Thursday, March 22, 2007

Jamaica: the land of Kleptocracy

I was looking at this bit of money that normally litters my desk and I got to reminiscing of the days $2 JMD could buy me lunch and have change, I may have been young but I can still remember. Fast forwarding to current times it requires at least $200 to get something worthy of being called a meal.. why is this? I blame the government!

I many not know much about politics, economics or accounting but I know this government is running their country into the ground. The government is currently operating at $900+ billion in the red with them quick to borrow more to finance the next fiscal year's budget, how can they spend money each year that they don't have? They need to take a page out of Barbados' book.. I can see us reaching Zimbabwe's level in the future.

Where does the money go? into the prados and fat pockets of the politicians and their friends. I pay my 16.5% gct, 25% income tax, 1-40% cess/stamp duties, transfer taxes... for what? for them to take $2 billion out of the people's pension funds. These crooks should be held and charged for the injustice they have done to Jamaicans as the head of any other company would be prosecuted by its stakeholders if they ran their company into red.

.. don't mind my ramblings.


Stunner said...

I can remember those day too Adrian. It doesn't take an intellect to see that this government is ruining Jamaica! I am sorry, but I am seriously considering leaving this country.

taylor2nd said...

Trust me kid i dont even want to go into a political rant. I've been saying this Jamaican has no future.. I dont see things changing.. I dont want to be negative butt with portia. and bruce as or choices what do we do? huh.. really what do we do. I've been thinking maybe its time to give the opposition a chance but that was when a level headed person was leading the opposition now its bruce and he's kind of deranged if you ask me. If i can, i'm off this island the first chance i get.

GC (God's Child) said...
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GC (God's Child) said...

it's like this in the US also
my income taxes are 25% and the stamp cost is about to go up. I just paid to register my car but emissions testing has to be done separately. Plus relicensing every few years. And then there's insurance and if you don't have it, they fine you but if you get in an accident, insurance doesn't want to pay and then they drop you or raise the rates. Okay maybe I just need to start walking. And then they are thinking no more social security. And by the way all our tax dollars are maiming soldiers in an illegal war and when they come back there's no health care. But ending the war would not be supporting our troops. But let me summarize--we need to take back government.

gela said...

So I hope that means that you've been enumerated and will be voting them out.