Thursday, June 08, 2006

#1 crush

I went up to the university to sell my friend something yesterday and while I was there talking to him in his office this girl walks into the lab he admins and starts using one of the computers... I need this girl! she is the hottest thing in the world... well maybe to me only as most of my friends think she is ugly and tease me about her. Hey, ugly girls need love too :-)
I really wanted to go over and talk to her but after assessing the situation I realized that I needed to get rid of the slight trembling in my hands/legs and voice that started when she came in the room *sigh*, yes, this girl is my kryptonite.. I am sure she can turn superman into mush like she does me. Maybe if I ever see her again I will summon enough courage to go talk to her.

On the off topic though, I saw a grown ass woman pop a squat and take a piss on the road when I was going to work this morning. Clearly she didn't get the memo stating the sidewalks of downtown Kingston is a male only bathroom. Its the first time I have seen a grown female take a tinkle on the road, I hope this trend dies quickly.

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tammy said...

LOL - the world is a men's bathroom