Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Early bird gets the worm

I set my alarm for the first time in at least a year to wake me up this morning at 4:30am so I could go jogging. It rang, I went to the kitchen to get some water and looked outside the window to see a full moon about to disappear.
Well almost a full moon.. I've been trying to figure out how to take pictures of the moon but I guess my camera isn't good enough to make them come out good :(. Anyway I heard the dogs up the road barking like crazy and I went around to the front window to look and I saw a 1/2 naked man and a lady walking on the main road, a car passed and they tried to flag it down, of course nobody will stop for two strangers at 4:40am.. that's begging for trouble.

I ignored the suspicious activity, got ready and hit the road. It wasn't long before I came upon a group of people(also including the two I saw earlier) standing outside this house. They asked me which direction I was coming from and if I saw a man run by. It all makes sense now, they got robbed.. cokehead style. The police pulled up shortly after and I pressed on after I heard that the man only fished out her handbag, I laughed as I walked off and told her it happened to me last year and I don't even live on the ground floor.

I jogged up to the mark I had preset in my mind and turned back, by the time I reached back the police where just about to leave and I saw the lady with her bag talking out loud. She said the guy left the bag and ran off when he figured out there was no money in there. Did this woman really kick up a storm and drag her man on to the main road before 5am over an empty, cheap, probably old, bag (which not even the cokehead wanted)?


Crankyputz said...

Thats a funny story. But what's crazier (almost admirable if it wasn't so crazy) is your ability to wake up at 4.30 to jog.

Adrian said...

There is no other time to go jogging :D

I'll probably die of a heat stroke if I do it when the sun comes up.. then cars would run over my passed out body. The place is nice and cool with no traffic at that time :p

SimplEnigma said...

LMAO @ CP...no what's crazier is jogging at prime robbers' hours. That's what's crazy.

I wouldn't even jog at dem time and mi come from way up a woiee-woi..LOL.

Trouble nuh set like rain...

taylor2nd said...

nice pic.. really nice pic.. here's what you do.. you head over to photoja.net you sign up.. you upload.. yer.. lol

shameless plug there i know..

Mad Bull said...

You mad fi true... 4:30! Crazy! I have done that before, but with nuff other people. Me one naw go thru my gate at that hour in Jam... In Cayman, yes, but not Jam. Not unless me heavy. Well heavy too... no likkle .38 business... Nutthin less dan 15 rounds in the clip, probably extended clip, 9mm or .45 caliber, probably two of them too.... yeah, me might go street like that at 4:30... being wiser than in the past, even then, probably not tho. Hey, you nuh hear on the news recently how the Caribbean region has been rated as the most dangerous place in the world, sake of the muder rate?

gela said...

Apparently, quite a few people do it - jog at 4am that is.

Normally I jog around emancipation at 5:30 on weekends and the other day my neighbor told me that she's there (emancipation) from 4am.

Adrian said...

I wish I had the discipline to be consistent about it..

5:30 is a good time, next time I'll set the alarm for 5am, it takes me about 30mins to psych myself up enough to leave the house.