Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Labour Day.

It's actually a public holiday today and I'm not on standby duty! I didn't do anything with this opportunity but its nice to know I had the option to leave town and do something other than the usual wait for emergency calls. I'm not sure what other people do on Labour day but I stayed in and did some spring cleaning... just in time for summer :D

I have pack rat tendencies and love to keep any and everything I get. As a result I tend to have box loads of things build up about my apartment, this was all consolidated and I forced myself to throw out a large box load of goodies I deemed unnecessary :(. After all the cleaning was finished and I took a shower I passed out dead from the world.

The world found it fit to let an angry girl call to disturb my sleep only to hang up on me 10 seconds later. Of course this got my blood flowing and further attempts to drop back to sleep were futile so I decided to drop by my post office to check my mail and pass by my landlord to pay my rent.
The post office was empty as usual, I got my favorite parking spot. Who says bloggers are narcissistic?


SimplEnigma said...

Umm, you are officially the most bootleg Jamaican I know. Wha yuh mean, you don't know what people do on Labor Day? LMAO.

It's supposed to be a community work day. Clean up roads, parks, churches, etc. I don't think when they created it, they had your apartment in mind, but at least you were productive. LOL.

Labor Day here, we drink ourselves into stupors, put on mud, oil and paint and cram ourselves into a 2 million person target on Eastern Parkway.

Crankyputz said...

i want the back story of angry girl.

Mad Bull said...

Nice self portrait. Where that is? Liguanea Post Office?

Adrian said...

@SE: people used to do that out here in the past.. I don't see much evidence of it anymore. You are right though.. I'm not very good at being Jamaican :p

@Cranky: lol the angry girl story is one we have heard many times over:
1. girl gets upset for no good reason
2. girl picks fight she cant manage
3. girl regrets whole thing after her hormones calm down.

I am only a victim :p

@Madbull: Ya it's the best post office in kingston for now :p I <3 my post office.

Stunner said...

Yes that's what it is! A holiday for me to just laze around!

Scratchie said...

Labour Day has really lost it's meaning.

bassChocolate said...

Narcissistic? You? Why would you even suggest that? I mean, you have more than valid reasons to use the side of a building to take pics of yourself rather than help to paint some ped crossings on Old Hope Road! :-)

I hardly left the bed all day!

NadYaDee said...

Hey we use the same post office and the same parking space...I wonder how comes I've never seen you...oh yeh right cause I don't get male...:(

Adrian said...

I haven't been checking my mail recently.. it's just bills bills bills :p

lol @BC.. you know all the right words to make me feel bad :p

Tami said...

Labour Day has become one of those "tired of work i need rest day." For me, the jobless, it's more "eww regular people are home, dang less water to play in". I did nothing.