Monday, December 31, 2007

Twelve Days of Christmas

Why are people talking about Christmas being over? I'm sure we all know the 12 days of Christmas song and few years ago upon further investigation I found out the 12 days starts on December 25th and goes on to January 5. So for those of you (like my parents) who leave up your decorations until Easter need to start taking them down on the 6th of January. My boss called me one day and dropped a bomb on me, he had a gift for me.. lol I must be doing something right or maybe his new wife strongly suggested[nagged] that he do it. Either way it made my day, thanks!

It has been way more than 12 days since I made a post so I'll just summarize all the updates that would have probably been posts if I wasn't so lazy in bullet form... yet again.

  • I took some time off work to relax before the holidays only to find out the contractors the landlady sent over to renovate my place was ready for me. I was pretty much stuck at home the whole time as they fixed up the place and laid a fresh layer of dust over everything I owned along with drops of paint. On the plus side the place looks a lot nicer now. My parents are convinced she plans to raise the rent after she is finished.. I'm keeping my fingers crossed but even if she does, how bad could it be?
  • As per usual the eating has been non-stop.. time to unbuckle the belt :p
  • I went to a party that had a haagen-dazs stand.. this was a first for me. What was funny was I mentioned it to my sister and she said "I can't tell when last I went to a party and they didn't have one". I guess we live in two different worlds even though she only lives a few minutes from me.
  • My standby duty starts today and goes on until next week Monday. Somehow I forgot this and was previously looking for somewhere to go on old years night. Oh well change of plans.
  • Anybody that flips through tv on Christmas day knows that channel that has the yuletide log burning with Christmas carols playing for hours.. this year I taped dvded it. Yup this is probably the first time I made use of that cheap dvd recorder I bought from radio shack and was proud. Now I can listen to endless hours of Christmas music throughout all my 12 days of Christmas.
  • I fixed one of the contractor's computer. After working for one too many days in my apartment and seeing all the boxes of electronic junk he figured I must know something about this computer thing so he approached me and I told him I would look at it for him. I fixed it for him and he offered money or at least to buy me a drink for fixing it.. I couldn't take a cent from him. I have long forgotten that there are people who don't really get the chance to use or know much about computers. I am glad he bought one for his kids so they can stay current.
Oh yeah happy new year when it comes.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

thats whats up

It has been a while since I've posted.. things got a bit hairy at work since my last post. Needless to say I have taken this week off so I now have a lot of time to do what I do best, a whole bunch of nothing. My landlady sent over some contractor to renovate the place so I pretty much have to stay home for the rest of the week so he can do his work.. great way to spend some time off work eh? To keep things short I will just summarize what I've been up to since my last post:

  • crackbook: yup I signed up for facebook and was a junkie like everybody else. The novelty died down pretty quickly though. It's very nice, I found quite a bit of old school friends I thought dropped off the face of the earth.
  • I went to the New Kingston stage of the annual local rally and took exactly one picture.I arrived late, the stage only lasts like 30 minutes and the place was packed with people.. I was lucky I could even see a car. What amazes me is that people will stand on the corner and watch the car race head on at them into the corner at ridiculous speeds and have the time not to crap their pants. I have seen where rallies go wrong and the spectators feel it.
  • I went to Web 3.0 Banana Boy, Alex's, wedding. Congratulations Alex! I want it to be my turn next :p. Need to find a girlfriend first to get that ball rolling. I don't really get suited up often so you know I had to take pics
    I'm not really sure what I was doing in the second pic but the kids seem to be putting up all sorts of finger signs these days so I joined in with my own lol. For those of you who may ask, that's a Trinidadian flag on my wall(better than a plain wall), yes I'm half Trini too.
  • Noodle came over on Saturday for the first time since we broke up. She was hungry so we walked over to Barbican to get something for dinner. On the way back home in the darkness we got held up.. that's Barbican for ya. Anyway the guy crept up behind us with what he would have liked us to believe was a gun and told us to give us our valuables. This was the first time I was being jacked so I stood there a bit stunned trying to figure out if it was a gun, knife or what in his hand. Hearing noodle struggling with him to keep her purse snapped me back to reality and I rushed him. Well I'm still alive so I guess he wasn't packing heat.. he ran off and jumped in a waiting car.
  • The following day I visited my parents for the usual Sunday lunch and my pops said he had something to show me. He brought down a knife sheath he found in my old room and questioned me about it with great concern. My only answer didn't offer him much peace of mind though, "it's just something to remind me of high school" I said. It was a pretty big sheath and the knife that belonged to it was something of this nature with spikes in the knuckles. Looking back now I'm glad my teen years was less eventful.
To answer GC's question I haven't found anybody new yet.. it has just been tv, sleep and work for me. :(

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

For those of you looking for a sex scandal

Last week a local paper posted the latest scandal College girls gone wild and since then a barrage of people from all over the world has been hitting my blog looking for the photos. Upon further investigation I realize that I was ranked 2nd for the search of "naked uwi girls" on google thanks to my uwi carnival post earlier this year with a few scantily clad girls. Poor pervs they wouldn't find those pics online any time soon... well not until today at least :p

I went to the other side of town today to attend a 2 day workshop and I met a cute UWI girl during the lunch break. Apparently her mother was in the workshop and also works at that location so she often hangs out at that office and studies. She seemed like a really fun girl so we chatted for a bit then it hit me that since she was in the mix of things maybe she knows about this sex scandal. My word did this girl have the hook up, she brought up email and began to show me pretty much every recent local sex scandal. So for those curious onlookers I will post one of the cleaner pics of the UWI girls she sent to me.

I'm not sure how effective my censoring is but I'm sure these girls would appreciate it. Now when I went to UWI my friends and myself were mostly dirt poor.. where do these girls find such a nice boat to have their night sexcapades on? My next question is whats with all the girl on girl on girl action? There is no shortage of men out there (like me.. I'm single :p)

I'm sorry for those of y'all who were expecting more pictures but such is life, find a uwi person to send them to you. On that note I need to find some reason to go up to campus, this coworkers daughter reminded me how hot uwi girls are. Maybe if I see her around that office again I could try something :p the last time I checked the jury came back with the verdict that coworkers daughters were fair game lol.