Sunday, February 11, 2007

My first barbeque

A few weeks ago the wingman suggested we hold a barbecue to celebrate his return and somehow convinced me that it will be a joint party for my upcoming b-day. Ignore the fact that I hate birthdays and that he suggested a date a few weeks from my actual birthday and it would be perfect. I felt guilty for all the previous times I've flopped his flex so I agreed to go along with his plan this time(even though it was so obviously a ploy to acquire a partner to help fund the venture and seek one of my female friends).

He then instructed me to invite my friends and gave me a list of female friends who needs to be there. I'm not sure which world he lives in but he really couldn't expect me to invite all of my X's along with other girls I've fooled around with, so after filtering his list and going through my other friends in my phone I came up with a pool of 4 girls who I figured could get along. I have never been able to get the girls I know to get along without confrontation. The wars seem to start after one girl calls and another girl answers my phone or I maybe walking on the road with a friend and another girl sees her and the rude exchange of words/threats start. It doesn't matter if the girls are wifey, matey or just platonic friends they almost always hate each other and I can't do anything with them collectively.

Anyways I invited the 4 girls I deemed fit to be in close proximity to each other and was proud until Jason with his nuff self saw one of my friends encouraged her to come and pop my bubble of peace. I invited her before but she declined as she assumed my other friends would be there and has it in her mind that she will get beat up by them(I don't blame her as the messages passed to her was something along the lines of "tell her seh mi a go tump her inna her face"). I doubt any of the harsh words would have realized but luckily for me her enemy never showed up :D.

The food was OK, all of it seasoned and cooked by Jason in his front yard. After having my plate of food I invited some of my hungry belly male friends to come and play dominoes, they don't particularly care about the late notice at 10pm, all they needed to hear was free food, dominoes, girls and they are good to go. I knew I didn't really have to worry about inviting my friends as I am familiar with most of Jason's friends and he did invite a lot of people, in fact over 50 people squeezed themselves into his barbecue. I guess its because Jason can be very persuasive, he could probably convince Frosty the snowman to take his vacation in Jamaica.

He was so happy with the turnout of the barbecue he thinks this is something he wants to do every four months. The only draw back is getting the people to leave your place when you are done. Us domino people didn't leave until after 4am and by that time I saw Jason fast asleep on his front veranda. I met one of Jason's friends girlfriend who can play dominoes pretty good, I am intrigued. Oddly enough Jason said I should have made a move as she would probably cheat on her man(who was there) as it is known that he has cheated on her before and she probably wants revenge. That is too much mix up right there but if she lives in town she could be my friend ;) lets not throw away the benefits too.


SimplEnigma said...

What a set a mix up...who waan tump who inna whofa face, who waan revenge cheat, etc., etc...quite entertaining, nevertheless...

Irie Diva said...

lol how u so hot mek none a fi u ooman fren dem can mix and mingle? SE mek me buss outta laff

and u bout u waan be friends wid di ooman...i wonder if u did?