Friday, April 28, 2006

What day is today?

As usual I woke up this morning oblivious to the time/date and even the day of the week. I stayed in bed for a bit trying to figure out if today was Wednesday or not then went to over to my mobile phone only to realize today was really Friday. This little slip up completely changed everything.. I got out of bed, grabbed a granola bar for breakfast and got into my Friday routine.

Its the same old at work.. nothing to do. Next week is going to be different though, I opted to work up at the corporate building where everybody else is for a bit. I will be leaving behind my large windowed work space for a stuffy cubicle. I hope I remember to take everything needed from my desk downtown before I leave work today. I have been known for leaving things behind.
Things are going to be different, down at my office is quiet and private. Seriously.. I had a 30 minute nap since I started typing this entry. I guess the hustle and bustle of life in the corporate building would gently prod me to be more productive.

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