Thursday, February 01, 2007

T.G.I.F. - Thank God it's February

I'm not sure if I could take another day of January but I can relax now as it is February. I worked feverishly hard to close off all the bad things that is January. A short list should summarize my current standings.

  • I got back my car and the new rims look better than ever, it was ready from before but I asked my mechanic to keep it for a bit to service the CVT transmission as it had an issue. I took back the car with the issue resolved for now but he advises me it still needs work, more ~ $25,000+ I'll just ignore it for now as I've been doing over the years until the day I have massive transmission failure. Then its time to get a new car :-D
  • I bought a new fridge from Pricesmart and its wayyy cooler than the old one[pun intended]. I was aiming for a stainless steel model but I could only find them in 18+cu feet sizes which were too big for my needs. Unfortunately(of course) enough for me, my truck guy told me he sells 15cu foot stainless steel Frigidaire fridges while I was chatting with him and waiting for the merchandiser from Pricesmart to take the fridge I just bought out of storage.
  • I now have my 10 year US visa, even though its too late and I should be in Nashua now I don't mind, I'll leave my boss to brave that cold weather. Once I was inside the embassy it wasn't that bad, I gave them my application, they asked me 3 questions and then sent me on my way. They didn't ask me for a job/asset letter or anything, it's a good thing I didn't waste my money paying NCB for a letter of assets.
  • I think I am slowly winning over apple. She now insists on having lunch with me anytime I am available and at her office. I was idling with her for a minute outside in the parking lot today and she tried to sneak in a cuddle, I had to use all my might to keep my hands from molesting her.
  • I got the raise, the money was put to good use. This is the first pay stub I've seen where the tax deductions reach six figures, lets hope Omar Davies puts it to good use(not likely)
  • I tracked down my missing USPS parcel and got it delivered, thanks Joy. I called the Boca Raton post office and found Joy, I described the package to her and she instantly knew what I was talking about. She is responsible for routing the packages and was the one who initially bounced back my parcel to Washington. After a quick chat with her she understood how to deliver my parcel and it was on its way the next business day. I am slowly getting the hang of various couriers and postal services after having several parcels from Hong Kong post stuck in Jamaica's gummed up postal service. At least its not as bad as work, I was supposed to receive a crate with a very expensive server and I am now finding out that it was shipped to Barbados in error and has been there for the past two months.. wtf. I would be so pissed if it was my money who actually payed for it.
I am going to keep things simple for February. This year the Chinese new year falls on the same day as my birthday! I try to keep up with my asian traditions as I am 1/2 Chinese but things tend to fall on the wayside. Maybe I will have luck on my side for this month.


SimplEnigma said...

Hey Adrian, thanks for stoppin' by...:) I can already tell that I'm going to enjoy your blog. Hehe.

I bought a new fridge from Pricesmart and its wayyy cooler than the old one[pun intended].

Hmm, doesn't anyone shop at Courts anymore? Is Pricesmart where the cool kids are shopping these days? LOL.

Stunner said...

You should have just hit the truck guy right in the back of his head!

Next time you ship, use UPS, costs a bit more but at least you will get your package in good time.

alex said...

The camera is safe and sound. I need to plan that trip to jamaica soon so you can get your hands on it.