Monday, May 28, 2007

CarpeDM's runway debut

Yesterday I picked up the Sunday Gleaner and saw them do an article on Saint International's Style Week fashion show on Thursday and saw them mention a new clothing line, CarpeDM, my friend is working on getting off the ground. The big finale of Style Week is Fashion Block where they block off Knustford Blvd. and build a runway right smack in the middle of the road. I decided to go to support my friend and it is a free event so no harm done. This first picture is where I wanted to be the press booth, I had to stand off to the sidelines in the nosebleed section with people's big heads blocking my shots. Well the meat of the matter, the pics below are of CarpeDM's spring/summer clothing line. I'm not sure if that first guy there realizes he's supposed to be modelling the shirt or what.. the ladies had fun with that one.

I got lots more photos from fashion block, I'll post some of my favorites later.


SimplEnigma said...

First guy is sooo hot, he doesn't need to model the clothes. LOL. He probably got so much ass offered to him that night. *sigh*

I really like the name of the clothing line. It's original.

Adrian said...

lol go take a cold shower SE..

Is that what girls want? lol things sticky for me..

SimplEnigma said...

Yeah, I need a cold shower, cos after seeing that picture, things get sticky for me as well. LMAO.

No, that's not what girls want. I once met a guy with a body more amazing than that model's...but he had the personality of a wet rag, so I couldn't go forth with it. A hot body is sexy; a hot personality is sexier.

GC (God's Child) said...

oh lawks
those close are cute if you are selling something
I am not selling anything, hence no need to advertise

Stunner said...

Great shots Adrian, even though you were not in the press area! I drove up there after work with my camera in hand to take to pics, but they didn't start as yet and I was hungry so i left to go get some food and retire to my sofa.

Tami said...

Nice shots, big up tographer man