Monday, July 31, 2006

Men are from Mars, women are from a pauper house

This fact is often brought to my attention as over 90% of the girls I meet/know have no ability to keep money. Their expenses almost always surpass their income(if they have any). They might be at home with $200 to their name and get the bright idea all of a sudden to go out to a $600 party, ignoring the fact that they have no ride/taxi fair/drink money.

How do they manage this?
1. Men: I notice most men are willing to throw away their hard earned money/savings at any piece of tail that passes by.
2. Fambily: Parents seem to have foolish ways of spoiling their daughters, even when they cant afford it.

The cocaine effect
This impulsive nature of theirs only offers temporary pleasure and is not sustainable. Often I have noticed after they come down from their high reality slaps them in the face that they have no funding for their more important(but ignored) fundamental responsibilities such as but not limited to bus fair to/from work the following day, rent, utility bills, car insurance premiums, lunch money and loan repayment.

The difference
From my observations men are on the otherside of the spectrum, they pull their weight and bear financial burdens of their women and fambilies. When men run into money(gift/bonus/...) they try to save it, new found money to girls equate to celebrations and the money being spent. What is the point of them getting it in the first place really if at the end of the day they are still in debt?


dont_dare2000 said...

I think that your comments are inconsistent and untrue.

I have 2 comments:
1. I think you place too much emphasis on money. People using money to have fun shouldnt be an issue live is to be enjoyed. Making money and saving all it and not going out or indulging yourself with certain purchases is a problem. People should celebrate spontaneity and have fun. Live is too short to put all our energies into hoarding your money and saving it all, and being unhappy.

2. Men spend as much as women. So your comments is purely false. Consider situations especially family situations, many will tell you that it is the woman that takes charge of the finances and do a damn good job of making the money "stretch".

Remember this: your reality is not what may happen in the rest of the world. So dont think of these situations in a vaccum.

Adrian said...

yow gweh nuh.. stop taking offense for your gender and open your eyes.

This is in no way my reality, the whole post is about what I have observed about other people, both men and women, I cross paths with.

Now to tackle your first comment. It would seem as if you think I hoard/save all my money and like to be unhappy. I would like to say for the record that I like spending money and I like being happy. One difference is that I would also like to meet my financial obligations and responsibilites, many apologies if I do not share the same hedonistic outlook on life as you do.

As for your second comment in regards to the context of my post, I should have stated that the people I spoke about in my post were mainly those I socialize with age in range of late teens to early thirties. I do not have any data/authority to comment on people in that situation.

alex said...

i for one agree with Adrians post. I do however acknowledge that there is a certain kind of girl out there that doesnt fit that description. But they are very rare and far between.

Taylor said...

I agree with the entire blog actually and co-signs alex's comment. I really don't know many women that dont fit in that category sadly... :(.. women like to be seen. so they spend to keep the profile weekly nails, hair etc.. they splurge alot its the truth.

speak no evil said...

i do not agree totally with what adrian said...both men and women likes to spend money. women might spend it on fashion and keeping up an appearance while men spend their money on electronics,tools, sometimes on ladies, keeping up an appearance...etc.
i would say men spend more money than women, they have more gaps to filled.
i think we focus our time too much on money itself and forgot how to enjoy it.
we work all day and save our money with no enjoyment, then we die and someone else get to have fun with our hard working money.
life is short, live alittle and remove the price tag from happiness.

p.s money is the root of all evil....ehheh

tammy said...

I totally agree with the post except that some young men fall into the same category as the woman... well maybe we should call them boys so they don't count as men.