Sunday, May 20, 2007

Last week..

Last week was a bit busy for me.. lets look at the highlights

Monday morning I decided to work at office #2 and upon pulling up in front of the building at 8:30am I got a call from my boss saying there will be nobody at office #1 so that's were I should be, I just made a u-turn and drove down to the other office to please the bigger heads. Upon settling in at the other office I brought up the JSE stock ticker and saw a stock I've been eyeballing take a big plunge due to poor quarterly results just published, I grabbed my check book and ran off to the stock brokers to buy buy buy lol. Now on my drive back to the office some police stopped me because I didn't come to a complete stop at a stop sign. He said he was going to write me up a $4000.00 ticket and give me 6 points, I didn't argue.. the sign didn't say slow, it said stop so I am guilty and was willing to face the consequences.

As usual this cop didn't start writing the ticket, he had money on his mind but I was to busy to notice cause I was some what floating on a high from my recent investment and just wanted to reach back to my office before all hell breaks loose. So he went on jibber jabbering and eventually I heard "OK I will let you off with a warning" and gave me back my license and papers. Normally at this point in time I just grab them and go, the last time I walked off while the cop was still trying to imply I give him something for his pardon but this time this cop was bold. I guess the blackberry on my hip, the treo in my hand and the checkbook on my front seat fooled him but he asked for money as I was walking back to the car?? Today was his lucky day.. I was in a very good mood lol so I took out my wallet and gave him $100 lol I'm not sure what that can buy but it's a lot better than the alternative of me reporting him.

My company moved my section out of I.T. into some managed services division a few months ago, it was just a paper change as my job function would remain the same for the most part or so I thought. Before I was a enterprise server admin focusing on Unix, vms and supporting data centre infrastructure, now apparently we will also be responsible for windows, Linux, voip services, database admin and networking. I now feel like we will be a Jack of all trades but master of none. This move isn't completely bad though as I doubt more than 5 companies out here would be able to use my current skills as an enterprise server admin so if I am looking for another job the market will be more open for me :D. Hopefully I wouldn't be on the job hunt soon, I luv my company. I was looking at my pay slip for this month and couldn't find how much I was getting paid, none of the numbers made sense until I realized I got a raise(thank you union) and they paid the bonus I mentioned before... I wasn't expecting it till next month, a nice surprise for me.

The place was empty, there wasn't much to look at and there were no hot girls as advertised but what would the lamest car show be without the lamest car? Enter Chery QQ, stage left:

This car has been creating a small stir in the Jamaican market recently, I would never buy it.. it looks so gay. I also looked up the crash test rating on it and it didn't do so well as expected, it's so tiny a bicycle man could crash into you and you'll get crushed to death.
All wasn't lost though as they had a few cars there that actually caught my eye. I am not a fan of SUVs in general but if I had money to burn then this is probably what I would be driving :D one can only dream :(


Crankyputz said...

Funny that it took you so long to realise the cops intentions, he must have been thinkin, this here's a real fool! lol!

Wat a blah car show!

SimplEnigma said...

Last time I was in Jamaica, the cops' slogan was "Lef' or Write?".

Either you lef' a money, or dem write you a ticket...

As a marketing professional, I definitely admire the play on words, but the corruption in the JDF is abominable.

Adrian said...

lol that lef/right question seems to be popular for the Jamaican police :(

I always try to remember to write down their badge number before starting any conversation with the police.. maybe if I actually do this they won't attempt to get bribes but then again they will probably just ticket me without question :(

Brooks said...
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Brooks said...

That orange coloured car looks like a lemon!!!lol intentionally done...

Adrian said...

By lemon you are talking about the shape? if so you have one creative imagination. :)

when I refer to cars as lemons I mean they are duds.

Tami said...

Interesting week u had.At least it was better than mine.