Friday, March 16, 2007

Too much fun last Christmas for X-Miss Jamaica world

Like everyone else I was driving on to work yesterday morning listening to the radio only to hear them talking about 11 week pregnant Miss Jamaica. At this point in time I didn't pay it much attention as I thought they were referring to Miss Jamaica Universe 2006, Cindy Wright, not Miss Jamaica World 2006 Sara Lawrence. Later on in the day my friend told me it was indeed Sara and I was so shocked she hadn't even crossed my mind.

The news came as a shock to me mainly because I always thought of Sara as a little girl not some 22 year old pageant winner. Her older sister and I used to be close friends in high school and as such she got the label of little sister. Even up to this day I am trying to shake the 'little Adrian' name my sisters high school friends still call me even though I am now a couple inches taller than them at 6'2". It is sad though.. since I know the family and all. One would also expect her to know and practice safe sex, I hope that Christmas was worth all of this.

Later on in the night I went online to see what info I could dig up on this story and was led to my friends(I really hate social networking sites) hi5 account. Sara was pretty easy to find as everybody knows everybody on these sites, I don't understand how people can have 500+ friends in their network. If I was to ever have an account on one of these sites my friend list would be restricted to only people I actually know and talk to(at some point in time) and would probably be a sad 80 or so. Anyway I saw Jessica, Sara's sister, my long lost friend amongst many other people I used to talk to back in the day. It was nice to see them doing well after so long but this still isn't enough to encourage me to actually join.

Oddly enough as I was going through peoples profiles I was shocked at the amount of information they put on it and of course I thought back to this blog. People can read it and get a good feel of me, I'm not sure if thats a good or bad thing... lol. I am not really a secretive person so it would be hard for me to keep up an anonymous blog.


scratchie said...

I wish her all the very best as she embarks on this new stage of her life. I hope her significant other will be supportive as will her family and friends. Being in the eye of the public is a b@tch but that too will pass.

Stunner said...

I heard about that story of Sara being pregnant. Such is life things happen to the best of us I guess. It's always a bit shocking when we see people we watch grow up start their own families and become 'big people', I guess that's how the people who watched us grow up feel too.

SimplEnigma said...

I remember how they made a BIG stink when Wendy Fitzwilliams (former Miss T&T and former Miss Universe) announced that she was pregnant and *gasp* unmarried. It was frightful how people'd have thought she did it while she was still holding her titles (which is not allowed).

People sometimes forget that outside of the public persona these women are real human beings who do the same things we do.

Anyway, about the social networking sites thingumajiggy. I said I was going to ask my friends who have over 100 people on their list to remove me. After 100, I don't feel special. LOL. I've reconnected with some good ol' high school friends through Hi5 and other social networking sites so I'm not going to knock it's always fun to see how many degrees of separation there are between you and someone else.

GC (God's Child) said...

re If I was to ever have an account on one of these sites my friend list would be restricted to only people I actually know and talk to

absolutely. I am on myspace and one time this girl I used to be friends with sent me a friend request and I totally ignored her because we are not even friends like that anymore. Why would I want to add a complete stranger?