Sunday, December 03, 2006

What to give a man that has it all?

It is December 3rd and I have already been asked several times what I want for Christmas. This picture which I took at my old apartment last summer sums up what I want, to relax in a peaceful and quiet environment. By no means am I saying I have it all to answer the question in the subject, its just that I am quite content with everything I have. I am always at a lost when ever people ask me what I want, my usual response is world peace :-)

Here is my list in no particular order, any of the following will be a good gift.

  • A promotion at work.
  • A girlfriend, a good one that doesn't cheat.
  • A yatch (or some other boat to get me to Lime Cay)
  • My insurance company to fix my car in a reasonable amount of time.
  • My own property, I am tired of renting.
Thats pretty much it, good luck finding them, I treat myself pretty nice so my wish list is pretty empty except for those big items. There is another problem that arises at this time of the year, what should I get other people? I have always had problems thinking of something to get my parents as they have everything they want and I was just a poor child. This resulted in them getting something from me every couple of years whenever something popped into my mind. At the moment I am looking around online for something to buy for them, I think I know what would really make them happy this year.

Gifts for other people is another story, I know too many people to possibly give them all something, so I just pick one or two of my friends to get something for and go all out. I have noticed that my female friends seem put out there what they want from early and the majority of them request the same things, perfume and/or dildo. Perfume makes a pretty lame and played out gift in my opinion. I think I should offended that they would ask for a dildo too, apparently I am not doing anything for them :-p. I don't even want to know what some store clerk would think of me if I went to a shop and bought a big rubber buddy so I will avoid that situation completely.

One item on my list isn't too unattainable, the girlfriend :-). There is a chick at my office that is now the apple of my eye. This girl is completely opposite to the girls I normally talk to, she is a vegetarian, she is very religious, she covers her body and doesn't dress like a hoe(maybe I can fix this one for her). She is short and slim just how I like them normally though I can't tell how much assets she has as she keeps herself well covered at the office. One of the hurdles for me to get over is being younger than her, she doesn't want to tell me her age but the most she would tell me is that she has been working with the company for over 10 years. I hope she likes younger guys because that figure states she should be at least 28 years old. I think I have a chance, I think she flirts with me when I see her. I still frown on intra-office relationships but this girl would make me break my rules. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for this one.


CrazySexyCool said...

Good luck with the older woman. You wished for a woman that doesn't cheat. Will you be returning that favour?

Gela said...

That looks like Maryfield on Hope Road.

tammy said...

OMG - you are sooo funny.

Nickie Nix said...

Seeing that this post was over 3 years ago.. I hope by now you've figured out that yatch really is spelled "yacht".

LOL... maybe that's why you haven't gotten one yet.

Pepper said...


so did u get the christian girl?