Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I want a bike, ride and die

The Yamaha R6 has my name all over it, its affordable, at 600cc its not too fast and it would be a good addition to my weekend/late night gallivanting. I am very tempted to get one.. my only issue is that bike owners don't seem to live as long as non bike owners.. I am also sure that my parents wouldn't accept that idea too well too. I guess I'll see what my sister have to say on this topic, she seems to be an unbiased voice and can give me this from a medical perspective.

My desire for go-fast machines also extend to WRXs and Evolutions. The problem with these cars is that they are so expensive to maintain. My friend bought his evo in 2005 and I am amazed at how much money he poors into it, its a good thing he makes a lot of paper. His explanation was that you are only young once and it didn't make sense for him to wait till his 30s before buying such toys. Driving on 15psi boost in an aluminium body car always makes me imagine the news reports as they cover the scene of the accident with our bodies in the crumpled vehicle. Yet still I jump in his car whenever we are going somewhere like a little Charlene. My assumption is riding a bike would be that (thrill/fear x15) - 80% cost.

ps. That isn't really me riding the bike without a helmet in the above pic, don't worry :-p


Scratchie said...

My mother always told me in my bike wanting days that "if I was going to buy one of those, I should find a matching coffin to go with it" since I was writing my own death sentence.

Adrian said...

When you think about it not that many people die from bikes.. the road rash and broken bones may be bad but you don't really hear about death.

What got you out of your bike wanting days?