Monday, February 26, 2007

Unwanted neighbours..

So my friend Alex was so kind to come down and give me my camera last week. I am still trying to figure out how to use it properly but here is my first blog picture post using it:This is a hawk of some sorts that has decided to live under my eaves since last year after I installed a 2' florescent bulb to light up my parking area for better security at night after they stole my neighbours car. You can't see the light but its about 1' to the right. To install this light I had to carry a heavy wrought iron chair unto a ledge that is less than 2 feet wide to climb up and drill and install the fixture and I remember while I was up there looking at the top of that column noticing no signs of life.

The picture clearly(maybe not) shows droppings and urine(?) running down the walls. This indicates two things to me:

  • The bird moved in after I installed the light
  • The bird is a pest messing up my wall and needs to go
It would be cool if the bird ate the other pests around like the roaches, lizards, wasps or rats I see in the yard below, but I doubt it does this as I have seen no decline in the other pests. I have done my job on the other pests though, bug spray for them all. I see roaches fly in every now and then if I leave my windows open and the light on at night but I think my place is roach free for the most part as I tend to go for the broom and bug spray to kill them if they don't fly out instantly.

I don't really have a problem with lizards as they eat other bugs but the girls who visit me always seem to create a bit too much drama for me every time they see on here.. so they get the bug spray too. I always feel bad killing the lizards though, esp. the big ones like this one here. I snapped this picture last year April before I started the genocide. This one was a fat one, over 1" wide, and would croak so loudly that it would often wake me up at night. I sprayed him with bug spray and he jumped off, falling downstairs. I assumed the fall killed it but it came back two months later. We repeated and it hasn't showed up since, RIP lizzy.


SimplEnigma said...

FYI, I read no part of your post where the lizard picture was still visible. I saw the picture and nearly jumped a mile out of my chair.

You've probably never read it on my blog, but I have an irrational fear of lizards...can't even look at pictures.

Anyway, it could be worse, imagine if you had rats as your neighbors - not mice, rats! (BTW, have you SEEN the KFC/Taco Bell video? Egads!)

But if you put some rat poisoning up there, you might be able to get rid of the hawk.

Mad Bull said...

You too wikid, lef' di hawk!

Adrian said...

I don't want to poison him.. just chase him away.

I saw the kfc video when it came out on cnn.. I was shocked too, they were gi-normous. There used to be rats in the garden on this property.. I haven't seen them in a while though I guess somebody poisoned them.

taylor2nd said...

yo thats so cool.. a hawk.. i'ld catch it.. probably get my eyes taken out in the process.. but whatever..

NadYaDee said...

I had a lizard bigger than that in my house, we called him GC a.k.a. Godzilla's Cuz...just thought i'd share...:)