Friday, May 11, 2007

TUI - truth under the influence?

I was looking at the empty bottles(mainly consumed by my guests) on top of the cupboards in the kitchen and started to remember some of the good and bad times this evil liquid has brought me. The main train of thought was around the drunken confession of love. I used to have a friend that would go out get drunk and somehow used to manage to find herself back at my place at 4am in the morning. I would let her in and try to get back to sleep but she had other plans which I never really mind losing some sleep over.

A few times during these early morning booty calls in her drunken state she proclaimed her love for me, right in the heat of things. This threw me off completely at first, it wasn't something I wanted so I ignored it and handled the business at hand. She was well aware I wasn't interested in her that way so whenever I confronted her about it after, when she was sober, she was a little embarrassed and said she couldn't help how she felt and things just come out when she is high. I think she also said it to me after she smoked some weed too lol. Now this girl(when sober) claims to be fully against love, to quote her: "I doh believe in dat shit", so I never knew what to make of her and just ignored the burbs that came out of her when she was high.

The fact that she had a boyfriend made it so much easier to write off what she said under the influence also. On the flip side I remember going to a bar early one morning as things were winding down around 4:00am. I met up with some friends standing in the parking lot as I walked in, said hi and turned around to talk to some other people I knew only to turn back around to see a guy aggressively hugging some (drunk)girl who I said hi to a minute before. I was well aware this girl wasn't fond of me before but I am civil but one of her friends came over later and explained to me the guy wasn't hugging her, he was more holding her back from fighting me. There was an angel watching over that girl that night, I:

  1. was 100% sober
  2. am a man
  3. had 50lbs on her
  4. would be acting in self defence and hence had no problem beating up a drunk girl who wants to pick a fight with me because she didn't like me for no good reason. (yay woman lib and equality)
I always figured she never liked me but our common friends made us cross paths often. I just figured she was smart enough to pick fights which she could manage, its a good thing the guy held her back. How about we all stay sober until we learn how to manage our emotions under the influence?

I was drunk is the lamest of excuses.


owen said...

yeah, chick do flip out either on or off drugs. emotional creatures they are

taylor2nd said...

one word that constantly revolves around the female species drama. Under any circumstance. good or bad. peace and tranquility or tense. they have the ability to bring some drama into the scene.. all the time.

nahh i'm not sexist.

SimplEnigma said...

First off, what kind of Caribbean man are you without a consistent stock of JWB on your shelf? Hmmfh!

"En vino veritas"
"A drunk man speaks a sober man's mind"

However you say it, I've found that people are always more honest when their inhibitions are down. If you really want to find out what someone thinks of you, get 'em drunk.

That being said, I hate when people use it as an excuse for their behavior, 'cos when you're drunk you not doing things you don't want to do, you're doing/saying things you've always wanted to but never had the balls to do so.

Adrian said...

JWB? lol I don't even know what that is

this may not sound manly but im a martini kind of guy :p I love gin

Trouble said...

Johnnie Walker Black?

Vodka Martini's are better

She loves you

Women have no clue how they really feel or what they really want.

You'd have been right to drop da pimp-hand on the drunk one...

Crankyputz said...

True Dat, I don't think anyone gets so smashed out of their mind that they don't have an inkling of what their saying, and telling someone that you love them at a 4 am booty call, well that's just cowardly....I love that Nescafe made the roll call...takes care of those early morning booty hang overs..

SimplEnigma said...

JWB=Johnny Walker Black. Egads, man!!

And what's with all the stereotyping of WOMEN acting a certain way when they're drunk?? I've had a guy or two say some pretty idiotic things under the influence to me.

This is not just a "girl" thing.

Lola Gets said...

@SE I agree with your quotations: people are often more honest when under the infulence as their inhibitions are down. I dont drink, but I sure the hell listen up when other folks are!
As for using drunkeness as an excuse for bad behavior - thats a crock! Yall drunkards knew what you wanted to say AND do when you were sober, dont EVEN come at me using intoxication as an excuse. YOU DO NOT GET A FREE PASS!

But seriously Aidrian, please dont beat up drunken chicks - you know itd be an unfair fight.