Friday, March 02, 2007

Sand, sleep and not-so-right-ducks

My boss called me a few weeks ago and asked me to take some of my vacation soon as I had to carry over 1 week from last year since the dept. (all 3 of us) had a heavy work load and one person going off could throw a fatal blow the already not so smooth operations of I.T. in my company. So I sent in my electronic leave application last Thursday then called him on Friday only to hear him tell me "yeah I saw your leave app. yesterday, are you sure you want to go off next week?" I stuck to my guns and said yes, even though I had no real plans for my leave. He spent the next minute making strange noises, I am assuming he was digging deep for a reason to keep me in office yet again but couldn't come up with anything, then gave me the go ahead to take the week off.

The first day of my vacation I went down to the tax office in Cross Roads at 10am to renew my car registration.. big mistake. One would assume that at that time it would be fairly empty as most people would be at work on a Monday morning but the building was full to the brim. I then circled around the the Inland revenue dept in Constant spring only to find a long line of cars in the parking lot trying to find parking %$#. I asked my shadow to jump out and hold a space for me in the line while I looked for a parking space and proceeded to wait 20 minutes in slow moving traffic throughout their large parking lot. I was lucky that a space opened up for me before the traffic lead me out of the lot again and I rushed inside of the building to see her near the front of the line :) It only took me 8 minutes and we were out! I am proud of the team work!

The rest of the week was spent trying to tie up loose ends in my apartment, clearing out junk that I've been meaning to for months. I made a trip to Fort Clarence too but apparently they don't open every week day so we just drove over to the next beach Hellshire. Most of my friends seem not to like this beach but I don't really mind as it has the three S's I look for: sea, sand and sun. I must say though it was no private island as I experienced on my not so decent trip to the beach on my last week off, lol I noticed the details of the two liquored up girls and myself on an empty Lime Cay were too juicy to write about back then.

This week I also passed through the park up the road with my camera to see if there was anything worth taking a picture of. It was a good learning experience as my camera isn't really too good in point and shoot mode but shines when you tweak the settings, so I am slowly learning the hard way what iso, aperture, shutter speed, flash and zoom to use on this new baby to get the best results so bear with me if the pictures aren't too hot for now. Anyway I was talking to my shadow on the bridge over the pond when I spotted a duck looking at us from the entrance about 10' away. I know that ducks have been known to chase people so we walked over to the other side of the bridge only to see this duck waddling towards us. Shadow freaked out at this point in time and ran far away as I think she has had first hand experience with the when ducks attack scenario.

I refused to have a duck chase me around the park and stood my ground, the duck walked right by me and was on its way to my friend as seen in the last picture above. I must say I love this park, I need to start spending more time up there.


Stunner said...

Well at least you enjoyed your vacation. I need to submit my vacation too, well phase 1, Study for Exam Phase, which is the secont to last week of April. then the real one will start in June! can't wait for that one!

SimplEnigma said...

What's up with you and pictures of animals? Hmmpfh!!

Oh, and haven't you heard that you should NEVER go to or call a government office on a Monday? No matter what country you're in it's the worst day of the week to go.

I have 5 weeks' vacation this year. I refuse to take a week off and stay home. Use my vacation days to take care of odds n ends business?? Yuh mussi mad...that's what sick days are for. LOL.

taylor2nd said...

I agree with simpleenigma. oh and photography nice dont. It really grows on you as a hobby. just try not to become power hungry meaning wanting a better camera too quickly focus on your photography skills first.. i really wanna jump and buy a rebel right now but. i dont think i'm ready.

GC (God's Child) said...

Swans have been known to attack people also. They are actually quite violent despite looking so pretty. You might want to take Shadow's advice if you run into any of those.