Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Fashion block 2007 continued..

I see London, I see France, I see model underpants!

Well I didn't have to look far as shortly after Motorola decided to show their RIZR and KRAZR using two girls wearing paint and g-strings. That was a bad marketing campaign as if I didn't hear the announcement before I wouldn't have any idea what those girls were carrying my eyes were too busy trying to unpaint their body. The guy in the photo was one of the artists that painted their bodies.
This was not new to me though, the last show I went to Motorola dressed the girls in some scantily clad outfits. One thing that I will forever remember was when the girl was just walking down the runway, dipped her hand deep down in her bikini bottom and out popped a flip phone(probably set on vibrate lol) opened it and showed the crowd. Really now Motorola, I'm sure you can do better than that.. tsk tsk.

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Ok.. whats wrong with this girl? I like slim just as much as any man but this girl needs to eat some food. I love all the girls but damn! I have to make an exception to that rule. The bad lighting, bad angle, bad pose and horrible swimsuit doesn't help much either but there is still the underlying root cause problem of this girl being skin and bones that just stews everything together in one big dutchpot of uhgleeee

Let me be the first to feature the actual designers.. some of them didn't even walk down the full length of the runway, they just peeped out, waved and was gone in a split second. Now I may not be fashionable or trendy but I am pretty sure many guys will agree with me that the underarm hair on girls is not cool. I guess she was just the cooky designer of the bunch.. there is always one around at these shows, she ain't so bad though compared to others I've seen.

Monday, May 28, 2007

CarpeDM's runway debut

Yesterday I picked up the Sunday Gleaner and saw them do an article on Saint International's Style Week fashion show on Thursday and saw them mention a new clothing line, CarpeDM, my friend is working on getting off the ground. The big finale of Style Week is Fashion Block where they block off Knustford Blvd. and build a runway right smack in the middle of the road. I decided to go to support my friend and it is a free event so no harm done. This first picture is where I wanted to be the press booth, I had to stand off to the sidelines in the nosebleed section with people's big heads blocking my shots. Well the meat of the matter, the pics below are of CarpeDM's spring/summer clothing line. I'm not sure if that first guy there realizes he's supposed to be modelling the shirt or what.. the ladies had fun with that one.

I got lots more photos from fashion block, I'll post some of my favorites later.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Labour Day.

It's actually a public holiday today and I'm not on standby duty! I didn't do anything with this opportunity but its nice to know I had the option to leave town and do something other than the usual wait for emergency calls. I'm not sure what other people do on Labour day but I stayed in and did some spring cleaning... just in time for summer :D

I have pack rat tendencies and love to keep any and everything I get. As a result I tend to have box loads of things build up about my apartment, this was all consolidated and I forced myself to throw out a large box load of goodies I deemed unnecessary :(. After all the cleaning was finished and I took a shower I passed out dead from the world.

The world found it fit to let an angry girl call to disturb my sleep only to hang up on me 10 seconds later. Of course this got my blood flowing and further attempts to drop back to sleep were futile so I decided to drop by my post office to check my mail and pass by my landlord to pay my rent.
The post office was empty as usual, I got my favorite parking spot. Who says bloggers are narcissistic?

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Last week..

Last week was a bit busy for me.. lets look at the highlights

Monday morning I decided to work at office #2 and upon pulling up in front of the building at 8:30am I got a call from my boss saying there will be nobody at office #1 so that's were I should be, I just made a u-turn and drove down to the other office to please the bigger heads. Upon settling in at the other office I brought up the JSE stock ticker and saw a stock I've been eyeballing take a big plunge due to poor quarterly results just published, I grabbed my check book and ran off to the stock brokers to buy buy buy lol. Now on my drive back to the office some police stopped me because I didn't come to a complete stop at a stop sign. He said he was going to write me up a $4000.00 ticket and give me 6 points, I didn't argue.. the sign didn't say slow, it said stop so I am guilty and was willing to face the consequences.

As usual this cop didn't start writing the ticket, he had money on his mind but I was to busy to notice cause I was some what floating on a high from my recent investment and just wanted to reach back to my office before all hell breaks loose. So he went on jibber jabbering and eventually I heard "OK I will let you off with a warning" and gave me back my license and papers. Normally at this point in time I just grab them and go, the last time I walked off while the cop was still trying to imply I give him something for his pardon but this time this cop was bold. I guess the blackberry on my hip, the treo in my hand and the checkbook on my front seat fooled him but he asked for money as I was walking back to the car?? Today was his lucky day.. I was in a very good mood lol so I took out my wallet and gave him $100 lol I'm not sure what that can buy but it's a lot better than the alternative of me reporting him.

My company moved my section out of I.T. into some managed services division a few months ago, it was just a paper change as my job function would remain the same for the most part or so I thought. Before I was a enterprise server admin focusing on Unix, vms and supporting data centre infrastructure, now apparently we will also be responsible for windows, Linux, voip services, database admin and networking. I now feel like we will be a Jack of all trades but master of none. This move isn't completely bad though as I doubt more than 5 companies out here would be able to use my current skills as an enterprise server admin so if I am looking for another job the market will be more open for me :D. Hopefully I wouldn't be on the job hunt soon, I luv my company. I was looking at my pay slip for this month and couldn't find how much I was getting paid, none of the numbers made sense until I realized I got a raise(thank you union) and they paid the bonus I mentioned before... I wasn't expecting it till next month, a nice surprise for me.

The place was empty, there wasn't much to look at and there were no hot girls as advertised but what would the lamest car show be without the lamest car? Enter Chery QQ, stage left:

This car has been creating a small stir in the Jamaican market recently, I would never buy it.. it looks so gay. I also looked up the crash test rating on it and it didn't do so well as expected, it's so tiny a bicycle man could crash into you and you'll get crushed to death.
All wasn't lost though as they had a few cars there that actually caught my eye. I am not a fan of SUVs in general but if I had money to burn then this is probably what I would be driving :D one can only dream :(

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Trust no one.

My friend sent me a link to a blog entry and I thought I would share it too. The story may be old but its new to me. It involves a crazy lady Shay, as seen below, and her 3 online friends who are apparently gay.
She got to know them over a period of 8 years and everybody was good friends and trusted each other. Things were so good that the three guys put her up in one of their places when she needed somewhere to live rent free until she could settle down properly, big mistake. She messed up the place like I have never knew was humanly possible. Note: the pics on the site are graphic so only go if you have guts of steel :p, also read his story first before looking at the pics below it makes more sense that way. Click here for full story on his blog

I used to think that if I was in any of the cities of my online friends I would go pass by them but maybe not after this story.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

mothers day much better this year

This was the sad scene from last years mother's day when I took them to brunch at Eden Gardens, the buffet was lame and the place empty(I guess everybody else knew better). This year I made sure to call earlier and get reservations for the Terra Nova brunch, IMHO they have the best buffet in Kingston.

The rest of Kingston had the same plan and the place was jam packed, unlike the sad Eden Gardens pictured above. It was so bad that I had to park on the other side of the road and they had a shuttle carry us over there, a whole 1 minute drive lol, to wait to be seated. I went all out on their buffet, I had two large plates of food, then desert, then another plate of food and to finish it off more desert. I was so stuffed by the time I reached home, I touched my stomach and for the first time my 1pac felt firm. Of course the only thing one can do in that situation is sleep so I slept until the food went somewhere else.

Friday, May 11, 2007

TUI - truth under the influence?

I was looking at the empty bottles(mainly consumed by my guests) on top of the cupboards in the kitchen and started to remember some of the good and bad times this evil liquid has brought me. The main train of thought was around the drunken confession of love. I used to have a friend that would go out get drunk and somehow used to manage to find herself back at my place at 4am in the morning. I would let her in and try to get back to sleep but she had other plans which I never really mind losing some sleep over.

A few times during these early morning booty calls in her drunken state she proclaimed her love for me, right in the heat of things. This threw me off completely at first, it wasn't something I wanted so I ignored it and handled the business at hand. She was well aware I wasn't interested in her that way so whenever I confronted her about it after, when she was sober, she was a little embarrassed and said she couldn't help how she felt and things just come out when she is high. I think she also said it to me after she smoked some weed too lol. Now this girl(when sober) claims to be fully against love, to quote her: "I doh believe in dat shit", so I never knew what to make of her and just ignored the burbs that came out of her when she was high.

The fact that she had a boyfriend made it so much easier to write off what she said under the influence also. On the flip side I remember going to a bar early one morning as things were winding down around 4:00am. I met up with some friends standing in the parking lot as I walked in, said hi and turned around to talk to some other people I knew only to turn back around to see a guy aggressively hugging some (drunk)girl who I said hi to a minute before. I was well aware this girl wasn't fond of me before but I am civil but one of her friends came over later and explained to me the guy wasn't hugging her, he was more holding her back from fighting me. There was an angel watching over that girl that night, I:

  1. was 100% sober
  2. am a man
  3. had 50lbs on her
  4. would be acting in self defence and hence had no problem beating up a drunk girl who wants to pick a fight with me because she didn't like me for no good reason. (yay woman lib and equality)
I always figured she never liked me but our common friends made us cross paths often. I just figured she was smart enough to pick fights which she could manage, its a good thing the guy held her back. How about we all stay sober until we learn how to manage our emotions under the influence?

I was drunk is the lamest of excuses.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Money efficient

One of my once close friend's birthday is this weekend, so a few weeks ago I saw her online and asked her what she was doing and what she wanted for her birthday the reply was nothing and not sure respectively. I told her to give me an idea of what she wanted(I knew it should be entertaining) and of course the next day she sent me her wish list lol.

  1. a camera
  2. a new cell phone
  3. shoes
  4. a nice hand bag
  5. DVDs
  6. 2GB jump drive
  7. a book (she said if I got the book I needed to supplement it with something else.. like item 5)
I was expecting the outcome to be funny but she out did herself, the list went to 10 but I had to cut it off there.. she even started pasted links such as what type of phone I should get. I had to point out to her that phone wouldn't even work with her current mobile provider which just goes to show her desiderative greed. I was initially going to get her a gift certificate for a day at a spa but her wish list has changed my mind and shes probably just going to get a card.

I'm not downgrading her gift cause I'm cheap money efficient, there is good logic and a background story to this chick. She lived in the lap of luxury when she was going to school spending her mother's money getting everything her little heart desired(also bankrupting her mother in the process). She finished university and got a job that didn't pay too well and her mother pulled out the teat from her mouth and life gave her one big slap out of the lap of luxury back to reality.

She couldn't go to the hair dresser every week, shop for clothes or whatever girls buy, etc.., she was broke as a joke. Being the prudential financial advisor I like to imagine myself to be I guided her throughout her hardships helping her manage her income/expenses/credit card debt and it was all good, her books were balanced and not in the negative. She eventually got a good job last year and claimed to be managing fine now that she had extra money, I stopped paying attention to her finances as she seemed to be getting by on her own with the better pay.

That was 1 year ago, she is now jobless as her 1 year contract ended Friday gone. My basic calculations of her take home salary tells me that she should have paid off her school fee(she was pursuing her MBA in finance.. the irony) and be in good financial standings over the last year, this is not the case though. Last month she called me asking for assistance in getting her DSL back up as it was disabled due to her outstanding bills. She asked me to log on to her bank account and pay the bills then contact the ISP to get the service reactivated, I obliged. Her bank's dashboard showed me a very empty savings account and two maxed out credit cards both of which had late payment fines with growing interest on the outstanding balances... wtf. I ignored and payed her bill and got the internet service reactivated and spared her the lecture on being responsible.

How is it possible that the girl dig herself into such a hole in such a short period of time? I washed my hands of her after her long distance BF came to visit her for three months and she refuses to see my points on how unhealthy there relationship is for her. She claimed she tried to break up with him 3 times in January after I spoke to her about it but he didn't accept it. He is now back in that other country probably with the other girl he lives with(just for sex and to assist him in getting citizenship according to him) over there and now she is here by herself engaged to get married to him next year... I kept my comments to myself.

In the weeks after looking at her bank accounts she called and I learned that not only did she have credit card debt but she also took out a loan and still have tuition outstanding. Not to point any fingers here but it is my assumption that her dilemma is also assisted by her bum of a fiance who is full of crackpot schemes. I am not being mean, I have never met the man, I am just repeating how I've heard her refer to him previously.

It seems I went off into a rant there for a bit.. all of the above was written on Friday, it's now Sunday and her birthday has passed lets just wrap up this post. I had to write about this because most of her list violated my gift giving policy for girls which clearly states not to buy something for a girl she can't afford herself, hence she got a birthday Hallmark card. Of course there are subclauses that allows for exceptions in cases where the girl is responsible but life deals them a bad hand and hence can get a nice expensive gift but this is not the case for my friend.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

oh no he didn't

Jamaica the land of many one people now includes one more(unwelcomed) group, homosexuals, who feel the need to brave the streets dressed as who they think they should have been born as. These incidents -> spottings -> beatings seem to be on the rise and here are some pics my friend forwarded to me from the latest beating last Friday.What can I say? kick off your heels, drop your wig, drop your hand bag and run... too late, them spot you... it wasn't hard.

This is still Jamaica, do the cross dressers really expect any other outcome? I think its wrong for the crowd to beat them and also assuming they are gay I think that's wrong too. Girls are too sexy to ignore, personally I can't understand why any guy would want to deviate and swing to the other side.
At least he could walk away from this incident. After talking to some people about this incident I have realized homosexuals have too many names depending on who your talking to and I heard quite a bit today: chi chi man, batty man, faggot, homo and bulla man (a new one I learnt today courtesy of some of my visiting Bajan coworkers)

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Early bird gets the worm

I set my alarm for the first time in at least a year to wake me up this morning at 4:30am so I could go jogging. It rang, I went to the kitchen to get some water and looked outside the window to see a full moon about to disappear.
Well almost a full moon.. I've been trying to figure out how to take pictures of the moon but I guess my camera isn't good enough to make them come out good :(. Anyway I heard the dogs up the road barking like crazy and I went around to the front window to look and I saw a 1/2 naked man and a lady walking on the main road, a car passed and they tried to flag it down, of course nobody will stop for two strangers at 4:40am.. that's begging for trouble.

I ignored the suspicious activity, got ready and hit the road. It wasn't long before I came upon a group of people(also including the two I saw earlier) standing outside this house. They asked me which direction I was coming from and if I saw a man run by. It all makes sense now, they got robbed.. cokehead style. The police pulled up shortly after and I pressed on after I heard that the man only fished out her handbag, I laughed as I walked off and told her it happened to me last year and I don't even live on the ground floor.

I jogged up to the mark I had preset in my mind and turned back, by the time I reached back the police where just about to leave and I saw the lady with her bag talking out loud. She said the guy left the bag and ran off when he figured out there was no money in there. Did this woman really kick up a storm and drag her man on to the main road before 5am over an empty, cheap, probably old, bag (which not even the cokehead wanted)?