Sunday, February 04, 2007


My uncle Champy passed away last month two weeks before his 64th birthday. I have never met him before, in fact I first learnt of him when my mother told me her brother died, but I will miss him. Pretty much the only thing I know about my mother's side of the family is that they are Chinese and grew up in Trinidad.

I felt nothing when I heard the news as I didn't know the man but when I picked up my mother at the airport last week Monday after she came back from the funeral she started to tell me about him. I saw her again today and she continued where she left off, she also gave me some of his stuff she brought back.. lots and lots of gum and a box of chocolate, I now have gum to chew every day for the next couple of months.

Apparently Champy liked to shop and buy stuff in bulk, hence the lots of gum. She said she found lots of clothes brand new still in the packaging too amongst many other things in his collections. While the family went through his documents they also found out he donated quite a bit to charity even though he worked a minimum wage job carrying laundry in a hotel in Toronto. She also mentioned that a bus load of his coworkers from the hotel also came to the funeral.

I have always wondered who would come to my funeral when I die? and what would people say/think of me after I'm gone. I never did like the answers I came up with, maybe I should work on changing that.

R.I.P. Champy


alex said...

"Buys things in bulk", maybe you inherited ur frugal lifestyle from your mom's side of the family.

Adrian said...

lol thats for sure.. I guess its our Chinese nature.

SimplEnigma said...

R.I.P. Uncle Champy...

Hmm, dunno what folks would say after I'm gone, but I think for the most part it would be good.