Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I blog because I have to..

I have spent quite a significant portion of my work day today thus far in blogsphere catching up on many months of other people's lives. At some point in time before midday I got up to use the bathroom and realized I was the only person on the floor at my downtown office now and wondered what was it I used to occupy myself with before blogs? One should note that it is a pretty big building and this floor has the capacity to house over 100 people. Of course there is always the option of doing my work.. but I work so efficiently that there is often no rush to get it done.

I had no plans of working from this ghost town of an office today but I saw my boss uptown yesterday and he asked me to spend the rest of the week down here since the other 1/3 of the department(1 person) was on vacation and this office would be empty. I obliged so I am now stuck here for the rest of the week, my other alternatives are working from home and working from some other building uptown where I would pretty much be alone too. Working from home is a mind boggling concept for me at the moment as I am not sure how much work can actually get done at home, even though not much work gets done at the office. I only opt to work from home when I know I am too tired to fight the morning traffic to come to work when I know I have a early morning deadline to meet, at that point in time its so much easier to just wake up, do my work, send it off and then take my own sweet time to get ready after rush hour traffic has died off.

One other issue is that I am not challenged enough at work so all this flexibility leaves me with a bit of free time on my hands. Blogsphere is my new tool for keeping my sanity. It has gotten to the point up to where my mother called me last night and after realizing that it wasn't going to be a minute conversation I told her that I will call her back when I got to the office today so I could fill out my morning a bit. I have mentioned to my boss' boss that the work needs to be more challenging but that didn't go anywhere.

An option I take up every now and then is to create work related projects for myself and work on them. This is a good route to go if one is looking for a promotion but it adds a lot of responsibility. The last project I created for myself got visibility from my boss' boss' boss, pretty high up, but ended up with me receiving phone calls at ~ 3:30am a few times since then after I handed it over to the operations dept. whenever they fumbled with it. Feel free to advise me on how to occupy myself here. Also on that note I have added a widget with the list of blogs I am currently reading on a regular basis, one of them has even added me to their blog as a friend! the blogging future seems bright for me in 2007.

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