Monday, February 19, 2007

Birthday weekend, a new year.

Yesterday marked the first day of the year of the Boar and also my birthday. My parents took me out to lunch at the Terra Nova hotel for their famous (and now played) brunch. That place is so tired, they have the same items every Sunday and my family always insists on going there. Its sad I'd much rather have gone to dim sum at Dragon Court but not all of my family likes Chinese food.

Anyways my parents did surprise me this year with a gift, I wasn't expecting anything at all, they mentioned it as we sat down to eat that my gift was in their car and they would need to follow me back to my apartment to give it to me. ?! Of course I was confused and they explained it was about three feet wide and weighed about 80 pounds. I didn't give it much conscious thought after that but apparently my mind worked on it as I ate and the thought of a safe popped into my mind as I knocked down dessert.

Of course I was right as my parents are pretty predictable buying me gifts they think I need, I was just lucky this time that I also thought I needed a safe too, I love this gift. I have been contemplating buying one for a few months now to secure my documents and other things I wouldn't want to perish in fire.. sorry potential thieves I don't have anything of monetary value in my safe. I have even committed the long series of turns to get the combination lock open to memory already.

The birthday weekend was just like any other weekend for me but it brought misfortune to a few other people. On Saturday I was driving on some roads behind Eastwood park and noticed a large column of smoke some distance away. As I got closer I noticed a car in a big blaze also spreading fire to the building it was parked under. I also briefly saw a girl with the skin from the whole of her right arm seared off, exposing a white underneath with streams of red blood. I was about to drive off as my friend in the car asked me to stay longer as she recognized the girl with the burns from high school. I looked closer and I knew her too, it was one of my neighbours from my old apartment a girl I affectionately called Supple. I was stunned a bit when I realized it was her but she, amazingly, stopped and waved back at me as she was entering some guys van who offered to take her to the hospital. My take on the situation is that the car caught on fire and she tried to reach in to save her purse or something and BAM, no more skin on right arm. I tried calling her today but no answer, if my theory is right her phone would have burned in the car too, maybe I'll go look for her tomorrow.

On Sunday morning now at about 1am I heard tires screeching then a loud crash somewhere up the road, I was a bit busy to go investigate immediately but about 30 minutes later my friend insisted on looking so we jumped in my car and went for a short drive. I saw nothing but she claimed to see where the car knocked down a sign. That accident apparently was minor or I drove on the wrong road. Later on during the afternoon while accepting the birthday phone calls I heard another big accident down the road and I could tell this one was big(I counted hearing the car roll three times). I told my friend I had to jet and took a stroll down the road to see a burgundy lancer upside down on the sidewalk with the young female driver standing behind the car on her phone explaining to somebody the grave situation. She is a lucky girl, only walking away with a few scratches and bruises, the car looks like its heading to the scrap yard.

As long as all that bad luck stays away from me I am cool, this new year looks like its shaping up to be a good one for me. *keeping my fingers crossed that it stays good until my leave starts next week*


Teenage Perfectionist said...

LOL, thank you so much Adrian, I absolutely enjoyed reading that post. Oh my gosh, so many accidents in such a short period of time. Strange. Dude, you have a way with words. I was cracking up the whole time I was reading this. You should totally write for joke books or try and spice up some of these boring Jamaican plays(Some). By the way, do you personally think that you would be a good stand up comedian? Just curious.

Adrian said...

Thanks for enjoying the post TP.. even though I wasn't really aiming for funny.

I can give you a 110% money back guarantee that I don't have a single creative bone in my body, so me writing a book of jokes lol or stand up comedy would not work out. Its genetic too my whole family is like this.

SimplEnigma said...

Happy Belated...Sunday was my niece's birthday too. I took her to paint pottery on Saturday and caught The Messengers (really stupid movie).

I thought this was the year of the Pig...well, I guess pig/boar, same ting, huh? I tried to check out the new year parade in Chinatown, but it was waaaay too cold. Missed the fireworks display and frustrated, went to get some Sri Lankan food.

I keep all my important documents in an old cookie tin. I feel like having a safe is enticing danger (kinda like wearing a platinum chain is just beggin' fi smaddy fi pop it off). LOL. Maybe it's just me.

alex said...

Happy belated man! I just remembered your birthday was in February. You should be about 25 now!