Monday, January 01, 2007

Streak broken, new year off on wrong foot

Happy new year, one and all!

One of my friends gave me a ticket to the French Connections new years eve party on Saturday night. I am not particularly fond of the French Connections party series especially this one which stated that all tickets must be bought pre-sold at $5000.00 a pop as no tickets will be sold at the gate and of course lo and behold as I entered the venue I saw they had a ticket booth selling tickets at the gate. Anyway it was pretty much set in stone that I would go to this party as I felt guilty for turning down all other invitations all season and this was my last chance to make up (it was also a plus that I wasn't on standby duty for work like I was for the previous Christmas weekend too). In keeping with 2006's theme of staying at home I somewhat ditched a pre-party new years eve parties being held at my friend's house earlier that night and stayed home to catch American dad and Family guy on Fox, I feel bad about this but such is life.

The party was an interesting mix of young and old, the crowd seemed to be from their 20's up to 40's. I guess the teeny-bopers couldn't foot the ticket price but oddly enough of the seven people I asked, nobody I knew payed to go in either and clearly stated they wouldn't have gone unless they got free tickets too and were planning to sell their tickets to go to a cheaper party where all their friends were going to. The drinks were acceptable, they didn't have much of my favorite drinks (All gin based drinks were absent from their line-up) but they did have Verdi Spumante my new favorite cheap wine as discovered from the last post. I was warned about the food from before so I wasn't disappointed much by the not so hot finger food which was served and scattered in stalls all over the venue. To get a full cocktail plate of food would have required going to several stalls to get a spoon full of food so I remained hungry for the night.

The music and entertainment was good, they had their own miniature firework show, confetti and balloon shower at midnight which would set the mood for a new years kiss but this wasn't going to happen for me as I suspect the girl I came with has Herpes simplex 1 so she just got a hug. This just reminds me not to go to parties with girls who I don't plan to hook up with and I'm not one to ditch the person I came with even though the two girls I came with ditched me after I stopped to talk to this other girl they didn't know. While searching for them Marsha found me. She is short little cute girl I met at my friends house many months ago that I was forbidden to talk to by her friend and most people who know me are well aware that I love short girls. She put a smile on my face for the rest of the night and to cut a long story short the night was bleh.


CrazySexyCool said...

Happy New Year Adrian

Dr. D. said...

At $5 G apop, I would expect a decent plate of food....hence the reason why me and my crew decided to cuy chinese food, play some music and drink lika at a bredrin's yard. Cost us about 1 G each.

Anyway, hope you have a good 2007.