Thursday, February 22, 2007

blast from the past

I was cleaning out my old PC recently so I could sell it and I found a bunch of old(relatively) pictures on the hard drive, pictures I took when I used to live with my parents back in 2004. This first picture here is in my bedroom with my then girlfriend trying to hide from the camera. Can somebody explain to me the phenomena where people try to hide from the camera by hiding their face? The camera will still see the rest of them so the hiding face thing makes no sense, especially if your face is your best feature. Sorry if my room was messy, this is actually one of the better states one can find it in.

This next picture is of a stuffed animal a previous girl gave me on our 1 year anniversary. We like her, she holds the record of longest relationship in my books with a record breaking 1 year and 3 days together! I have gotten a bit of stuffed animals from girls but this is the only one I still keep around due to the strong sentimental value. Funny enough though girls who come around always run and pick up this bear and hug him and walk around with him until they ask and hear that it was from an x-girlfriend. One woman, 28, who I would assume is beyond such behaviours actually used to hit the bear every time she saw it to openly show me her hatred for it. Of course she was also one of them who ran and hugged it up as soon as she saw it too, go figure.

Life was simple back then, no bills to pay, my only responsibility was to get good grades at school and of course I went to school and wasted most of the time. Simple isn't always good though.. I had no money, mind you my parents had money but they ensured I didn't see a cent unless necessary. In fact I was looking at this month's pay slip and it covers completely all the money my parents gave me for the two years prior to me working, ie. 2002 to 2004. In fact this is exactly why I am tight with releasing funds, my pauper history doesn't allow it. They would give me money every 6 months and not a cent between. If I needed more money it was available through a loan and would be deducted out of the next payment. The budget was so tight that if I wanted to buy myself something such as a watch meant that I wouldn't be able to eat lunch cause the money couldn't do both... the bad ole' days


Yatta said...

Ahh yess... the good/bad 'ol days. My parents are the same way. Well not really .. my FATHER is the same way. I had to hike up school book prices to get money out of him. There was no such thing as allowance and what not with him. Only thing i really got was lunch money

Adrian said...

lol that wouldn't work here.. I bought school supplies out of my budget too.

One memory sticks out in my mind: when my mother was talking to me one day (lying through her teeth how they were poor) then telling me they were going to take a trip across Europe during the summer. They then left for Europe for 4 weeks leaving behind $5000 in cash for me to take care of the house expenses and feed their dogs, came back and took the change from me.

They then made this their summer routine after that. They have since stopped as I no longer live there and they cant find anybody to house sit for them.. muhahaha

GC (God's Child) said...

thanks for dropping by my blog
happy belated birthday

you can't prove it was her in the photo if you can't see her face

SimplEnigma said...

You and your many girlfriends...LOL. I understand the concept of hiding your face, it's what people most easily recognize. If she'd have shown her face, someone could've said: "Yo, aren't you the girl on Adrian's blog?" Unless you really know someone, it's hard to identify them just by their body.

Re: the budget thing, I wish I could relate...I got the lunch money and the necessary things, but I never got allowance...and that was only up until high school. I've been paying my own way ever since I graduated. I think I hold the record as the only child for both my parents who've never asked them for a single dime...I'm actually quite proud of it too...:)

Adrian said...

Yo, aren't you the girl on Adrian's blog?

lol point taken.. even though I don't really see my blog getting that many readers for people to start identifying each other :p

Maybe I should start censoring out their faces from now on.. hmm

Mad Bull said...

So... whappen to her head back....

Lola Gets said...

I lived with my maternal grandparents when I was in junior high, high school, and college. I got a weekly allowance of $20 in high school, and $50 in college. I literally got this money week by week, even in college! lol

When I was in school, I wasn’t allowed to have a job, as they wanted me to focus all my energies on my schoolwork. This included extra-curricular activities! When they found out that not only was I an officer in the Black Student Alliance, but still performing in plays, they cut off my allowance! Man, those few months with no money, I wasn’t eating out at all (already had the meal plan), and even had to resort to washing clothes by hand! LOL But it was ok, I lost weight, haha!


taylor2nd said...


1. yeh money from parents is always difficult. luckily my dad gave me my funds on a monthly basis. in usd :) so i kinda had cash in highschool

2. that girl kinda seems like she got a nice A$$. Good pic Adrian