Friday, October 20, 2006

A penny saved is a penny earned

This graph represents my income(blue) vs expense(red) of the current and previous 7 quarters over the past two years. It is a good indication that I am living well below my means. I notice most of my peers enjoy living large buying/using the best of things whilst I am equally content with my bulk frosted flakes from pricesmart and banking the few hundred dollars saved. I also try my best to keep capital expenditure to a minimum and under control by spreading purchases out over a large period of time. Financially focused is what I call it, not cheap.
In keeping with my financially focused and tech theme, I must say that I am proud that I did my first online stock transaction today. I was wondering over breakfast what to do with some extra cash I had in my broker's equity account and I just figured I would move it over to my high intrest investment account. Things changed when I reached work and checked stock prices, one of my favorite bluechip companies fell to a 52 week low so I decided to put in the order for it, there isnt much to lose and so much to gain :-). After I came back from lunch and checked my email I saw an automated mail from my broker saying that the order was filled, a very plesant surprise. This is also the first time I put in an order and have it filled the same day.


Teenage Perfectionist said...

Well I call it cheap, lol. Enjoy life cause its way 2 short and u work hard for ur money so enjoy it. Save some 2.

Gela said...

You go boy! You're smarter than most apparently.

tammy said...

i was going to do a graph like that - but it didn't make sense - it was just the same identical bar every time with my expense constantly above my income even though I didn't buy shit. I dunno