her to do is promise she would behave herself when she was here, she agreed. She then asked me for a shirt to sleep in and followed me to my bedroom to get it. I gave her a white t-shirt, I don't know why coz she just took off her clothes and was walking around in her underwear after that. She followed me around my apartment as I prepared for sleep and the next time I looked at her she was completely naked. I explained to her again that I don't do girls from my company(may be a lie but shes not getting any from me) but she kept pawing at me. She saw I had 2 condoms in my draw from when I gave her the shirt to sleep in and she went for them and put it in my hand. I figured that if she didn't have any protection she would give up, so as quick as she placed the condoms in my hand I threw them behind the bed head, brilliant! I was laughing at her as she tried to move my heavy bed with me on it to try and get behind the bed head for it, I also explained to her that even if she got it out I would throw them out the window or flush them. This did not deter her at all, one would think that some pride would kick in and she would get the point or something, no such luck for me.

She pretended to give up and kept herself quiet on the bed for some time so I went to sleep. It wasn't long before I was awoken by her hands down my boxers stroking me, I took out her hand but she was giving me a fight. She tried to put my hand in her areas which I deem naughty I wasn't having it, you can bring the horse to the water but you can't force him to feel you up :-p. She was grinding herself on me, I didn't mind this much as my privates were secured under my layers of clothes. The rocking motion of her humping me was actually putting me to sleep until I noticed her starting to shake.. she had an orgasm.

For a brief moment there I thought the worst was over but that just fueled her for more, at this point in time fan was trying to get in my pants and sucking on my neck/chest/ears/stomach/anything exposed while trying to force her hand down my boxers. She was also trying to hold my hands down to stop me from stopping her and she was getting more forceful by the minute. In her hormone enraged state she managed to pin me down, a 6'2" fairly muscular man was almost going to get my goods. I opted to throw myself, she and whatever else off the bed to stop this. This only got me some time to re secure myself and she tried to mount me on the floor too.

It must have been the cold floor but my pleas for her to not rape me actually got through to her and she agreed to leave me alone. She realized what she was doing and how wrong she had been and started to apologize. I went back on the bed and back to sleep, she kept to herself for the rest of the night. The sad thing is that this type of thing doesn't disturb me much as I have experienced it a few times before from other girls, a girl that I do not like much and don't know that well can not show up at my house and expect to get some just like that, I don't roll them ways there.

To top things off when she was leaving in the morning she said she didn't think that I would have been that strong to resist her and it wasn't rape because she didn't try to cut off my clothes and hold me down with a knife. wtf?! time to dust off my weights and lock up the knives.


Yatta said...

Some people JUST can't understand NO!!!
Hush yah my yute.

Dr. D. said...

Dis girl nuh easy!

Adrian said...

The raper girl also had the audacity to come and talk to me at the office later like nothing happened..

I told my co-worker's daughter the whole story and we spent about an hour laughing at fan's desperation for cocky one day. The seed has been planted, coz I know she will probably tell her mother then her mother will tell her friend at the office and then they will know exactly what kind of rapist fan is. [evil_laugh]

gela said...

Have two comments.

Are women that desperate these days?

Gosh you are a 'strong' man. I don't know a lot of men who wouldn't have just let her have her way.

Adrian said...

Gela, look at it this way..

A man wants some from you but you dont want to give. If he kept trying to take from you would you just let him have his way with you? Exactly!

Teenage Perfectionist said...

Wow, I dont know how I didnt come across this earlier. I feel bad for her though. Maybe she just really liked you. Oh well, I guess she was a little too desperate.

owen said...


Tenneth said...

i am with the NO means NO stand, if a guy turns down sex from you, that means him definately no want you....guys dont often times say no to sex, no matter how ugly or nasty the girl looks.
thumbs up to you....BOSS

tammy said...

damn girl mek woman look like some friggin eedyat - wtf is wrong with that chicks? Can I have your number?

-- i'm kidding?? really? I am???