Thursday, January 25, 2007

The wingman is back

I was minding my own business at last night when my phone started to ring, I wasn't planning on answering it but I noticed somebody just drove up outside. It was Jason, he wasn't supposed to be here as he has been out sailing the seas of the far east for the past few months and was supposed to be sailing his way down to Brazil from Canada now.

He ended his contract early and is now back in Jamaica, he normally misses Jamaica quite a bit when he is out at sea for many months in a ship full of men. He gets to travel extensively though and gets paid well for it so I'm not sure why he is complaining, if I.T. wasn't working out for me this line of work would be for me right after investment finance.

I'm not sure why we got along so well at UWI because we are on the opposite spectrum on many things, we even went to rival high schools STGC and KC. One thing was certain though, we had a common interest and shared the same taste in UWI girls. Wherever I would fall short with one he could always come and pick up her interest and girls who didn't fancy him much seemed to fancy me.

Jason often tries to get me to follow him when he parties in a sad attempt to get one of my friends. I introduced him to her at UWI many years ago and ever since he saw me with her at a party one night not long after he has been head over heals for her. He seems to assume that any party, club, gathering, thing he invites me to I would get her to tag along. I don't think I have ever gone along with his plans as she doesn't like him like that, I'm sure she has told him this but he chooses to ignore it.

I think for this year I will follow him out more, its been a while. Oddly enough he knows a strip club owner and I know different strip club owner so if our plans fail we can always go have backup options as we can get into these clubs for free. I must say Jason at the strip club is hilarious, he always tries to pick up girls(who I assume, a good assumption, are lesbians) and fail. I leave those girls alone and gave the last one that tried to dance with me some very dirty looks. Fun future ahead.


Teenage Perfectionist said...

You wanna know why I love your blog so much Adrian? I went to an all girls school in Kingston and I never really got a chance to meet any guys. Even now I dont talk to then that much. Reading your blog allows me to get a little idea as to how men think and I think we have you guys weak. lol. Its a good thing. Once you guys really like a girl, you get p#%%ywhipped. I like it. I know, I seriously need to start dating. Jamaican men are kinda lame though. Later.

Stunner said...

Hmmm, UWI girls, yes love them. When I was doing my diploma course at Utech, I somehow seem to find myself down at UWI.

Well now that your friend is back, it's time to hit the streets again.

Hey I need to hookup with you guys, get some of that free entrance to the strip clubs!

Adrian said...

yup, maybe you should get out more :p

UWI girls... drools.. I think I need to pass by up there, its been a while :D

Of course my prediction has not failed as Jason has already started to plan a Barbque and wants me to keep it at my place and invite all my friends, he also made special mention of that one specific girl.